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Vegan Police?

@lexophile The book is Dinner with a Cannibal by Carole A. Travis-Heinikoff. It talks about Cannibalism through the ages. There's a really nice section on the Ancient Aztec Cultures, and another good one on the making of Mummy in Britain.

Vegan Police?

@Sudenveri I've been reading a fantastic book on Cannibalism lately. It's interesting to note that almost everyone has Cannibals somewhere in their ancestry. Not really related to the topic, but interesting none the less.

The Physiology of Foie: Why Foie Gras is Not Unethical

This was an interesting article Kenji. I've never eaten Foie Gras before, not because of any ethical reason, just because I've never had the opportunity. And just for all the cranky whiny Vegans and PITA, sorry PETA folks that have show up to complain, I think I'll find an excuse to do so.

What's playing in your kitchen?

The Protomen, MC Frontalot, One of the podcasts on Kevin smith's network.

Soudough Starter-Along: Day 6 - Keep Stirring and Feeding!

My daughter and I have been working carefully with Anna (our starter, the 6 year old's choice of name) since day Zero. We're treating it as a science experiment. The daughter is writing observations in a journal, as a teaching tool to help her learn about the scientific method and cooking at the same time.

I do have a question though. We've been following carefully, but are having friends to visit this weekend. I would like to gift some of my starter to our friends, or at least make some bread from it. If we wanted to increase the volume of starter, could we simply add in water and flour in a 1:1 ratio in a larger amount? Would it hurt Anna to double her in size in just a day or two?

My boyfriend HATES vegetables...Help me!

@Monsieur_Ghislain Good luck on that. Using affection as a weapon is a good indicator that YOU need to go, especially if it's not hurting him. Would you refuse to tell your children that you love them when they don't clean their room? Or not give hugs and kisses to your spouse if they didn't do the dishes? Same thing. An ex-girlfriend of mine tried this on me because I wouldn't try sushi. Knowing that that is a sign of someone who believes that affection should be used as a weapon, I tried sushi and not liking it, shrugged. Later when she offered me my "Reward" I turned her down, turning her gambit of affection as a weapon back on her. I broke up with her shortly thereafter, not wanting to be with someone like that.

Now on to useful advice. What does HE like to to eat? Find some things that he likes that can have veggies added to them easily, and try different ways of cooking them. Is there something he likes that you do not? Make a trade. Offer to try his thing if he will try yours.

Don't bother to nag or force him or sneak it on him. He's a grown up and can make his own decisions. If you try and force him to change, all you're going to do is irritate him.

And some good recipes to try? Hell, simple crispy roast potatoes with shallots over top. Potato skins loaded with bacon, cheese and onion. Wilted spinach salad in bacon dressing Grilled corn on the cob with lots of butter. French Onion soup. Things like this. If he tries and doesn't like it, or refuses to try, you at least made an attempt, that's all you can do.

Need new idea for pot roast

@onepercent99 Olives would get picked out, but the garlic would get fought over. Whenever I roast heads of garlic for whatever, the kids fight for them

Would you eat genetically modified salmon?

Sure would, as every thing we eat has been genetically modified. That's what crossbreeding (almost put crossbreading in there, and that sounds interesting!) is. We've been doing it for a long time the slow way, now we've just sped up the process a bit.

summer party meal no-no's

Blackend is the only way hotdogs are actually edible thank you very much.

Happy Canada Day!

@hungrychristel You don't think it's going to rain? If not enjoy what I'm guessing is The Village. I'm headed for the forks for fireworks after dinner. Doing cheese steak pizza and some salads and stuff for a few friends.

Weekend Poll: Do You Prefer Regular or Diet Soda?

Aspartame makes my mouth feel like it's oily and slimy, and makes everything I eat afterwards taste awful. Only the real thing for me thanks.

frozen fries

I'd rather have Frozen fries crispy and done well then the soggy excuse for fries many places serve. If you don't have the place to do them right, better to use the rozen fries.

Frosting Challenge: Companion Cube Cake

I cannot tell you how to frost that, but Be sure to tell him that the Cake is a lie.

A half roast chicken has 1500 calories?!?!

@liane.v I'm the opposite way. For a year the wife and I were so poor that chicken thighs were the majority of our meat intake, because they were so cheap. Now I can't eat dark meat. The taste turns my stomach and reminds me of that time where we couldn't afford anything. I'll eat it if desperate but not before.

Hot Dogs: traditional or trendy?

Hot Mustard, Grilled and chopped onions, a lightly toasted bun, grilled by one of the many street vendors here in Winnipeg.

Pizza Hummus from Tribe

well.... I'm a grown up but You'd have a hard time convincing me that chickpea paste tastes better then pizza. I never acquired a taste for the stuff!

Have You Mastered the Art of Eating Sunflower Seeds?

I'd rather they were not eaten at all. You see we have a huge problem here in my city with certain groups of people eating them and spitting the shells all over. On the buses, the streets, the floors of shops, where ever they happen to be. I'd be happier if they were banned to keep things clean.

What kind of chocolate do you prefer?

White Chocolate. Good white chocolate is sooo good. Milk chocolate is 2nd. I don't like dark chocolate.

A Little Lovin' from the Oven: What's for Dinner 1/17?

dinner tonight was Roast Beef, Garlic mashed potatoes, roasted carrots red peppers and onions, Wilted Spinach salad and yorkshire pudding. Musen't forget the gravy!

Dessert was Apple crisp with Vanilla bean ice cream

Taste Test: Store-Bought Stuffing

I've never had boxed stuffing. Only ever made from scratch. It's so damned easy to make, I doubt I'll ever have the boxxed stuff.

What is your stance on "tipping"?

If the service is terrible I don't tip. If the service was okay, I happily tip 10-15% usually just rounding up to an even amount. If the service is good, I will make sure to actually tip more then that. It's a terrible custom. It's not done in Europe. I'd rather that cost be built into my bill, rather then be expected to pay it seperately, and have to do the math myself. Yes before it comes up, I have worked in restaurants, no I still hate tipping.

Anyone use pumpkin (or apple sauce) and oil to replace butter?

No. I don't substitute for Butter, I won't use fake sugar in things, and I won't used fake milk either. Better to have a little bit of real food that tastes good and feels right in your mouth then have the fake stuff more often.

@kitchengeeking as to your splenda question, that stuff, like all the sugar substitutes I've tried leave my mouth feeling greasy. It seriously feels like I rinsed my mouth with bacon grease, then had a big glass of cold water. YUCK!

Perogies at home

Ack! I forgot to mention the finely minced Bacon in the filling, and by fine I mean tiny tiny tiny!

Perogies at home

This is one of my specialties. I no longer really have a recipe for filling, I don't have proportions, it's all to taste, but the filling is:

Mashed potatoes
Well aged sharp Cheddar cheese
Finely minced caramelized onions
Finely minced Garlic
Salt and Pepper

Make this the night before and chill it in the fridge because it's easier to work with.

The next day, make your dough. The dough is thus:

5 cups flour
couple pinches of salt ( I THINK the recipie calls for a teaspoon)
1 egg
1 cup water

What you do is mix your dry in a big bowl, and then crack the egg into a measuring cup. Mix the egg around some, then add enough oil to make one cup. Add your egg and oil mixture along with the cup of water to your dry ingredients and work it until it's smooth and doughy. Add extra water or oil if needed.

Let this stand for half an hour covered with a tea towel, and then break a piece out and roll it out. Roll the dough until just before you can see the table through it.

Cut your circles (or squares if you are conserving the dough), I use a wine glass for this and then peel all the excess dough and put it in a pile (more on this later). Peel each circle, put it in the palm of your hand shiny side up (that would be the side that had been stuck to your table) and put a small amount of filling in the middle of the circle and then pinch the outer edges TIGHT.

Place the completed Perogie on a floured cookie sheet, and once the sheet is covered in Perogies, put them in the freezer till they get nice and firm. Once they are nicely frozen, stick them in an ice cream pail or freezer bag, and take them out when needed.

The dough. DO NOT REUSE THE DOUGH YOU HAVE ROLLED! This is important, the rolled dough does not work well for whatever reason. I am not making this up, this recipie I remember making with my Great Grandmother, a grand old Ukrainian Baba, as well as my grandmother and mother, and this wisdom they have passed to me.

What you can do with the dough, and my family does, is boil it till it floats, drain it and then lightly fry it in butter or oil and use it to keep people from eating your work all day. And this is an all day job. I make usually 25-35 dozen in a day, depending on how early I get to start.

Too cook your perogie, just boil them from frozen until they float and then fry them in some butter and or oil until they are lightly crisped. Serve with baked Kielbasa sausage and some Heavy sour cream (not the non fat or reduced fat, that's just silly).

Now, you, and everyone else here has my family's recipe. This, as I said came from at least my great grandmother, who spoke little English, but still taught me and others how to make these delicious things. I've been doing this since I was...well I was in the single digits. My now 5 year old daughter helps me make them now (and boy does that make me a proud daddy that I could pass this down even further!)