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Fire Up the Grill for Vietnamese Caramelized Lemongrass Pork Chops

What can I use to replace palm sugar? Can light brown sugar work?

How to Stock a Turkish Pantry: Flavorful Ingredients Worth Seeking Out

I note that you mentioned borlotti works well in fasulye - the borlotti or cranberry bean appears in Turkish olive oil dishes, it is the humble barbunya. I have been *obsessed* with barbunya pilaki for its humble simplicity. Pinto beans taste different.

The Food Lab's BLT Manifesto

The arrangement and sequence of the BLT is one that really bothers me. I have had many discussions about whether it is a BLT or really a LBT or a BTL. I note that you have made an mLBTLm. I personally would remove the first L and make it an mBTLm, simply because the bacon flavours the mayonnaise, but since Kenji has fried the bread in the bacon grease that is entirely unnecessary.

I sometimes make a tmLBTLm, which is a tomato mayonnaise on one side (tomato puree mixed in).

If I am using a crusty round roll (and refrigerating this creation), the circular shape of the roll and hardiness of crust prevents the tomato from sliding out. In this situation I make a mLBTm. The bottom crusty roll absorbs the juices while staying crusty and firm. Some squishing necessary.

I am of the opinion that the B and the T must be put together to heighten the inosinates.

The B is mainly for crisp-pliant textures. Very reluctantly I might use ham, but I have used a slice of Chinese siew yoke (roast pork belly) and a baguette and it was delicious (apologies to all who consider messing around with it).

Cooking With Bacon? Store it in the Freezer for Maximum Ease

I don't use thick sliced bacon as often as packs of thin pancetta (here in the UK it is like wisp-thin streaky bacon). Would freezing work, especially when I need to peel them apart?

Nacho Showdown: The Sporkful's Dan Pashman vs. The Food Lab

I believe it is entirely down to whether you are eating it (I mean SNARFING really) as a meal-for-one or for social eats. Piled nachos are a meal for for one. Variety in each bite and it doesn't have time to congeal. I'd like to point out that piled nachos are also ideal for the use of a fork to shovel it all down.

Texan nachos are like rustic canapes. Your sensory needs conclude after a few (never the entire tray).

Salumi 101: Your Guide to Italy's Finest Cured Meats

One of my favourite is coppiette! Salumeria Paciotti in Rome does a brilliant, spicy, dry-aged-but-still-tender coppiette!

How to Make Spaghetti Puttanesca: The World's Most Pungently Delicious Pasta

@rbg219 - I think an excellent substitute for savouriness may be a red miso, but it won't truly capture the funk. Perhaps a Chinese fermented yellow bean paste (doubanjiang) would do!

Aglio e Olio: The One Pasta Sauce You Absolutely Must Know

I love aglio e olio. And another (guilty) one - melting pate into spaghetti. Yes, the pork liver butter. Add a little bit of truffle oil if available. Coat every strand. Delicious!

The Food Lab: Follow These Rules For the Best Fried Rice

Fried rice? What I have grown up eating is nasi goreng. As a rule - always get a pestle and mortar and pulverise exactly three fat cloves of purple shallots, three chili padi (bird's eye chili) and three cloves of sharp Chinese garlic. Optional - pulverise with ikan bilis (dried anchovies, or add anchovy stock powder later, or belacan if available. Bloom the paste in the oil on a medium heated wok. Add diced yard long beans, diced onions, dried shrimp, then rice. Stir well. Make a well and add egg. Scramble - don't stir too quickly or the egg disappears. Add any frozen diced vegetables. White pepper, oyster sauce or kecap manis and fish sauce to taste.

The Food Lab: The Best Guacamole (and the Science of Avocados)

Sorry, I would like to clarify - pressed garlic AND a roasted pureed garlic!

The Food Lab: The Best Guacamole (and the Science of Avocados)

I was always an onion and cilantro kind of gal, but at a Colombian friend's house I tried his guacamole which had pureed garlic ... I was blown away!

The Food Lab: Building a Better Egg McMuffin

Kenji, always use a fork for the muffins when halving them ... they need to be forked (heh) instead of sliced to maximise the craggy edges! That's where the butter goes! Face down in an oven, that's how it should be.

The Food Lab Turbo: No-Cook Blender Tomato Soup in Just 5 Minutes

I don't suppose a Nutribullet (the smoothie-making sort is one of those "high powered" ones to create sufficient cooking heat... ?

In Praise of Cheap Knives

Loved the catering supply knife I used at work so much I eventually decided to buy it. Google Nella cuts - a fat bladed chef's knife that combines the best of the Chinese veg chopper's fat blade and the slight rocking motion (but not too similar to a santoku). $20 (note that I'm from the UK) with an edge that doesn't dull too quick... Plastic handled, weighted but neither too heavy or light.

I've grown up in a household of santoku and have a collection with Sabatier, Taylor eye witness, Wusthof, and used many a Global knife (thanks to Aldi and good deals for European imports) but I've never really fallen in love with them.

number 12074 or 21878:

The Food Lab: Panzanella Salad Done Right

One of the best panzanella I've had involved marinated grilled octopus, fresh from the sea. I had it at a little restaurant near the coast as I followed my Italian friends to the coast from Rome ... there was no standard menu, just the daily specials. That reminds me, I have to reverse engineer it now!

Everything You Can Do With a Jar of Mayo

I use it to finish beef strognoff and for creamy tomato sauces... thickens really wonderfully with great flavour added instead of dulled.

The Baking Steel Griddle Has Arrived

@naags - I can't vouch for the safety of this on the steel itself but Coca Cola (regular) is an excellent rust remover. Cotton ball generously soaked on rust spot should do the trick in a minute with some rubbing.

The Good Bagel Manifesto

Please don't hurt me - as a Londoner I have never tasted a bagel other than the large supermarket variety of the cinnamon raisin variety. Occasionally I go for the large half-foot diameter sized ones at Sainsbury's, and liven their brick-like consistency by microwaving...

Why You Should Visit Singapore's Little India Now

I think the alcohol ban is only for open drinking on the streets or something like that, being served in premises is unaffected. This is a great resource and I can't wait to try the Indian Chinese cuisine!

Hey Chef, What Can I Do With Sumac?

I love sumac. Like powdered tart cherry skins with a hint of savoury. Tart but not juicy or wet, slightly plummy. Good on poached fish and a fruity olive oil.

Buddha's Delight: The Vegetarian Stir-Fry to Rule All Vegetarian Stir-Fries

Also known as Luo Han Zhai (if you can't google the cantonese results successfully).

The Best Way to Store Fresh Herbs

In our bar fridge we store mint at an angle in a shallow catering pan (1/4) with a inch or two of water and clingfilm. Can confirm they do last surprisingly long

How to Make Traditional Huevos Rancheros in a Flash

That bubbled and blistered fried egg I find to be definitive of tropical cuisine. I see it that way in Hawaii, Thailand and Malaysia!!! The non-stick pan style of dead fried eggs make me sad :(