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Does Cooking Make You Gay?

Thanks for the piece, Adam. You brought your always charming sense of humor to an unlikely discussion for a standard food article.

My sexuality is generally a bit enigmatic to folks when they first meet me; I have very effeminate mannerisms and tastes in many respects, but in many others I don't fit the "gay archetype" that seems to have its place in our collective psyche. But I can recall a very specific conversation I had with a female once... we'd been chatting, having a good conversation, it steered to food and I confessed, excitedly, that one of my favorite hobbies was cooking.

She literally let out this, "Oooooooh," as if suddenly everything made sense.

So while I think some of the comments are right, we've come along way in certain respects regarding stereotypes and breaking boundaries, I think you also hit something worth remembering: regardless of progress, "gay" still conjurs a handful of images, and included among that handful is the well-groomed sophisticate hosting a themed dinner party ("Exotic Foods of the South Seas," lisp included) complete with color-coordinated place settings.

Whatever the cost... if my being queer has anything to do with my ridiculously good french onion soup, so be it. It will continue to entertain my dinner party guests for many years to come. :)


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