Ask a Cicerone: The Best American Pale Ale

I was gonna flip over my desk if Mirror Pond Pale Ale wasn't on the list.

Utensil Pot Clips Are a Great Alternative to Spoon Rests

I use a measuring cup, or a coffee mug, or if I'm feeling saucy, the empty can of tomatoes going in my marinara.

In Which We Make Stuffing Waffles

I've been planning a nontraditional Thanksgiving - ham instead of turkey, but with twists on the traditional sides. If I suggest this to my wife, I think she may revoke my right to plan and cook Thanksgiving dinner.

I'll take that risk.

Cook the Book: 'The Artisan Jewish Deli at Home'

No doubt about it, Reuben sandwich. I prefer with pastrami, but good corned beef will do nicely.

Steakcraft: Marc Forgione's American Cut Makes a Pastrami-Style Rib Steak

I know it's probably a typo, but I love the new word you coined, "unky".

The Serious Eats Guide to Ramen Styles

The sweet corn, how is it typically prepared?

Ask the Critic: What 'New York' Food Souvenirs Can I Bring Home?

I'll second the Momofuku cookies. Yes, cookies aren't unique, but Momofuku cookies are something special. My last trip to NYC, they were my souvenir I brought home.

Where to Eat Near Times Square (Our Updated Guide)

Isn't there a Momofuku Milk Bar nearby? Isn't that worth recommending?

First Look: Cocktails at Qui in Austin, Texas

Come now, you only draw attention to one Game of Thrones reference? So's "The Gold Price" and "The Old Gods and the New". Of course, to be truly authentic, instead of whipping out your credit card for The Iron Price, you'd punch the bartender in the face and take it by force.

Taste Test: The Best Sriracha

Polar ranked highest? It's the brand I associate with obligatory Asian food sections in supermarkets without a large Asian shopping demographic.

Taste Test: Trader Joe's Dark 70 Chocolate Bars

Absolutely LOVE the caramel / sea salt bar. My god. Yeah, it's messy, but that doesn't detract from the flavor.

Pasadena, CA: Classic Burger Joint Greatness at Jake's of Pasadena

No relation to Flakey Jake's?

Beyond Curry: Scrambled Eggs with Chili Oil

Fish sauce and sriracha - my favorite way to season scrambled eggs.

Visiting NYC? Where to Eat (and Avoid) in Little Italy and Chinatown

Wait wait allow visitors into the Serious Eats inner sanctum? I'll remember that the next time I'm in NYC.

The Food Lab: The Best Wonton Soup

@dorek: I live in San Antonio, TX. There's plenty of Asian markets here, but I have yet to find dried scallops. Dried shrimp and anchovies are about all they have. It's a shame, because I really want to make an ace XO sauce.

Hanjan: Hooni Kim's Sophomore Effort Establishes Him as NY King of Korean

How do they season the chicken hearts? I have a thing for them after some Brazilian co-workers introduced me to them at a house party.

Keep Austin Weird: 12 Unique Foods Found in Austin

@theotherworldly - That episode with the artisanal doughnuts was voiced by Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein of Portlandia, the sketch TV show about the other weird city in the US, Portland OR. Really, Portland is weirder than Austin, since you have far too much of the retrograde conservatism of Texas to temper Austin's weirdness. Credentials: 30+ year Eugene/Springfield, Oregon resident, 6+ year San Antonio, Texas resident.

Hungover in Austin? Go To Torchy's Tacos

Forget "trashy style". The new hotness is "hillbilly style", where they up the ante with some chorizo AND queso.

Video: How to Poach Eggs, the Foolproof Method (Really!)

I know licensing yadda yadda, but this REALLY needed to be accompanied by Beastie Boys's "Egg Man". Sometimes hard-boiled, sometimes runny, comes from a chicken not a bunny, dummy!

Video: How to Poach Eggs, the Foolproof Method (Really!)

Put me in the both video and text category. Sometimes the video is too long for my limited attention span. Sometimes the video is superfluous to a simple technique. Text is always useful.

But that said, loved this video. Gonna have to try this. The best luck I've had with poached eggs to date was the instructions in David Chang's book for poaching them in the shell. It's a pain to keep a pot of water at 145F when you don't have a sous vide setup, but can't argue with cracking the shell and a perfectly poached egg popping out.

12 of Our Favorite Food Movies

If The Breakfast Club qualifies for a sandwich, then Pee-Wee's Big Adventure should've been in there for his breakfast machine.

Looking for a Cheap Slice? Just Whip Out Your Gun at this Virginia Pizzeria

@simon: They need the gun so they can defend themselves if the gubmint tries to come and take it away. I know, I don't get the logic either.

That, or zee Germans. (Obligatory movie reference.)

The Library at the Public: Your Pre-Theater Dinner Needs Answered

What's the dark bits with the calamari? I recognize the shishitos (ooh, those get my mouth them so much), and of course the calamari, but what else is there? Pork belly?

Best Frozen Chicken Wings?

Will Gordon. Taking bullets for the team in style.

Ask A Bartender: Have You Ever Served A Celebrity?

Pssh, think only bartenders have interesting celeb stories? I once sold a VCR to David Ogden Stiers! He returned it the next day, which I also handled.

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