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Who's Watching What We Eat?

the article says that three people died, not three thousand.

Best knives?

I really like Lamson, and like the fact that they are made in the US. They also have a super sexy new red handled "Fire" line coming out in May. (Full disclosure - I own a cookware store). They are well-made and have made a lot of my customers very happy.

J: Jams, Jellies (and Preserves and Conserves)

My husband and I dove into canning when our Brooklyn grapevine ripened for the first time, delivering 40 pounds of ripe champagne grapes all on the same day. We tried to make a pectin-rich apple juice to add to our various jellies, but none set without commercial pectin, leaving us with dozens of jars of delicious roasted garlic-grape sauce (excellent anyway). By far, the big winner has been the spiced grapes and PICKLED GRAPES which are unbelievable.

The Case of the Mysterious Date Bars

I buy them and eat them! it's a cheap snack in a fix in the city, and they're in every deli, and they're reliable. I can count on one for an hour of energy, to stave off the pangs before dinner.

Are Expensive Pans Necessarily Better?

Megnut, the All-Clad has an aluminum core with Stainless Steel on the cooking surface (and the exterior, if Stainless line, raw alum, if M2). The Aluminum core significantly improves the heat distribution, but I am willing to bet that the metal on the Crestware was lower quality than the All-Clad, leading to too-fast heating and maybe to the "plinking." Still intrigued!

I do believe that the stainless layer adds resistance, helping for more even distribution. I want to get a sliced pan, cut in half to see the clad strata!

Are Expensive Pans Necessarily Better?

huh! I am intrigued by the "plink"! insufficient thermal transfer? seems like this would cause warping over time. Well, I took thermodynamics pass/fail, so I am not the one to answer this, but will continue to research.


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