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What Gross Food Stuff Did You Do as a Kid?

Oh lord...
I fondly remember my friend's very patient mother making us our favourite sandwich made out of a plain bagel topped with cream cheese and ketchup chips. It actually sounds pretty good right now...

Taste Test: (Almost) Every Pumpkin-Flavored Item at Trader Joe's

Can't believe Pumpkin Spice Rooibos Tea wasn't on the list! Impulse bought a tin of it a few weekends ago and now I'm obsessed. It's helped calm down my Sbux Pumpkin Spice Latte cravings.

Do you have food allergies?

I have an intolerance to shellfish, which I discovered in a quite embarrassing way. I was doing an exchange program at the University of Montreal for three months and was spending my first day there with my new friends getting lunch. After eating a variety of seafood, my stomach started to feel incredible pressure. We had gotten as far as the Metro station when I started franticly looking for a bathroom (there isn't any). I begged the girls to call me a taxi, even though campus was a 20 minute walk away. Before the taxi got there and just as a train unloaded its rush hour passengers, I stuck my head in a garbage can and c'est la vie-ed all over the place.

Another story: My friend's sister had always hated eating bagged salad and it caused her stomach pain. She and her mom were out of the city and got some lunch. She ordered sweet potato fries and went into a very bad allergic reaction with her throat swelling up. It turns out that many companies use carrot in their sweet potato fries to add colour and that is what's been causing her aversion to bagged salad as well.

Sheet Pizza - Regional?

Growing up in Windsor, Ontario (neighbouring Detroit, MI) most pizza places served sheet pizza except it was usually called "King" or "Queen" size pizza which seemed to take the place of XL or XXL pies.

Pre-Order the Serious Eats Book by October 31, Get a Free Tote Bag and Pawtographed Bookplate!

I want all of this - badly. How is the best way to get a copy to us Canadians (and other non-Americans) out there?

How did Steve Jobs change Food/Cooking?

I frequently use my iphone to find recipes while at the grocery store and use my MacBook all the time in the kitchen (there is flour in the keyboard). I was actually grocery shopping last night and looking for recipes on the iphone when I heard about his passing.

Student Lunches

I second the idea of the rotisserie chicken, however, here in Canada that is more likely to set you back $10 (unless you're near a Costco). I just finished school and found my lunches were appealing enough and filling enough if I packed an assortment of smaller items to munch on throughout the day. Think simple: a bagel w/ cream cheese, some fruit, some juice boxes, cheese cut up with some deli meat, some carrot sticks with ranch dressing. If you have access to a microwave I would make a big curry (President's Choice has some good, quick curry sauces) with lots of rice and vegetables and get a warm filling meal. Or a big bowl of soup, with some bread on the side or a big bowl of gnocchi (which cooks in minutes and is so filling the next day).

Amazing food community - Peanut Butter Pie

Didn't know about this blogger or her story today. Thank you for sharing this touching story!

Atlanta: 'Object of Adoration' Burger at Muss & Turner's

Oh lord. I was trying to avoid eating burgers on my road trip through the south next week but just might have to stop in for this one. Also, a choice of four pickles? I think I'm most excited about that!

Foodie gifts (or gift cards) for Canadian & soon-to-be Canadian

In Canada, there is a national grocery chain with stores in every province. Perhaps, a gift card? I attached the link below and it is accepted in both Alberta and Winnipeg :)

The Longest F***ing Bake Sale - Help!

Healthytouch101 - Oh, don't worry he has already had two dozen chocolate cupcakes strapped to the back of his motorcycle and through Toronto rush hour during this bake sale. I think he likes the challenge.

Also, the sweeter the better. He works with mostly men and they eat like little children. The more sugar in an item, the better it sells.

Pie help

I would freeze them Thursday and reheat on Saturday. I freeze and reheat fruit pies all the time and have never had any issues with them. If possible I would try to reheat them as close to serving them as possible but thats only because I love a slice of hot pie and vanilla ice cream.

Montreal July 4th Weekend Recs

I go to Montreal about once a year and these are my must-eat places! Nothing fancy but really delicious food.

St. Viateur Bagel - 1127 Ave du Mont Royal Est, closest metro is Mont Royal- Amazing freshly made Montreal bagels and homemade cream cheese; good anytime of day but definitely my favourite breakfast! Open from 6am to Midnight.

La Paryse - 302 Rue Ontario Est, closest metro is Berri-UQAM- One of the best burgers I have ever tasted! My favourite burger place in Montreal and the fries are delicious too! So good! Mmm...Open 11am to 11pm Monday to Friday and 2-10:30pm Saturday and SundayRestaurant

Gourmet Grec- 180, rue Prince-Arthur Est- Delicious, tasty and plentiful Greek food! It's been three years since I ate at this restaurant but its one of my fondest memories of Montreal. They have a great, vibrant patio scene during good weather and the prix-fix menu at lunch let's you eat for hours for only $12 including dessert. Enjoy!

Reuben's - 1116 Rue Ste Catherine Quest; closest metro Peel- Tasty smoked meat sandwiches and the biggest pickles I've ever had (they are the size of pop cans!) It's a Montreal landmark and a yummy one at that.

Brutopia Brew Pub - 1219 rue Crescent Montreal - My favourite drinking spot with a huge selection of unique and craft beers; personal favourite is Raspberry Wheat Beer! Monday's are $2 beers and their appetizers are delicious. Their samosas' are delicious and I take the leftovers for a hangover breakfast the next morning. Also enjoy their nachos with chorizo sausage. Have a delicious trip!

Taste Test: Crunchy Peanut Butter, No-Stir

Blush - I, too wonder how our Canadian Kraft Peanut Butter would hold up against these other brands. Especially the new "Whipped" version.

That warm, fuzzy feelin'...

Whenever I have Hungarian Chicken Soup, I am back at my grandparent's kitchen table on a Sunday after church. Every week we would have the same soup, with large chunks of soft peeled carrots and a big meal. I don't remember what the main courses were, but there was always that big pot of soup in the middle of the table.

Along the same lines, the first time I grew a tomato and held it in my hands I felt such a deep emotional connection to my grandfather who was a farmer. Even at 98, he had a huge garden every year and was often found putting around the backyard. My fondest memories of us were picking tomatoes and cucumbers for summer lunches. He had been gone for five years when I planted my first patio garden and I still kind of get a bit weepy whenever the first veggies come in.

Goodbye, Dumpling

I am so so sorry. I never met that sweet little dog but I sincerely enjoyed seeing him on SE every week. I cannot tell you how heartbroken I am for you and everyone who knew Dumpling. Rest in peace, little one.

Care to introduce yourself?

Hi friends! I'm a 23 year old Canadian grad student, who is currently trying to figure out what to make for dinner and what in the world I'm going to do with my Master's degree. I've been reading SE for over 3 years now but need to cut down since it always leaves me hungry. I grew up in Windsor, Ontario, just across the border from Detriot, MI and frequently use my trips home as an excuse to load up on Ro-tel, Trader Joe's and Cherry Coke.
And yes, I've considered moving to the states just for your low-low grocery and booze prices.

Pre-boxed meals

Look for gnoochi in a shelf-stable packaging next to the dried pasta at the grocery. It takes about 3 minutes to cook in boiling water and goes good with any number of veggies (roasted brussel sprouts, steamed broccoli etc) and a bit of butter and parm. Also bacon.

Or you could always eat it with a tomato based pasta sauce.

Food for Him going through Chemo

I don't have any advice but I will keep you and him in my prayers.

Serious Wedding Cake Success

I second the request for a photo! Congrats to you and your sister!

Have you neglected your cooking roots?

@Dyeat: This is the Hungarian cookbook I'm trying to get my hands on It's locally written (local being Ontario, Canada) and I've seen the writer on some local cooking shows and it appears to be very similar to what my grandmother used to make.

I'm Hungarian and Scottish heritage and tend to have a weekly rotation of Italian, Mexican and Indian foods with some "American" comfort/standards thrown in.

...and speaking of ketchup

NOT FRIDGE! I grew up with ketchup out in the open, no hiding it away like some dirty little secret. Besides, where I come from ketchup is as essential as salt and pepper on the table and we went through so much of it that my parents would buy it straight from the factory in Leamington, Ontario.

Now living with the bf, this is a constant source of debate of where the ketchup should belong. Since I use it most, it stays out.

The Myth of "Goop"

Here in Ontario, Canada we have a chain of burger joints called Lick's that serve "guk" on their burgers. I actually thought it was called goop but fact-checked before replying. "Guk" is described as a thick, zesty mayo and garlic spread for burgers. Mmmm...

Everybody Loves Raymond's Brother!

About half way through a burger, I will flip it upside down to eat it. I believe this is because I usually end up eating the bottom bun more than the top and by flipping it, I will eventually even the buns out.

Today, at the grocery store..

Due to being a grad student and a victim of these recessionary times, I tend to shop at a certain down market grocer and everytime without fail, the cashiers have to stop and ask what herb I'm buying so they can ring it up correctly or they just guess and I get cilantro for a steal.