What's for Dinner Tonight?

Jalapeno burgers!

Eat out or stay in and cook, which do you prefer?

I prefer to eat in and cook. Like others have said, you know exactly what you are eating. Besides, cooking is such a good skill to learn. I love when we go out to eat, and I'm totally "Oh, I can make this!".

Christmas Eve Veggie Side Dish

If you are still looking for an additional side besides vegetables, how about homemade cranberry sauce? I always love the sweet-tart flavor with the meatballs, and cranberry sauce is really easy to make.

What's Wrong with my Roasted Chicken?

Definitely let the chicken come to room temperature before putting in the oven. I roast mine in the oven at about 400-425 degrees for about 1.5 hours. I start by cooking the chicken covered with foil, and then about half way I uncover it and let the outside crisp.

Freezing pepper steak and rice?

Reheating meat and rice in the microwave works beautifully. Make sure to sprinkle a little water on the rice before putting it in the microwave.

What are your favorite mail order gifts?

I just sent a gift basket from I've never ordered from them, but they seem to have gotten good reviews, so I gave it a shot.

Help with making sandwich bread

Thanks for all the great advice!

What's for dinner? - 11/17/10

Spinach and ricota ravioli with a butternut squash sauce. mmmmm!

Help with making sandwich bread

This is the recipe I used:

2 1/2 cups warm water (105-115F)
1 package active dry yeast (.25 oz)
1 tbsp sugar
6-7 cups ap flour
1 tbsp salt
4 tbsp butter, softened

The bread was edible when toasted, but, it wasnt as good as store bought bread. I'll look into the Fresh Loaf site. I've never heard of that site before.

Food Shopping Road Trip!

Anyone else think that seafood is MUCH cheaper in the asian markets? I always find that its really cheap and fresh, so I always try to pick up fish or other types of seafood.

Dec. 5-7 Loner Vacation

Wait, no regular, plain pizza slice?!

Bad Host: Invited to dinner and asked to PAY! Would you?

I think the neighbor was rude in asking for your friend to pay for dinner, but you did also say that this neighbor has been taking advantage of her for years. Am I the only one who thinks her friend should have expected this kind of behavior from her neighbor. It shouldnt have come as too much of a surprise. Next time, just kindly say "I'm sorry, but I don't think I will be able to make it", instead of putting yourself in these situations and then being shocked about the rudeness coming from the rude person.

Cold fried chicken better than hot?

i like cold fried chicken better than hot. I think its just absolutely delicious.

NY Steakhouse (not Keens or Lugers) Suggestions

I love Del Frisco's, and I agree that they have the best crab cakes!

Your Fast Food Urge.....just had mine...tasty.

20 piece chicken mcnuggets from McDs.

Surprising Comfort Foods

cottage cheese and fritos. I dont know why, but eating cottage cheese makes me feel productive.

canned corn

Bakery for Baguettes

I'm interested also! I actually came on to post a similar question. I'm thinking of a picnic for dinner tomorrow in central park. If anyone knows of a good place to pick up food in midtown so I can head over to central park to enjoy the weather, please let me know!

Omakase in NYC

I like sushi of gari!

Dumpster Diving: Yea or Nay?

There are groups all around nyc that go dumpster diving in specific locations where they know the food is clean. Ive read lots of stories about dumpster diving and how supermarkets, and especially bakeries throw out perfectly good food every day. I'd do it if I knew what time they took all the food outside.

Food storage - anyone know the website?

Thanks! stilltasty was the one i was thinking of.

Ketchup on Hash Browns: Way or No Way?

no way. but if i have plain yogurt, i'll put some of it on the hash brown.

SPAM spam SPAM spam SPAM.... what to do?

I've made fried rice with spam
Slice spam into thin slices, fry until they become crunchy (like bacon) and eat with eggs or rice.
Make a spam burger. Substitute the burger for spam.
Ive heard people spinkle a little sugar on it

What to do with baked chicken legs? I hate them!

I followed a recipe for the soy sauce chicken and it was edible the first day, but then after that, I just couldnt stand it. The picture in the recipe looked good, and it was easy, so I thought I'd try it.

I just feel so guilty wasting food...

What to do with baked chicken legs? I hate them!

I'm more concerned about the soy sauce baked chicken. The other one, I can figure something out.

Sun-dried Tomatoes

you can make sun dried tomato hummus! i just made it last week and it was great!

Help with making sandwich bread

Help needed from bread makers! I've tried making bread a couple of times, and it NEVER comes out right. I even messed up the "no knead bread" that even a 7 year old can supposedly make. Its always too dense, and the outside is always so hard! Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong? Too much yeast? Letting the bread rise for too long? Any easy recipes would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to make a plain white sandwich bread loaf, if someone can help with that. Thank you!

Birthday dinner in Midtown

Hi everyone,

I am here to solicit your wonderful ideas for a birthday dinner in midtown. Either east or west is ok, and I am looking at a price range of about $55/pp without drinks. Steak is a last option.

Thank you for your suggestions!

grater + mandolin. Where can I find one?

I have a cheese grater, and am thinking of buying a mandolin because it just takes too much time to slice up my veggies. Is there an instrument that is grater + madolin in one? Perferably including a container that catches the grated cheese/veggie slices. I tried to look for one, but I have been unable to find anything. Thank you for your help!

Veggie lasagna recipes

Lasagna shells and cheese are on sale, and I just saw some great looking eggplants. I'm thinking of trying to make a veggie/eggplant lasagna. If anyone has some great recipes, I'd be grateful if you would share them. Thank you!

pink pearl apple!

I just saw a picture of these apples! II've never seen or heard of them before. Where can I get them in NYC?! They look so pretty, and delicious.

The lobster place at chelsea market

I was walking through the market this weekend and saw people sitting outside the lobster place eating oysters and lobsters! Has anyone ever tried this? Is it worth it? It looked so delicious that Im hoping to make my way there this weekend. Anyone have any tips on what/how to ask for?

What to do with baked chicken legs? I hate them!

Last week quartered chicken legs were on sale, so I bought a whole packed and baked them using different seasonings. I hate them. I ate almost all of them because it would have been such a waste to throw them out, but now I am left with 2 pieces and I cant eat it anymore. What would you recommend I do with them?

1 leg is baked with different seasonings
1 leg is baked with a soy sauce mixture

How long do these foods last?

sun-dried tomatoes - I have a container of sun dried tomatoes that have been opened. Do these expire? After a couple days of opening them, they turned really dark, and almost look black. Can i still eat them?

Beets - I went beets crazy over the weekend, and made a WHOLE LOT of beet salad. Does anyone know how long they will last? I sure hope I don't need to throw them out.

Eggs - how long do boiled eggs last?

Marinara and pesto sauces - homemade. They last a while, right?

what is your favorite canned/boxed soup?

I cannot for the life of me make soup! The recipes for cream of mushroom soup seem easy, and I've tried, but it always turns out absolutely horrible! I'm just going to have to stock up on the packaged soups. What are your favorites?

I like trader joes creamy tomato soup and campbells cream of mushroom. The cream of mushroom goes well with tabasco sauce. =)

It's happening. Running out of things to cook!

Is this possible? I like to cook in batches on the weekends, and I look forward to this time because its a stress reliever for me. I usually dont make anything tooooo complicated because I dont have very much time. I figured I'd always come up with new things to make, and I'd be a merry person. But, I actually think I ran out of things to cook. I dont like sweets, so no cake making for me. Everything at the supermarket seems.....blah and expensive. Will I have to starve for the next week? What do you make when you cant get it together? Do you have a default meal? I just made a batch of chili.

opinions on women's lunch tote.

I've been carrying around shopping bags for my lunch, but most of them wont horizontally fit my rectangular containers. so, i'm thinking of getting a tote. This one :

What do you think?

I screwed up making bread =(

A couple days ago, I put up a topic asking for tips on making bread by hand. Those who responded said it was easy and that bread is forgiving. I took hope and made my bread this morning and it came out terrible! The outside is hard as a rock, but the inside seems to be soft. I havent tried it yet, but i stuck a knife in there. Can someone tell me what I did wrong? The ingredients I used were just flour, water, a little salt and honey, and yeast. I let the dough stand in the refrigerator overnight and baked at 400 degrees for about an hour (until the outside was brown). I must have done something terribly wrong. =(

Corn chowder please!

Hi everyone!

Im thinking of making corn chowder this weekend. Does anyone know how difficult/how much time it will take? Care to share any really good recipes? thanks!

(I come here to learn how to cook).

Teach me how to make bread (by hand)

There was a previous thread about hand made bread v. bread machines, and everyone said how both tasted better than store bought bread. Ive never even thought to make bread because I thought it would take too much time. Well, after reading everyone's comment about how delicious the bread is, I want to try it this weekend. I have not the slightest clue about bread making, so if someone can give me a recipe, some tips, suggestions, time cutting advice, etc. please help!

FYI - i dont have any fancy equipment - no mixers, blenders, food processor, etc. The only device i own is a hand held mixer.


pasta sauce

Hi! would anyone be willing to share a gooooood recipe for homemade tomato/marinara sauce? I would like to make it this weekend. Thank you!

chicken soup

wow - I'm on a roll today. 2 threads in 1 day!

I read that you shouldn't use the meat you used to make the stock. Can anyone tell me why?

cooking sites

I usually check out for recipes, but I realized I dont really like a lot of stuff on there. Does anyone have a recommendation for internet sites where I can find manageable recipes? Thanks for the help!

Cranberry sauce

Hi everyone. Can anyone give me some suggestions on what to do with left over cranberry sauce? The whole berry, in a can kind. I had some with my pork chops the other night, but now, I have no idea what else I can do with them.


Ricotta cheese and tofu

What do I do with them? I have a lot of ricotta left over from making a lasagna, and thats really the only thing I use it for. What do i do with the rest of it?

I also have some tofu left over from stir fry. I usually also eat it raw with some soy sauce, or fry it up, but was wondering if there were any other suggestions.

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