Win a Copy of 'Fried & True'

Brine in yoghurt garlic ginger chilli powder salt ..

Dredged in a mix of cornflour ,AP flour, Rice flour ..Skillet fried

The Best Sweets We Ate in July

Panna Cotta at Il Ristoro, Florence - what does "fresh" raisins mean ?

Exploring Washington DC's Best Ethiopian Restaurants

Typo - we always had it cold

Exploring Washington DC's Best Ethiopian Restaurants

Just curious almost all restaurants seem to have the same menu ......Have eaten in couple of places in bay area - they had the same menu too

Also the injera is never made to order ? We always had it served sour - its very much like a raghi dosa except more sour

Nectarine, Tomato, and Basil Salad With Torn Mozzarella From 'A Change of Appetite'

Did some food stylist or business analyst write the recipe title ?

Torn Mozzarella ?

A Beginner's Guide to Onions

There is kind of shallots oft used in south indian cuisine ..They are the most pungent and are prized for absence of sweetness.. are these available in the US ? Some do call them sambar onions

Hersh's Chef Josh Hershkovitz's Guide to Eating Well in Baltimore

Why i the pic of chef off proportion ?

One-Pot Wonders: Coconut Rice With Chicken Thighs

Is the rice fully cooked in the pic ?

Persimmon Lassi

Wont sugar syrup dilute the consistency ? And also an additional step ? Plain sugar?

Have You Ever Tried an Opal Apple?

If apples taste like bananas and bananas taste like apples ...

Ask a Bartender: Cocktail Experiment Failures

Last pic is grainy and out of focus .....I thought SE did better

Shaun Hergatt's Favorite Lower Manhattan Eats

@Thil well made point

Cai Embraces Fall with Pumpkin Congee and Corn Dumplings

" but basically flavorless until you do something to it" unless its plain water based congee rather than stock based ...

Feasting Bavarian-Style at Bronwyn in Somerville

The pics are heavily flashed in ?

Camera used was inadequate ?

Gramercy Tavern's Monkey Bread

This is a no-knead brioche?

Is 2 hours of first rise enough?

We Eat Everything at Jimmy Jamm Sweet Potato Pies

is it just me or is SE Chicago putting out a lot of we eat everything ?

Authentic Bolognese

You may want to check Heston Blumenthal versions in his perfect series and his take on differing Bolognese

You can also check the new defunct fx cuisine

14 Great Sandwiches to Try in Chicago's Loop

Shouldnt this be credit to Dennis ?

First Look: Tim Havidic's Street Food Menu at iNG

Pictures are grainy ....

Poll: Is Okonomiyaki "Japanese Pizza"?

Shock value poll ?

Goodbye, Pantone: New Menu at San Francisco's Trick Dog

The slide show is very inspired or ...err....

Wouldnt a pic of the actual drink side by side look good ?

The Road to Rajas at Casa Enrique

Indian tikka masala is a homestyle dish really ?

Its a restaurant invention and stays there because it requires a tandoor and a double cooking process

And tandoor isnt a part of a majority of homes

New Goat City: A Beginner's Guide to Eating Goat in New York

The curry sauce is generous, rounded in meatiness but with a savory sharpness of goat not cooked for too long.

"Not cooked for too long " - How does the alternative taste ?

The Brunch Dish: The Local Root Loves Lamb

Local Root

610 N. McClurg Court, Chicago IL 60611 (map)

Can you please correct the URL text ?

Ask The Food Lab: How Can I Get My Dumplings Extra Crispy?

i have had luck with chicken stock in place of plain water ...The protein in the stock forms a layer and crisps up ....

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