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Ben's cream cheese NYC contact or retail sales info?

Many thanks. I knew about Fairway and Murray's (also Dean & Deluca, and Russ & Daughters but not Balducci's) but I'm certain there must be many more possibly including places I walk by regularly, thus my thought to contact Ben's and ask for a list of retailers.

Best San Francisco style sourdough bread in NYC?

Thanks all. I will certainly try Baltahazar and Our Daily Bread. I should re-state this slightly by the way -- for me what makes SF sourdough interesting is the sourness. NY sourdoughs I've tried are much more genteel and sometimes very sour is desirable. I thought the problem was just wild yeasts (easily fixed in NYC by opening some Cantilon Lambic Ale and using it as part of a starter), but special thanks to Calichef for the bacteria info that lead to a great page about how and why it's different at

Ed Levine -- nice to hear from you. It's TerryMcC, first registrant for the first How to Open...seminar you did with Drew & Co. some years back, and as we discovered then also from IAR. How are you? Do you have contact info for Ben's Dairy (makers of the excellent cream cheese)?


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