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I fill my spare time with hobbies of all kinds, my favorite involve food. I love cooking and baking and my family is happy to eat my efforts and offer feedback, so everyone wins!

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  • Location: Seattle, WA
  • Favorite foods: cheese, chocolate, vegetables, pie, Thai

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10 of Our Favorite Cookbooks in 2011

This gift guide has a book for each of the unique cooks on your holiday shopping list. Everyone from the solo eater to the CSA junkie to the science-minded inquisitive cook to the time-pressed weeknight chef to the hardcore griller—they're all covered on this list of our favorite cookbooks of 2011. More

Cakespy: Doughnut Soup

This creamy, dreamy dish is the ultimate in doughnut decadence. It starts by caramelizing glazed doughnuts in a buttery bath, then mixing it with milk and heating the mixture until the flavors merge beautifully in a hot, sweet, very creamy broth. It's my easy-to-prepare take on a dessert served at Chicago's MOTO, a restaurant revered in the world of molecular gastronomy. More