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It's Always Morning Somewhere: My Favorite Breakfasts Around the World

Best of the Bahamas: Boiled Fish, Chicken Souse, Mutton Souse

These dishes are perfect in their simplicity. Bahamian Boiled Fish with a very few ingredients, perfectly coordinated. Grouper bone broth, boiled with onions, celery, salt, hot bird pepper and lime juice, with the white grouper meat simmered in the delectable broth. Add boiled potatoes and a bay leaf and serve with grits or Johnny cake for the ultimate hangover killers.

Souse as we serve it is almost the same, except you would pre-boil the chicken and throw away the first set of water and use the same ingredients except with allspice added. This dish is also made with Sheep's Tongue, Pigs Feet, Ribs or Conch, but my fave is Mutton, pre-boiled to tenderise and cut into small cubes. Delicious and a must-try.

Grilled Mozzarella Sandwiches With Mortadella, Pesto, and Artichokes

This sounds awesome. My only addition would be a thin slice of just-ripe tomato...

The Comfort Food Diaries: There's Safety in Sardines

Here's how we enjoy sardines in The Bahamas: "Sardine Salad". Remove from can, remove the vertebrae and intestine (the black stripe). Separate the flesh gently into bite-sized portions. Arrange on a platter, squeeze plenty of fresh lime juice over the fish, then cover in thinly sliced onions and tomatoes. Sprinkle with black pepper and enjoy with grits for breakfast or with cream crackers as a snack. A very common side with this is hard-boiled egg. Sardines!

Classic Oyster Stew With Fennel

Can this recipe be made with frozen oysters?

Want Real Eggs at McDonald's? Just Ask!

Best 2 breakfast sandwiches @ McDonalds: Sausage McMuffin with Egg + (any meat) McGriddle with the round egg.

The Food Lab's Complete Guide To Buying, Storing, and Cooking a Leg of Lamb

Great article. However, it seems rather biased on the side of American lamb. Whereas this says choose NZ/Aus "if you value gamy flavor over tenderness or richness", in my opinion lamb meat is generally "rich" by default, cooking technique determines tenderness and by comparison US lamb can be so mild in flavour as to be borderland bland and indiscernible from milk-fed baby beef. Fat, juicy and beautiful meat but if you are looking for full flavour - and I mean flavour not this word "gamey" word that connotes wild animals and roadkill - then a NZ/Aus lamb rack or loin is a definite must-try. So perhaps consider it this way NZ/Aus lamb has the flavour, while US lamb has the size and fat. #mytwocents

Skirt Steak With Mushroom-Cream Pan Sauce

Made this for CAB ribeyes with onions instead of shallots (fresh out), no white wine (someone drank it all, ok it was me) and it was still completely awesome.

Win a Copy of 'Baked Occasions'

The go-to at our home is Pineapple Upside Down Cake, with fresh pineapples simmered in gold rum. A cast iron pan is lined with the sweet and sticky pineapple and studded with premium marachino cherries, and then a rich, buttery yellow cake batter (Martha Stewart recipe) poured over and baked to golden brown delicious cake heaven.

Taste Test: The Best Caesar Salad Dressings

Also, not to complain but this test seems sparse and incomplete. What about the others you tasted?

Taste Test: The Best Caesar Salad Dressings

In foodservice, the Naturally Fresh line is not to be denied. It is fresh, creamy yet not mayo-ish or too thin. Not too fishy yet the seasonings are on point.

I have never tried the retail line (which comes in both refrigerated and shelf-stable), but would say it is worth a try.



The Best Valentine's Day Giveaway Ever: Lobel's 4" Prime Dry-Aged Heart Shaped Steaks for Two

Brush with olive oil, encrust in sea salt, cracked black/white/pink peppercorns. Sip from a smashing cabernet. Sear in cast iron pan, add butter (premium salted) and put in broiler (mid-rack) until medium. Applaud self and toast with cabernet. Serve with sauteed onions/mushrooms/cabernet, garlic smashed red potatoes and green beans. A little steak butter never hurt anyone (carmelised garlic/parmesan + butter/fresh tarragon). More cabernet.

Pizza Hut Debuts 'Crazy Cheesy Crust'

Pizza Hut Super Supreme Pizza is an all-time fave... if it were available with this crust, ordering would be a MUST.

Taste Test: Every Flavor of Combos

I admit to eating Nacho Pretzel Combos for lunch. I do not regret, I only regret not also getting the Pizza Pretzel ones.

Fast Food: KFC Big Value Box

The thigh is the worst part of KFC chicken! Any other piece would be much better.