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We Try The HomeMade Gin Kit

For many, the phrase "homemade gin" may conjure up images of bathtub distilleries during Prohibition, and rotgut stuff not really fit for human consumption. Sarah Maiellano and her husband Joe see it differently. They're the folks behind The HomeMade Gin Kit, a package that transforms your self-supplied vodka into gin. It's a lot safer than actually distilling at home, and legal, too. More

Winter Drinks: Improved Scotch Cocktail

A Scotch cocktail can be simple: whisky, sugar or honey, bitters, ice. Looking for "a drink that warms and soothes" in a season of bitter cold, Kyle Davidson of Blackbird in Chicago changed the equation a bit, bringing some complexity to the cocktail's flavor without overcomplicating it. More

Would You Try Breathing a Cocktail?

It's a pretty well established fact that one consumes drinks by, well, drinking them. But the folks behind Vaportini decided to challenge that idea. With a simple $35 kit—premium versions costing up to $160 are also available—your favorite booze transforms into a breathable fog. More

The Science of Fat-Washing Cocktails

Don Lee has a bacon-bourbon recipe in the PDT Cocktail Book that I quite like.

We Try 10 New and Limited-Edition Winter Drinks

@Big Ant: They have a location finder on their site: http://www.bolthouse.com/product/holidaynog

Bourbon Renewal

Mike, I made it with Buffalo Trace, which is my go-to bourbon.

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