I'm originally from Malaysia and now reside in Melbourne, Australia. I love food and I'm open to all types of cuisine!

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Weekend Cook and Tell: $5 and Under

If you're not opposed to offal, they are usually very cheap. And yes that would be due to many people not being comfortable with them, but hey, that means budget meals for me!

I got a lamb's heart for 50 cents sometime ago - made a stir-fry and had it with rice. Definitely came in at way under $5.

Warning: Post contains offal photos that may not be for, um, the faint-hearted.

P.S. The flavour of lamb heart is really not too different to meat at all, and it is really nice and tender when cooked right.

Otherwise, vegetarian and/or pasta meals like this one can often be cooked up very cheaply, too, like this one I made very recently.

I'll see if I can make more cheap meals this weekend to blog about...

Weekend Cook and Tell: Considering Coconut Milk

Here are a couple of things I've made with coconut milk...

Coconut and cocoa pancakes... super-simple.

And this sweet, savoury, spicy peanut dressing. Great to pour onto steamed or blanched vegetables, salads, or as a dipping sauce for meats.

The Nasty Bits, Valentine's Day Edition: Heart

Great ideas. I did a stir-fry recently with heart, it was delicious.

baking powder vs baking soda when both will do

Thanks everyone for your replies. Certainly gives me something to think about, particularly as I like making up my own recipes.

I forgot to mention another reason I asked was because I recently made something with a bit of lemon juice in it. Normally I'd use baking soda since the batter has the acidic element, but I didn't have any and used baking powder instead, and it still turned out tasty, so I was wondering how differently it would have turned out if I did had baking soda instead...

Weekend Cook and Tell: Romantic Respites Revisited

My boyfriend has been away and won't be back in time for Valentine's day - and we're not big on occasions anyway - but I've made a humble, yet lovely two-ingredient no-cook peach vinegar as a little gift for him when he comes back. The ambrosial white peach is utilized here and it gives a sweet, sensual touch to the vinegar. He's one of the rare men who enjoys salad, so when he comes back we're going to whip up a gorgeous dressing with this.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Get Back to Your Roots

I've got a Chinese-style borscht that is popular in my home country. I learnt how to make it from my mum. It's so easy and it's seen me through many years now.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Winter Greens

For our recent wintry season I made a fairly experimental orange butter brussels sprouts topped with a pecan crumble. It made a great side dish!

An entertaining website about cheeseburgers

A friend introduced me to this site ages ago and I love it! I should try making one of those burgers someday.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Honey Bear

I used honey in my recipe for easy slow braised pork spare ribs. They turned out really succulent!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Your Go-To Markets

I like my local market... it's a little pricey compared to some of the others, but I often find interesting or exotic or gourmet ingredients there that I love to try... such as these oka yams. There's another market I like, and while not really far away, it's more inconvenient for me to get to so don't go as often. I found some feijoas the last time I went.

Best Way to "Publish" A Cookbook

You could consider - I just found out tonight that a fellow food blogger used it to make their cookbook. It's Australian but they ship overseas.

Granita - the correct/ideal texture?

Thanks jimmyg! I was curious to know if one was more "traditional" than the other - in that case it looks like different regions have their own traditions so both are acceptable then.

Granita - the correct/ideal texture?

Ajmill - exactly, it varies, but that is my point - you can make it any way you like, but what is the original way? There is a difference between what someone prefers and what it should be according to the purists.

Thanks KarmaFreeCooking and BitchinFixins, that's what I think too. Perhaps the ones that looked like sorbets and slushies were due to the granita melting while photographs were taken, or perhaps it was done the "cheat" way using a blender instead of the traditional scraping way.

How do you keep track of your food?

I don't really do it. I just buy small quantities and try to work through them when I notice my storage space is dwindling. ;) There is a little wastage occasionally but within reason.

My boyfriend is much worse. The other day we threw out frozen meat from TWO YEARS AGO. That looked bad, man.

Yolk or Whites?

I'm definitely a yolk person. For a quick easy way to get rid of, oops I mean use up your egg whites, if you don't want to do any elaborate baking, I guess you can keep it simple and do an egg white omelet. Throw in lots of good flavoursome ingredients to jazz it up.

Holy Crap that looks good!

I'm still not as good as I would like to be, but here are a few tips.

I use a decent camera (it's just a point-and-shoot but it's a good one) and get reasonably acquainted to the available manual functions (like shutter speed, aperture, ISO). I also try to take photos during the day in natural light whenever possible. And I experiment and take several photos of the same dish in different ways. Lastly I'll use a photo editing software to crop and brighten and add contrast if I think they make it look better.

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Dinners in Under 10 Minutes

Hey Caroline, the photograph in the article is tagged incorrectly - that's actually the smoked salmon pasta from my blog! But otherwise, nice round-up! :)

frozen goat cheese "ice cream?"

That sounds like an awesome combination! Do it!! I'm even tempted to steal that idea off you. ;)

Weekend Cook and Tell Round Up: Soda Fountain

Now that's got me into the mood for a refreshing soda, despite the wintry weather down here!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Dinners in Under 10 Minutes

I recently made a smoked salmon pasta salad with grapefruit yoghurt, coriander and toasted almonds. Just boil the pasta, and while you're waiting, prep the rest of the ingredients. Once the pasta is done, mix everything together. Quick and easy! Not quite sure if it would fall under 10 minutes - that might be cutting it a bit fine as the penne probably needs about that long to get al dente. But you could definitely make it under 15 minutes I'd say!

Weekend Cook and Tell: Picnic Provisions

I recently made a sweet, savoury, spicy peanut sauce which at a thinner consistency is great as salad dressing, and when thickened makes a delicious dip... very picnic-friendly!