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The Best Fast-Food Fried Chicken Sandwich?

I see no Bojangles' on this list. I'm assuming they'll be in the spicy chicken taste test?

(Because, for the record, Bojangles' >>>>> Chick-fil-A)

Mimi Truffles: New York's Most Unconventional Chocolatiers?

Way to go, Melissa and Megan!!! Glad to see Mimi hitting the big time :-)

The Art of the Lunch Deal: Kittichai

You go to Kittichai for 2 reasons:
1. The Sunday brunch
2. The Monday "Thai Fondue for 2"

Where Do You Get Your Favorite Burger?

Did not expect how amazing this would be, but try the Bouley Burger at Upstairs, and top it with their applewood smoked bacon!!

(That's all you need to eat for the day mmmmmm)

Gadgets: Decorating Pen by Cuisipro

You spelled "suit" wrong, Goldensteiner.

TWB must be proud hehe

Who Makes the Best Buffalo Wings in New York?

Got a few:

1. Dallas BBQ (ONLY the one on 72nd St. - they take care of their wings)
2. Lion's Head (near Columbia, great for take-out but you go there for the Saturday special)
3. Pluck-U Chicken in Midtown West (Great boned and boneless)
4. Johnny Utah's (a bit expensive, but delicious)
5. Brother Jimmy's

Pretty (Mostly Tasty) Treats at Chocolate Bar

NG! When are you going to Marie Belle on Madison???

Dear AHT: The HB Burger Is Coming to Heartland Brewery

WHOA! I wish I could get Heartland Brewery to (sorta) spend $5,000 on me!

The Hunt for Manhattan's Best Chicken Pot Pie

NIKKI! You went for chicken pot pie and you didn't try Becky's?? :-(

First Look: Fran├žois Chocolate Bar

If you're disappointed by this place, walk up the street to Marie Belle; delicious chocolate and they have tasting all the time! (It's across from the Nespresso coffee shop, I believe it's between 64th and 65th or 65th and 66th)

Fruit Wine and Cider Donuts at Russell Orchards in Ipswich, Massachusetts

You're killing me here, Nikki! I finally have a pumpkin harvest to look forward the Meatpacking District, thanks to Old Navy haha

The delicacy that is SWEET TEA

Sweet tea isn't a complex drink, true, but I believe, like many foods and drinks, that there is an art to making it. My gf's grandfather made it the way @sbelle makes it, and I absolutely loved it.

Keep the comments comin'!

Gadgets: The Aebelskiver Pan

Woohoo! Congratulations, Nikki!!!!!

(and I really need to get one of these...)


Win Tickets to This Year's 'Village Voice' Choice Eats

Rhong-Tiam on LaGuardia Place. AWESOME Thai food, I'd say the best in the city