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Video: The True Tastes of Tea

When Theresa Wong experienced a Chinese tea ceremony for the first time, she hadn't considered "the difference between drinking tea and tasting tea." Five years later, the former insurance saleswomanguides customers through tastings at a small gourmet tea shop for a living. More

Video: Lechonera La Piraña in Mott Haven, Bronx

Parked on a nondescript street in the South Bronx, the trailer comes alive on Fridays, serving Puerto Rican dishes through the weekend and closing on Sunday evening. The owner and cook, known to the neighborhood as "Piraña," is immensely warm-hearted. Working during the week as a building superintendent, he uses his part-time business (and full-time sound system) to make the corner of Wales and 152nd Street a place to relax, to party, and to gather around good food. More

Video: The Arepa Lady of Jackson Heights, Still Sainted

When we, as diners, talk about how delicious a plate of street food can be, it's easy to lose sight of just how tenuous the career of a street vendor—especially an immigrant street vendor—is. For this brief moment, the Arepa Lady reminded me that for those who come to America to make a new and better life for themselves, cooking (even saintly cooking of national infamy) isn't necessarily the life they have in mind. More

Snapshots from the Gourmet Japanese Fair at Mitsuwa Marketplace

Mitsuwa becomes a schedule-clearing dining destination when it stages one of its seasonal food events—the likes of which hit Edgewater, New Jersey last weekend in the form a humbly named Gourmet Japanese Fair. Filling the interior of the marketplace with temporary stands to serve a stunning variety of sushi, ramen, snacks, and desserts, the Fair drew a steady stream of diners from opening to close. More

Video: David's Brisket House, the Jewish Deli Run by Muslims in Brooklyn

Several sandwiches at David's Brisket House have made the pages of Serious Eats, but there's a lot more to this place than brisket three ways. The deli, originally owned by Jewish immigrants from Yemen and Russia, was passed down to a Muslim partner (also from Yemen) during the 1980s. Now it's keeping up the deli tradition—in Bed-Stuy—in a fashion that's quintessentially New York. More

Robyn Lee Is Leaving Serious Eats a Mere 7 1/2 Years After She Got Here

What a New York Food Minute Looks Like

Thanks, Chris. I'm in a bit of a slump right now due to demands on my time, but hopefully will be putting out episodes on an almost-weekly basis this summer!

Tales of the Blue Plate Special: Stories From New York's Short Order Cooks

Real American heroes here. I'm very happy that this made it to the pages of Serious Eats!

Carnitas El Atoradero Serves the Mexican Home Cooking We've Been Waiting For

Real Cheap Eats Winter Guide Recommends 37 Ways to Fight the Cold (For 10 Bucks or Less)

@Autumn Produce Where do you live? We'll try extra hard in the future to make sure you've got a go-to.

Max's Best New York Bites of 2013

Thank you so much for the ProZack tip (and for all the good times this year)! I'm looking forward to another year of good eats and good stories.

Scenes From the 2013 Serious Eats Cookie Swap

The number of cookies I've literally eaten in bed since attending this wonderful party has been nothing short of shameful.

Video: Noodles by Hand in Manhattan's Chinatown

That's a really good question that I couldn't get an answer to while filming. Lye water could be the answer, but I'm not sure why its color would be blue. It could also be a mixture of baking soda and water (again, that doesn't seem like the answer). I'm wondering if the color balance on my camera is playing tricks here.

Breads Bakery Makes One Hell of a Cinnamon Bun

YES. This is one of the bakery's best-kept secrets. Forgo the sticky-sweet competition and have one of these with your coffee. Incredible.

A Day in the Life: Robyn Lee, Staff Photographer and Editor, A Hamburger Today

@Robyn omg, "song that ______ hums journal" is such a good idea for any workplace.

Video: Doughnuts and Coffee for Past and Present

Thanks so much for the intel, Siobhan. I do have fond memories of early morning doughnuts and breakfast sandwiches, though I haven't been before 10am in quite a while.

A Day in the Life: Robyn Lee, Staff Photographer and Editor, A Hamburger Today

I love how much of this post on Robyn's day ends up being about Robyn's observation of "Kenji in the wild."

Video: Doughnuts and Coffee for Past and Present

Heyyyy bebo...

This Cuban doughnut you're describing sounds wonderful. I hope to try something similar someday and learn even more about what makes for great doughnuts. But most of all, I'm happy to know that you are not kidding about them.

Video: Doughnuts and Coffee for Past and Present

@dropout That sounds strange. Peter Pan opens super early and starts cooking doughnuts before 6am. They have 2 waves of regular customers every morning between opening and 10am. You may have caught them in a weird lull between batches -- they were entirely out of doughnuts?

The Great Big Plate of Rabbit at Uncle Zhou

This dish defines "lip smacking"

Video: Life of a Slice Man at Sal and Carmine

I once took a whole pie from Sal and Carmine back to Brooklyn on the subway (imagine people's eyes rolling and staring during rush hour). Re-heating in the oven worked like a charm, so much so that I always ask for my slice "extra crispy" when I visit these days. Whatever you might need, Lou and the boys will take care of you -- just ask.

Is Mumbai Xpress NYC's Best Chaat House?

Tokri Chaat + Fruit Beer = the best. They don't have fruit beer, do they?

Umami Burger in NYC Misses the Point

Thanks for saying what at least three of us are thinking, Max: Drek! Drek, drek, drek! Mm, that's good drek usage.

NYC's Best Dosas, Consecrated in a Flushing Temple

So that's what the paper dosa looks like!

Thanks, Max, for a wonderful tribute to one of New York's greatest dining experiences. I always try to take out-of-towners to the temple, too. Even better is bringing people who live in NYC but have never really had the time to explore. You see their faces light up when they realize how just how much they've been missing in this great, big city of ours.

Video: A League of Tortas in Corona, Queens

@NYC Food Guy - Thanks for the kind words! I speak and comprehend enough spanish to get by in an interview, but I always run whatever I do by a native speaker to be sure I'm not destroying culture. Go get yourself some serious sandwiches before Tortas switches over to cart-mode (the truck goes into hiberation from November 1 until April 1).

Video: The Arepa Lady of Jackson Heights, Still Sainted

@jbezpol They are different. I'm no authority, but the two main types of arepas she makes don't really resemble the plain, everyday arepa that is most common in Colombia. Over the years I think she's crafted her own take that packs a lot more flavor (and cheese and butter). During our chat, she said that the arepa de queso in particular is "more sophisticated" than people are used to, and the arepa de choclo is closer to what is typical (but still a special preparation).

Java's Indonesian Rijsttafel in South Slope is a Mixed Bag but a Good Deal

RIP Mie Jakarta. Where do we get our ayam goreng rica fix now?

Video: The Arepa Lady of Jackson Heights, Still Sainted

@billyboy Yep -- you can take the 7 to 82nd St. or take any of the trains that run to 74th St. (an easier option, esp. if you can catch the E or F).

It's Your Last Chance for New Catch Holland Herring at Russ & Daughters

The best part about that episode of Louie: No one ever mentions or shows the name Russ and Daughters, it takes place in a universe where smartphones and check-ins and Instagram apparently don't exist, and as he's walking away he says something like, "that deli was AMAZING!" Leave it to Louis CK to present the pure joy of first-time food at one of the most famous food shops in NYC.

The best part about this post is everything Robyn.

Good Bread: Brooklyn Bread House, New York's Only Armenian Bakery

I'm really looking forward to trying that lahmajun! Brooklyn Bread House also dabbles in Georgian baking -- their adjaruli khachapuri is made to order and is a solid take on the stomach-defeating cheese/butter/egg bread boat.

A Guide to a Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast

Breakfast usually comes in the form of street food in Taiwan. Vendors will set up shop on the curbside in the morning hours; there's a lot of dough and deep-frying involved. Yung Ho is one of the main Taiwanese breakfast joints in the San Gabriel Valley, a hotbed of Chinese and Taiwanese food in Los Angeles. Here's a detailed breakdown of each individual dish. More

Classic Peruvian-style Fish Ceviche

Sashimi and crudo may be the John and Paul of the raw seafood band, but ceviche is the George. A little less popular, a little less flashy, but altogether more complex, sharper, and complex, with a bit of acid. It differs from George in one key way though: It's really easy to get into. It comes in on the upper half of the Top 100 Easiest Dishes to Make Of All Time, and I'd bet good money that it's #1 for Most Impressive Return For Your Time Investment. It's a dish that looks and tastes elegant, yet is quite literally thrown together in a matter of moments. More

Scott's Bar-B-Q in Hemingway, South Carolina

Scott's only serves whole hog barbecue on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. During those three days the stores sells 15 to 20 hogs' worth (between 2,000 and 2,800 pounds) of smoked pork, attracting visitors from miles around. The rest of the week, Scott's is not much more than a half-stocked, rustic convenience mart with doors that seldom open for regular business. More

Payne's Bar-B-Q in Memphis for One of the Best Chopped Pork Sandwiches

Payne's Bar-B-Q, a family operation that has been in business since 1972, serves some of the best pork barbecue in Memphis, if not the country. The fact that the first thing on my mind whenever I enter Memphis is a Payne's sandwich is no minor detail. When most people I know think of Memphis barbecue, images of ribs come to mind. The barbecue sandwich, however, is just as important to the Memphis barbecue experience. Slow-smoked pork shoulder, pulled, sliced, or chopped, topped with red barbecue sauce and stuffed into a bun with a scoop of slaw. More