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3-Ingredient Matzo Sandwiches For Passover

Beans are not Kosher for Passover, which is a HUGE bummer to me.

North Carolina: Our 8 Favorite Food Trucks in the Triangle

sar_t--Chapel Hill city ordinances have made it very hard for food trucks to park and sell in town. Durham has very few ordinances that limit food trucks, and Raleigh is getting much better in regards to their laws. This, and places like the Cookery where food truck owners have access to a large kitchen, is why so many of the food trucks are from and park in Durham.

North Carolina: Our 8 Favorite Food Trucks in the Triangle

Yeah not sure I'd agree with the list--the omission of Will & Pops makes me really sad, and I actually prefer Klausie's pizza to Pie Pusher's (personal preference, both slices are solid). The Parlour and KoKyu are amazing, however. And Only Burger's Breakfast Burger is one of my favorite greasy eats in the Triangle--lucky (or unlucky) for me, the brick & mortar store is five minutes from where I live

Visiting NYC? Where to Eat in New York, the Best Restaurants and More

The trick to eating at lots of these places is to eat at weird times. On my last trip to NYC, I got into the Breslin for breakfast on a Saturday with zero wait by going at 9:00am. Same for going to dinner at Co. on Saturday night around 5:30. I've eaten at a lot of these places and live out of town, but when you're a tourist and have all day to browse and eat, well, it makes it a little easier!

Cook the Book: 'A Girl and Her Pig'

Oh dear, I'm a good Jewish girl but here we go, um, the belly? That's good. Where does bacon come from, that's delicious too. Also, ribs.

Breakfast/Brunch, This Saturday Morning, VERY Early

Hi guys! Just wanted to share: we ended up at the Breslin. He had the lamb burger, which he loved, I had this cheesy eggy hammy sandwich. Actually, I broke Passover a little early with that cheesy, eggy, hammy sandwich--talk about a treyfy way to break Pesach! All of it was fantastic and since we got there around 9:00am there was hardly anyone there yet. 9:00am might sound early for a lamb burger but we'd been up since 3:00am, so it was lunch time for us!

And Sleep No More was INCREDIBLE!!!!! We are already planning a trip back to NYC to see it again. I have seen a lot of theater (a lot of theater). Broadway, off, experimental, everything. This was unlike anything I have ever seen; it was mind blowing and amazing and I loved every minute of it and cannot recommend it enough!

Breakfast/Brunch, This Saturday Morning, VERY Early

Hi Teachertalk--I don't need to go close to my hotel, I'm more than happy to roam and to get my day started! I've been to NYC many times and lived there for a bit, so I have no problem getting re-adjusted to the atmosphere.

Alaina, that's why I thought maybe the Breslin. They open at 7:00am. I've been to Veselka and I didn't love it, but maybe they are better for breakfast? I'll check out The Bowery Diner.

Have You Ever Tried to Quit Diet Soda?

CAREY! This is my existence right now. I totally quit Diet Coke cold turkey a few months ago. I stopped buying it for my house and I didn't have it for nearly two months. I had gotten myself down to a can a day before quitting and then I just stopped. Now I only have Diet Coke on occasion, maybe if I am out to dinner or as a treat, no more than once or twice a week mind you. And I definitely keep it to that--there is still no soda in my home. I drink a lot of green tea now instead of Diet Coke. I am definitely happy I mostly quit soda, it is definitely less expensive!

Double Cheeseburger at Eleven Madison Park, Coming Right Up

The two restaurants are owned by Danny Meyer, so I don't really see the problem. Glad to see they have a sense of humor. The one time I ate at 11 Madison Park I skipped dessert and instead got some custard across the street at the Shake Shack. The best of both worlds.

Sam Sifton Leaving 'New York Times' Restaurant Critic Position

I did not like Sifton as a restaurant critic. He placed far too much importance on the mood, scene, and ambiance and not enough importance on the food. His writing was a little flowery and twee for my taste. Bruni was amazing, I loved his reviews and am glad that he still has a presence at the Times.

No real thoughts on a replacement, I'm afraid.

Confessing The (Dinner Party) Blues

Some people just don't look at food the same way we do. The Serious Eats staff doesn't have a problem eating food both high and and low end (string cheese, anyone?) and I think they set a great example for all of us. Food should be taking seriously, but not *too* seriously! After all, food is meant to be fun and enjoyable! Even Ferran Adria infuses his admittedly very serious, very high-end food with a sense of fun and whimsy.

Additionally, if you read the great writings of Roger Ebert regarding his inability to eat or drink anymore: he misses food, of course, but what he misses more is the social act of eating. He misses the ability to share a meal with people more than he misses the food itself. He misses the easy conversation and camaraderie that, when surrounded with good company, infuses the most humble of meals with a sense of grandeur and importance.

If someone who can't even eat or drink anymore misses the people more than the food, well, I think that says something about how the majority of America looks at "entertaining." I, for one, do tend to go all out when I have people over, even if it is a big buffet-style party for Halloween or the Superbowl. But not everyone has the skill, means, or time to do that (although the above posters are probably correct about Salpico's one, isolated incident at the friend's house. She was probably showing off her swank new kitchen. But if you read the post more closely Salpico seems to be taking offense at the majority of the dinner parties he has recently attended, not just this isolated incident). However, if you gave me the choice between mediocre food and mediocre company, I'd probably take the mediocre food. There is always another meal just a few hours away, after all. But good friends*, well, those are few and far between.

*(please, excuse the sap, I'm not usually this gushy but I'm going through a rough patch and my friends are really being golden and wonderful people, so I'm feeling general goodwill toward mankind right now!)

Confessing The (Dinner Party) Blues

I actually find the original poster rude and ungrateful. People are kind enough (and like you enough!) to invite you to their house for dinner and all you do afterwards is complain about the food? For some people cold fried chicken and supermarket salads are a great, relaxed summertime meal. I doubt that they view their choice of food as insulting and are probably perplexed by your demeanor. If you really hate the food your friends are serving you then maybe suggest social interaction at a restaurant or do something with your friends that doesn't involve eating, such as taking a hike or playing tennis.

I want to add I used to be very much like this--very critical of everyone who didn't do things "my way." Their house wasn't clean enough. The food wasn't good enough. The table setting was poor. Etc. And then I realized that I was being an ungrateful, miserable snob. If you go through life expecting people to do things as well as you do it then you are bound to be disappointed. Everyone is different and we should all be thankful to have friends who want to share meals and time with us, whether it be cold fried chicken or a fancy roast and souffle.

Seriously dude, get over yourself. You are going to end up with no friends.

Food Blog Devoted to 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Fantasy Series

Adam when it says SPOILER SPOILER that means don't read! But yeah, I don't think I gave anything away that wasn't in books 1-4, as I recall that Ramsay Bolton was betrothed to "Arya Stark" and Jaime Lannister actually saw "Arya Stark" off on her journey. It is one of those giant feasty scenes, of course. PS I'm not sure where you are in A Dance With Dragons but power through. The first half is really rough and there is a lot of exposition, and a few of the characters have just miserable dull storylines (municipal government really?) but the second half of the book is proving most page-turningly fun.

Food Blog Devoted to 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Fantasy Series

Woo hoo this is exciting. I'm 70% through A Dance With Dragons. SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER SPOILER

I hope he makes the Frey Pies served by Lord Manderly at the Ramsay Bolton/"Arya Stark" wedding feast. Every pie tastes a little better with some Frey thrown in for good measure!

Meet and Eat: Adam Richman, The Man of 'Man vs. Food Nation'

I love this show but I was horrified when he came to Chapel Hill and went to Time Out. Gross Adam gross! We have so so so much better!

Regardless, he seems like a smart and fun dude and while I would never attempt an eating challenge myself, there is something fascinating and horrifying about the whole Man vs. Food concept. I think, for me, the most horrifying was one of the Boston challenges involving burgers. Adam was competing against a really obese kid, and all I could think was "please stop eating burgers really obese kid, please stop eating burgers..."

Milk Burger in East Harlem: No, This Is Not Shake Shack

To add: the yogurt place is still up and running, just with a different name and paint job. Milk Burger should probably change their menu language and tweak a few other things so it doesn't seem such an obvious knock-off.

Milk Burger in East Harlem: No, This Is Not Shake Shack

Um, I think Danny Meyer and Co. might need to file a cease and desist order stat. A fro-yo place opened in my home town that looked just like a Pinkberry, but they called themselves Whiteberry. You can bet Pinkberry cease and desisted them all over the place.

Power Dining on Cape Cod: A Day In The Life of a Serious Eats Editor

Okay so while I am jealous here is the question: How are y'all not 500 pounds? All this food looks delicious and amazing but I think I gained 15 pounds just looking at it! Y'all must train like Kobayashi and Joey Chestnut!

Serious Entertaining: July 4th Cookout

Yes when I grew up in Sarasota, Florida, I didn't think about the usage of the words grill vs. bbq, they were both the same to me. Now I live in Chapel Hill, NC, and you can bet that I call putting some food on my Webster kettle grilling vs. BBQ, which I can get a number of excellent locations within a 30-minute radius of my apartment. Never again will I make that mistake!

Happy July 4th everyone, btw, may your cooking ventures be excellent!

Around Cedar Point?

Oh my lord Cedar Point, haven't been there in forever, best coasters in the world truly.

This isn't outside the park, but if my memory serves me correctly there is a custard stand inside the park, in the "midway" area, that has great custard.

SO JEALOUS. The coasters are really the best, you'll have a great time!

Things to eat while reading a book

Solution to having issues while reading: KINDLE. I used to read while eating my lunch and it was a to do. Now I have a Kindle and my life is so much better.

Okay maybe an exaggeration but the Kindle is amazing, really.

Fast Food International: Amorino, French Gelato Chain Comes to the US

Woo hoo, I remember finding this place in Paris after spending 6 weeks studying in Rome (and eating their Gelato). I'd been in Paris about a week and was really craving a gelato fix. This hit the spot! That was back in 2004 so I'm excited to see it has come to the states.

Breakfast at Untitled

I hope this work. I interned at the Whitney back when Sarabeth's was still there and they were already having issues with the space. It is tricky because it has to be a mobile space as the area is often used for parties so it needs to be cleared out quickly. Also the Whitney store is right next to the restaurant. Anyways, I'm glad to hear that Danny Meyer is setting up shop and wish him and the Whitney luck!

Welcome to Serious Eats: Sweets!

Oh well, there goes my whole "healthy-eating" plan (maybe I'll just stick to the fruit-centric desserts...maybe).

Raleigh, NC

I posted to this thread and it didn't appear (or rather, has not yet appeared) and yet I am still getting e-mail follow-ups which means that Serious Eats seems to think I have posted. Readers of thread is my previous (super long) post visible? And Serious Eats staffers I guess this is me alerting you to a problem in the system.