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What do you eat as an adult?

I eat pretty much what I want, processed or not, but I prefer un-processed whenever possible. Due to our crazy work schedules and travelling, we eat out what might be considered more than usual, although cooking is my passion. Unfortunately, my hubby doesn't particulary mind fast food, which I hate, so occasionally I have to give in to him and grab something from McDonalds, etc.

I did not grow up eating much processed or fast food. We had a huge vegetable garden, had chickens, and also raised cattle. So we usually had a freezerful of beef (which back then I hated), fresh eggs & veggies. I took all that for granted growing up, but looking back can see I was quite fortunate. My mom did not work outside the home, so she cooked quite a bit, but she never really made anything "gourmet" or too involved. Nonetheless, it was good wholesome food and occassionally we would have a hamburger from the local diner or she would do TV dinners (which to me were a treat!) in the oven (the tv dinners in the metal trays, remember?).

But I grew up with no food boundaries or hearing that this or that was "bad" for you, so I just don't have any guilt about food. I just think that natural foods taste better than processed ones, and I'm sure are better for you in the end. Not having health insurance, I try to eat lots of fruits & vegetables, nuts, etc. and consequently, am in good health and hardly ever sick.

To answer the question--I can eat an occasional Twinkie and not go nuts about it. But most of the time I prefer an apple (but not ALL the time).

The Facts about Sugar, Stevia, Splenda, Equal...

Sugar or honey for me. Dont feel like I should be using artificial sweeteners (Equal, etc), and don't like the taste of stevia, truvia, etc. I'm a purist!

Cook the Book: Tomato Sauce with Hot Pork Sausage

Count me in with the pressure cooker-phobes! I would love to have one, but don't know if I would have the courage to use it. @carioca, my mom had one too when I was growing up and it seems that some mishap occurred at some point with it, explosion or someone getting burned or something. She is no longer with us or I would ask her, and for the life of me I am thinking maybe I even dreamed that after hearing someone else's horror story. Anyway, I remember everything she made in it was really, really good. Isn't there something on the dial that tells when the pressure is down and safe enough to open the lid? Seems like there would be to take the guesswork out of it.

Restaurant Breakfast - Frustration in a Plastic Menu

@finewinendine--LOL--that cracked me up! I don't really get the excitement over omelettes myself, but I think I am in the minority. My hubby LOVES them and is really quite proficient at making them at home, so if we have guests for brunch, they always request his omelettes and then I feel obliged to eat one. I guess because they are so big (3 eggs!) I never can finish even half of one. I am not a huge breakfast fan and don't really even get hungry until 10am or so. I am perfectly happy with oatmeal or yogurt and fruit. But I do like an egg every now and then (I have cholesterol through the roof, so it is a rarity), I prefer them boiled, scrambled or over medium (esp. huevos rancheros).

Not sure why you can't seem to find non-egg or non dessert type items at the places you listed . . . I have been to those places and seen (a few) other items on the menus. One of the BEST breakfast places of all time is Morning Glory in Ashland, OR . . . if you are in that area or ever go there . . . talk about variety! Their granola rocks!

Anyway, although I do agree that eggs and sweets take up quite a bit of menu space, there are other alternatives to be had. Look closely. Or order lunch.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Pies Reconsidered

My step-daughter made these AMAZING chicken empanadas for our New Year's Eve party--here is the link to the recipe.

It makes a LOT of them, so great for parties.

Are you eating/drinking this very second? If so, what?

@Gator Pam--I googled it after my post and read about it, but thank you for filling me in. I didn't know they had come out with a "Heritage" DP until I read your post. A few years back when we were in Waco, TX we went by DP Museum and they were selling the sugar-sweetened DP, so I stocked up. However, I am not a big soda drinker either (usually drink iced or hot tea), so don't usually buy them at the store or anything. I do occasionally buy the Mexican Coca Cola our local grocer has started carrying and will have about one a week. I also confess to liking Cherry 7-Up, except I don't like the fact that althought the label boasts "ANTIOXIDANT!" it still has HFCS. So I feel like that is cancelling out any benefits. But it does taste good, surprisingly.

Will have to try the Heritage DP and see how it compares to the stuff I bought in Waco.

An odd memory from my childhood--I can remember seeing tv commercials in the winter for serving DP heated in a cup with a slice of lemon! Does anyone else remember this? My husband thinks I'm having false memories.

Green and Red Chile in New Mexico Roundup

All this talk about NM is making me REALLY want to go to Santa Fe again! We usually go every year right after Thanksgiving, but didn't get to go last year. I need my Frito Chili Pie fix from the Five & Dime! And dinner at the Shed! @narangkar--where is Frontier? Haven't tried that. @okupin--have they re-opened Rancho de Chimayo since the fire? Love their food and atmosphere. I do still have a couple of bags of Chimayo powdered chilis in the pantry from our last trip, but haven't decided how I want to use them yet. One is medium hot, and the chipotle is REALLY hot (to me, anyway).

The kale that ate my kitchen!

I ended up putting one stalk in a vase with water on the counter and stuffed one bag into the fridge, as I was too tired to chop at the end of the evening. I'm making it tonight--parboil for a few minutes, then saute in olive oil and a bit of broth with red pepper flakes & garlic. I've made it that way before and it always turns out delish. However, like Resolutejc says, it does cook down a LOT. The first time I made it, I was like "Where's my kale!" I had cooked one stalk and it overflowed the pan, and then Poof!

Umm... spoiled pork?

I would definitely take it back, although my sympathies are with you in having to lug a stinky pork roast around to get it there. There is just about no WORST smell than bad meat. I opened a package of ground beef a few weeks ago that reeked and I could hardly eat any meat for a week after that. It was really gross. Looked fine on the outside, but was definitely spoiled.

Your favorite "clean-out-the-fridge" dishes are...

By the time I get around to cleaning out my fridge, there's nothing worth eating in there. Maybe if I did it sooner, I wouldn't have all that spoiled produce . . . hmmm. I tend to buy things thinking I will fix them (soon) and then forget I have them in there. Right now I have 4 tubs of sour cream in there because I keep forgetting I have some when I go to the store!

The kale that ate my kitchen!

@yayfood--that's a good idea! So you keep it in a vase of water at room temp? I'm all for anything that gets me out of cleaning out my fridge; since the holidays it's gotten worse : (


I think Foodie is Gourmand's more fun, feisty and exciting cousin. I can think of a lot worse things to be called than a Foodie!

Photo of the Day: The Cherpumple

Is this like a dessert version of the terduckin?

Photo of the Day: The Cherpumple

That doesn't look so good to me . . . kind of a jumbled glop. Maybe it tastes better than it looks?

Poll: Milking It

I don't and am hoping my hubs doesn't either when I'm not looking! Who wants backwash in their milk?

Nostalgic recipes: What's for Dinner 1/10

Trout amandine with orzo pilaf and a broccoli salad (the one with raisins and bacon in it) . . . with a riesling. @PerkyMac--Hi, good to see you on here again!

Poll: Food Terms You Should Stop Using in 2010

I'd have to say Nom and Sammie--enough with the babytalk! And, like most posters, I had not hear Rezzie before--maybe a NY thing? @mexicocooks--haven't heard Shrooms in awhile, but it is right up there on my irritant detector.

Cuisine at Home magazine

Yes, it kind of reminds me of a Cooks Illustrated with color photos. Very straightforward in it's approach. The sample issue I got had recipes for both classic and more unique dishes, as well, so it seemed pretty well-rounded. @realchiff--LOL, I'm with you on that one--no cake mix in the recipes, please! That sounds like a Sandra Lee publication. Anyway, glad to see a couple of people are familiar with it . . . I probably will subscribe so I can save $ instead of buying the single copies if I see it in the future on the newstand.

"May I see the wine list?" "No problem." ???!!!

@LauraJ--I agree, and I don't think expecting or exhibiting common courtesy makes any of us "curmudgeonly." I am all for tolerance (I'm a liberal Democrat for Christsake, which in my Red state means I'm a socialist), and I am also a small business owner. I think saying thank you, you're welcome, no problem, excuse me, or the like is not only good for business, but also good for general human interaction. It's the little things, you know?

"May I see the wine list?" "No problem." ???!!!

If I were asking for a wine list, I would usually expect to hear "Sure (or certainly), just a moment" rather than "No problem" . . . that just seems like an odd response to that question. However, if the server then brought me the wine list and I said "Thank you" and he/she said "No problem!" I wouldn't think it all that bad. It just seems like No Problem is more of a modern substitute for You're Welcome than as a substitute for Yes (or similar affirmation). So I don't have a problem with No Problem, just how it was used in that situation. You gotta problem with that? ; )

what's your favourite candy bar?

Wasn't there a candy bar called Zagnut way back? Never had one, but I like the name.

Question About Bugles

Okay, I have to admit that I have a bag of Bugles in my pantry right now. They still sell them here and yes, I like them. Guilty pleasure ; )


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