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The Best Breaded Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches in the Midwest

Never thought I'd see my hometown Kokomo in a SE list! We treat the topic of the tenderloin sandwich with the same seriousness a New Yorker gives to a slice.

And who are the philistines eating a tenderlion with ketchup and mayo? It's mustard only!!

Next time you come to Kokomo let me know and I'll take you to Louie's for a baked hamburger, known simply as a bake. It's a hamburger shaped like a hot dog, served in a hot dog bun with a garlicky coney sauce and onions. Just had two for lunch.

How to Make the Best French Onion Soup

On the subject of bad FOS, I was served a bowl that had shredded mozzarella for the cheese. Not a lovely browned layer of cheese but shreds from a bag added to the soup.

Looked like it had maggots floating in the broth. Vile stuff.

Digging Into Chicken Fried Steak, A Texas Icon

I've always been partial to the chicken fried steak at th Old Spanish Trail in Bandera though their enchilada plate is hard to pass up.

In Praise of a Turkey-Free Thanksgiving

@ag3208 - is that you Calvin?

Naomi, if you don't like dried out, chewy turkey you should check out some of the ideas this guy named J. Kenji Alt-Lopez has come up with. I've seen them posted on some kind of food-centric site on the web. They look pretty good.

21 Halloween Candies We're Hoarding

Take 5 in the fun sized version is my go to "Tell the kids at the door the candy is all gone" when I've still got 2 bags of them left. Chocolate covered pretzel filled with caramel and peanut butter. It's chocolatey, chewy, peanut bettery crunchy eatthewholebagyourself goodness.

In second place would be the little Reese's peanut butter cups but the bags are criminally underfilled and somtimes don't make it quite home from the store.

The Real Reason Sugar Has No Place in Cornbread

This has always been my problem with corndogs, the sweetened cornmeal batter. Otherwise I'm all for foods on a stick.

Essential Tex-Mex: How to Make Cheese Enchiladas With Red Chili Gravy

@monopod, most places that I frequent for Tex-Mex the chili sauce has meat in it so putting a meat sauce over the cheese & onion filled tortillas makes sense. Meat sauce over meat, not so much.

@magtured, I agree on the distinction between chile (the fruit) and chili (the dish).

@Nick, good job on the article and photo. I just came back from lunch and you have me hungry for enchiladas.

Taste Test: The Best Spicy Brown Mustards

@burger365, there have been a number of times that SE taste tests have included regional brands, usually East coast items. Living in the Midwest I usually skip over those items and focus on what's available to me. I appreciate that they don't focus on things that would only be in one area, but finding out about them gives me something to look forward to when I travel.

A Brief Guide to the Wonderful World of Entenmann's Doughnuts

I'm not really sold on prepackaged donuts, be they Entenmann's or some other brand.

But put an Entenmann's raspberry strudel in front of my and its a different ballgame.

When Breakfast Gets "Weird"

Yes! I love soup for breakfast. It's either that or a protein shake. 'Normal' breakfast of eggs, bacon whatever is maybe a twice a month thing at best.

Open Thread: Do You Lick Your Beaters?

Yes, but only while the mixer is still turning, it's more of a challenge that way.

So what did you have for St. Patrick's Day?

Guinness and Jameson's. But then again I'm kind of a purist.

Wood for construction must be dried

I have to agree with @Meat guy on this. Plumb walls and square corners are so passé. Free yourselves from the straight-line thinking that using kiln dried wood fosters. That's why I only use artisanal dried lumber and I've never been happier or my tables wobblier.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Burgers

Props to the SE for taking one for the team. We salute (and feel sorry for) you.

What are you giving up?

This year for Lent I'm giving up wrestling alligators and visiting my parole officer.

@Zinnia1, congrats on the smoke free for a decade! This year is my 20th anniversary of kicking the habit.

Please to Report: Chile Oil Success: Part Two

@guycooking, thanks for your post! It's the interaction & experiences of the community that really makes this site lively.

Behind the Scenes in Niki's Home Kitchen

It is an interesting peek behind the scenes, but would it possible to put the open/closed animation somewhere else? Maybe bury it in the slideshow perhaps? It's really annoying.

After 30 Years, Yuengling Ice Cream Makes a Comeback

Stroh's was another brewer who turned to making ice cream (and candy) during prohibition. You could find Stroh''s Ice Cream shops in Michigan well into the 80's.

Know Your Sweets: Candy Hearts

Necco candies are flavored with something other than chalk? I had no idea.

Would You Pay a $10 Fee for Delivery?

There was a similar service in Vail when I lived there in the 90's. It was expensive with the delivery charge and since most of the resturants were full service it was a long wait for delivery.

I had guests who would make use of it, but generally it was much easier to just go into the village instead.

The Food Lab's Soup Month: Creamy Chanterelle Mushroom Soup

Now I'm itching for morel hunting season. When is May going to get here?!

BioIV (or any other S.Eater) about the moose:

I envy you having moose, it's one of my favorite game meats. Ground game is often too dry and crumbly to work well on it's own. I've added bacon pieces (labeled Ends and Pieces) it's cheap and the flavor is terrific. Beef or pork fat help as well.

You can go a low-fat route using eggs or bread crumbs soaked in milk.

Check out the Field & Stream website for the Wild Chef series. They have lots of good info on cooking game.

A Day in the Life: Robyn Lee, Staff Photographer and Editor, A Hamburger Today

That photo of Kenji vamping made my day. And I mean bust out loud laughing at the office made my day.


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