I am a self-proclaimed foodie. More specifically, I am a noodle fanatic with a big appetite. From ramen, pho, and everything else in between (not sure what that means lol) noodles will forever be a part of my life :)

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  • Favorite foods: Cmon now really?! Anything noodles! DUH!!
  • Last bite on earth: This might sound gross, but if it was my last day on earth, I'd want homemade pho and ramen put into a single bowl.

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For those Chinese cuisine lovers-Chow Fun or Chow Mein Noodles?

Berzerkeley-thanks for the 101 tutorial as well :) Please visit my site LOL

Babytiger-yes I have the same dilemma. It seems easier to make good chow mein than chow fun.

For those Chinese cuisine lovers-Chow Fun or Chow Mein Noodles?

Link police Link Police! LOL. Read you loud and clear sir/maam! Oh and thanks for the 101 on how to write titles ;)

For those Chinese cuisine lovers-Chow Fun or Chow Mein Noodles?

Golden Palate-Yes the chow fun is very good. However, when I'm making them it's definitely a different experience as far as taste and quality.

Recommendations for Garlic Noodle Recipes

ravenouscouple-yah i was thinking about that. Some type of seafood will definitely be great :) Love your site by the way!

Favorite Japanese Food?

I love sashimi and kobe beef. You can't go just go to a Japanese restaurant and not order sashimi. I have to go with Lorenzo--it is a classic!

Pho vs. Ramen-Which would you choose?

Kakugori- Interesting to know that you prefer wheat noodles. I have tried wheat several times, but I just don't like it. I guess for me, nothing beats vermicelli noodles or egg noodles. Do you prefer wheat just for the taste, nutrition, or both?

I have never actually tried Galbi tang before. A korean dish I'm guessing?? I have tried Korean cuisines such as Japchae (Chapchae) and Jampong--both are delicious :)

Pho vs. Ramen-Which would you choose?

Lorenzo-Yah you're definitely right that pho takes a considerable amount of time to make. I have never made pho at home and kind of afraid to I must admit. Hopefully one day I can get over that fear lol

pepperhead212-Ahh I hate to say this, but you're missing out! Have you ever tried ramen before? Don't worry, I have a few friends that are the same way. They don't really like ramen at all which is unfortunate to say the least. Even if you never tried ramen or have tried just once, I always persuade myself to try something new and if I don't like it the first time, try it a 2nd time because it might be surprisingly different (in a good way), and if it's the same result don't bother eating it again.

Pho vs. Ramen-Which would you choose?

Double_J-thanks for the insights. Yah I could have made the topic of discussion more about "what you consider the best noodles?". I'd have to say that roast duck noodle soup is top notch, especially the place I go to. Actually, there's a Thai place called King of thai Noodle House in San Francisco where I get my duck noodle soup craving. If you live in that area, or happen to be in town, I'd suggest to try it out :)

LinzerTorte-yah ramen broth takes much practice, patience, and I suppose some meditation to make it LOL. The same holds true for pho in my opinion.

Pho vs. Ramen-Which would you choose?

Yes to cook real pho requires alot of ingredients and many hours of cooking time. The broth alone, I heard has to be prepared overnight. Oxtail flavored Pho is magical lol. As for ramen, I assume the version you make is instant since making actual ramen does take alot of time as well--as much time as making pho. The broth has to be perfect--a make it or break it for me.

To eat or not to eat recently recalled instant noodles?

Hey Boobird, thanks for the advice. Just to clarify, I am not an advertiser nor a viral/hype nympho trying to deceive people into coming onto my site. I'm just a regular person who loves lively, positive, and at times heated discussions especially on forums such as this. Oh, and it just so happens that I have a blog in which I express my love as well as passion for noodles (a little sarcasm).

I will stick around and hopefully we can have more discussions. You already know I am a fan of noodles :) so whether future discussions be about noodles or perhaps your own self interests, I'm sure the discussions will be friendly and engaging--not to mention with a "Link" about my interests (or yours) being put into these discussions every now and then haha!

That's why this site has a community/forum/talk tab. A place where people can share ideas and interests especially when it comes to food :)

To eat or not to eat recently recalled instant noodles?

Thanks for your thoughts everyone! I guess I have no other choice than not eat these again.

Boobird and ShoneyJoe- I appreciate your comments on the self-link. My primary intention was to get a discussion on the matter. However, if any of my posts on my blog could potentially gain a lively discussion, what would be your recommendation? It seems that I get more engagement from you all, than anywhere else. I am new to this, so please feel free to give me any advice :)


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