Well travelled Swedish foodie with a sweet tooth, now living in Stockholm, but returns to NYC frequently to overcome cravings for the city and its wonderful food.

  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Favorite foods: Ice cream, will always come first. Fresh fruit and berries in season also hard to beat. Cinnamon buns freshly baked. Seafood. Banana bread. Acai. Tavuk gouze. Game. Rhubarb crumble.

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Culinary Ambassadors: Pizza in Sweden Is a Sloppy Outlet for Individual Choice

Hold it here... Pizza Hut might be seen as upmarket for a Swedish eight-year-old, but not much else. I could agree to it being more upscale than the shabby kebab pizza outlets but... Ok, I see a need for a post marketing Swedish cuisine a bit better than what is currently done by IKEA and the above post... Keep an eye out!

Jessica J

Culinary Ambassadors: Pizza in Sweden Is a Sloppy Outlet for Individual Choice

No worries, there are plenty of good pizza places that serve the Italian, thin-crusted pizza, without the "pile it all on"-attitude, at least if you are in any of the larger cities. And there is plenty of other good stuff to eat too. Better say that before I scare you all off from visiting Sweden...

Jessica J

Culinary Ambassadors: Kräftskiva, Summer Crayfish Parties in Sweden

Katie, be careful for what you wish, 10 degrees C has been the average here the past few days...

"Västerbotten" is actually a Swedish region far up north where the cheese originates. So no funny connotations whatsoever. It does taste very much like a Swedish quiche though, and is indeed very tasty, although terribly rich. And I am glad IKEA is always reliable in spreading Swedish culture across the world...