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Pork chops, all day every day.

And black, like the color of my pork chops when I overcook them, sadly!

Chamomile Pound Cake

Made this over the weekend, and it was absolutely delicious! My takeaways:

1) Using a Pyrex/glass loaf pan prevented the edge of the cake from burning, but also seemed to leave the side crust a bit tough?
2) Also perhaps owing to the glass pan: it took a bit longer to bake the pound cake than as directed. Total baking time was about 65-70 minutes.
3) The cake comes out with a wonderful, almost-crisp top crust, which is then softened by the glaze.
4) For max efficiency (read: less complications and frustration), use a stand mixer for this. Using an electric hand mixer was very cumbersome, especially when adding the eggs.

All in all, I would make this again, no questions asked. Thanks!

Is there a way to remove a favorited article?

Thanks Niki, I appreciate the fast response and looking into it. Hopefully that functionality is added at some point! :)

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