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Are Expensive Pans Necessarily Better?

hehe, this is like an episode of america's test kitchen.

ditto on what jperlow said. went to target to buy one of those chefmate copper bottom fry pans maybe half a year ago. 17.99 or something and it's pretty good. handle doesn't really get super hot, but i've never tried to fry an egg in it b/c i'm an amateur that uses teflon pans for eggs. (mmm.. teflon in my tummy. damn dupont to hell)

Mid-Range Burgers

oooh national chains. i dig it. if you're making your way through them, outback has burgers on their menus too.

it's refreshing to see you venture out into the chains of "casual dining" because the dichotomy between a "serious eater" and the rest of us is kind of unsettling at times. it almost borderlines on blue state eater or red state eater. real foodie vs the rest of us!

anyway, i see this as a good thing. i dunno how national chains compare to mom & pops, but it's good to know the national chains are reviewed at least. keep up the good work.


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