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Shopsin's: Comical Rudeness

"Terracotta: I think it is great that you got kicked out"

Hah. Some good philosophical points.

On the other hand, it appears there are people here who if Kenny tripped blind people for fun would call it charming and "politically incorrect" in a cool way. Oh well.

"With all the fine places to eat in NYC, why put up with that kind of service?"


Shopsin's: Comical Rudeness

Thanks to everyone who sympathizes - it definitely makes me feel better. I have never been kicked out of a restaurant before (and in front of friends) - I was horrified, especially since I had tried so hard to be deferential.

Misha, we were exceedingly polite, and the total conversation time was a couple of minutes or less before Kenny got "bored" and stalked away. There is a difference between speaking your mind and mean-spiritedness, and the latter is what Kenny displayed. I had been to Shopsin's before, and had had a good experience, but then again, I had never been "served" by Kenny before.

Shopsin's: Comical Rudeness

Thanks for the kind words, CookiePie. I remember at the end I even tried to tell him I'm sorry it turned out this way and that I liked his food. He cut me off and told me "I'm not sorry at all, and you're never eating here again."

Sigh. A real New York treasure, all right!

Shopsin's: Comical Rudeness

I should probably note that we were extremely polite during the entire time, and did not insult him in any way. On the contrary, we were highly deferential and eager to please till the very end...


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