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Retired college instructor (Drama)
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  • Location: USA
  • Favorite foods: Pastas, curries
  • Last bite on earth: Thin, crisp latka

Our Best Bites of 2014

Mapo tofu recipre is destroyed by Economist ads

Taste Test: Potato Chips

If you want to taste test TJ chips, go to the Olive Oil chip; a different beast altogether.

New England Clam Chowder

If bacon fat and heavy cream are a problem (as in my family) may I humbly suggest smoked clam (or oysters) to replace the bacon and condensed milk for thecream. It ain't the same, but its damn good.

Holiday Giveaway: The Amazing Thermapen Thermometer

A thick salmon steak marinated in fish-soy sauce.

Preggo control freak seeks TG menu advice...

Sorry for the misspellings; I'm not a good trypist.

Preggo control freak seeks TG menu advice...

As to mashed potatoes: The Scots (who are potato fanatics) responded to a poll in an Edinburh newspaper several years ago by saying their favorate mashed potatoes were what mght be called "smashed" potaoes, i.e. roughly mashed but still rather lumpy. This form of potato can be baked or fried at a later date and still retain its character. A little butter and flavoring at reheat time adds to the freshness.

How to Make a Spanish Tortilla

My Basgue step-father taught me this: Fry chunks of basque chorizzo (much less fatty than most) in an iron pan, remove; then in the same pan with oil or butter (I use Asian peanut oil) fry cubes of potato until soft, add onion and fry until potato crisps, turn down heat, add chorizzo and cover with beaten eggs to just cover the potato. Cook on stove top until slight crust forms on bottom, sprinkle with paprika (I like hot-sweet mixture) and place under broiler to finish. If you wish, you can make it "americano" by adding cheddar cheese to top before broiling. I have a huge iron skillet and have made 24 egg tortillas this way.

What's The Worst Restaurant Name You've Ever Heard?

In terms of digestive processes, the well known "In and Out" is fairly nasty, but not as bad as the old Santa Rosa (CA) burger joint "Eat and Run." I had a slogan for them: "Over 50,000 served; over a hundred and fifty digested."

The Nasty Bits: Tongue Tied

Basque style tongue in tomato sauce is fantastic. Try it at Louis' Basque Corner in Reno.

Serious Heat: Create Your Own Spice Blends

Spice blend for Oriental Seafood (shrimp or scallops). You'll have to work out your own measurements on this, I never have figured them out. In a small cast iron pan toast a handfull of kosher salt until it turns gray; add peppercorns, cumin seed and brown mustard seed, stir and cover. When popping delines, remove from heat and pour into metal bowl. Be careful, VERY hot. When cool, grind with spice grinder or pestle.

I'm lost!

I'm unable to find where my "favorite" recipes are stored. They used to be easily accessable, but either the storage has changed or I've lost the touch. Any advice?

The New Anova Precision Cooker Promises to Be the Best, Most Cost-Effective Sous-Vide Solution on the Market

Exciting news in the world of home sous-vide cooking: Anova Culinary has just announced the launch of the Anova Precision Cooker, the first major upgrade to the sous-vide cooker they introduced last year. I visited their studio in San Francisco last week to get an exclusive look at the product, which can be pre-ordered now for only $99 for the first 1,000 orders. I can confidently say that when it comes out in September, it will be the best, most cost-effective consumer-grade sous-vide solution on the market. More

Chicken and Leek Pie

Of all the great things that Britain has given the world, savory pies have got to top the list. From the hand-held pasty to the potato-topped fish pie or the always delicious steak and kidney, a good savory pie is hard to refuse. And this version filled with chicken and leek is a fantastic pie to get started with, if this type of dish is not already one of your favorites. More

Stir-fried Garlic and Sriracha Shrimp

Although peeled and deveined shrimp would benefit greatly from the simple, but lively glaze of garlic, sugar, lime, and sriracha, this recipe utilizes head-on shrimp which lends a more robust shrimp flavor to the finished dish—just rip off the shrimp heads, slurp out the richness from within, then plop the succulent shrimp bodies into your mouth. The glaze is a little bit sweet, plenty spicy, and will have you licking your fingers before washing everything down with a cold beer. More

Reuben Danish

[Photograph: Donna Currie] If you've never made pie dough or puff pastry and you're a little afraid of the recipe, let me put you at ease. If you mess up and the butter gets incorporated into the dough rather than... More

The 8 Best Pizzas in San Francisco and the Bay Area

The Neapartisanal pies that have emerged in the Bay Area represent an American re-interpretation of classic Italian pies and evidence new ways to successfully build off of established, traditional techniques. And, oh, what options there are! So many, that limiting this list to just eight seems a crime, but you have to draw the line somewhere.While there are many, many worthy pies in and around San Francisco, here are some of the most memorable ones that we've tried to date. More