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That link didn't work could you resend it to me thanks!

I adore Black Pepper: but is it healthy?

Nothing is wrong with black's actually the capsacin in the cayenne or chili pepper that is supposed to help rev up your metabolism so if that is what you are trying to do then exchange the black for the red otherwise you and abuse pepper because it's all good for you!

Surprising Comfort Foods

Chicken tenders and fries, big bag of munchies , croissants with butter, and vanilla ice-cream with the "just bunches" cereal mixed in cold stone creamery style lol i'm such a pig

Does ‘hunger and a buzz’ make a meal… AMAZING?!

omg!!!!!Everything taste better after a few too many i find myself eating things i would never usually eat ...never has ramen or mac and cheese tasted so good. Leftovers are the bomb and anything fried , any diner food, anything that is fast....but my fave is like someone has already said...onion rings, fries, chicken tenders and cheese stix yummmm

Gadget Demos

coleslaw made easy...zucchini and squash instant spaghetti, bread sticks !!!

My Breakfast of Champions – What is yours?

I love protein shakes...they are delish the one i drink comes in a chocolate malt part of my morning!

Croissant Recipe

Definitely looks very intimidating i'm going to give it try when i enough time to devote to the's just i love them so much and i can't seem to find a shop where i live that does them any justice so thanks to everyone for contributing to my little dilemma.

What bread makes the best toast?


BYOB of the Week: The Islands

Big up to de Islands representin in de US!!!!

Time for a Drink: Suffering Bastard

86 the gin and bourbon...replace with dark rum or johnny walker black instead of lime juice add 1 ounce club soda...make it diet gingerale and that's a good drink right there

Pix or not...?

When i'm browsing the web for menus from restaurants i love those virtual menus where they display the dishes it makes it more enticing as for web browsing receipes and such, a picture is worth a thousand words I would be more likely to make something with a picture rather than without. I like a preconceieved notion of what something looks like before I make it. Plus it will give me and idea if I royally screwed up the dish (smile)

Foods from you childhood you don't miss.

Spam, Milo, cheese or fruit danishes, pop tarts, cereal

Olive Oil or Butter?

Nothing is better in this world than a nice rich soft a Kerigold irish butter and neverending big flaky hot croissants....heaven!!!!

Foods from you childhood you don't miss.

I cant think of anything discontiued but my list includes: Carrots, bananas, rice, cheese sandwiches, those crackers that come with the cheese and red stick oh and weird but chocolate I think i ate too much of it and anything candy especially gummy bears and sweet tarts , skittles that sort of stuff makes me nasceous

Dish for a S. American themed potluck

I would say a nice cajun style rice dish would do the trick and be sure to include some shredded carrots and corn and black beans and make it spicy with chipolte peppers. It very colorful and festive

Like Onion Rings

Too bad I live in Trinidad and it's very heard to find truly good onions rings. We have a tgif and a ruby tuesday but i don't think they know anything about onion rings. I miss going to school in FL cause they had this pizzeria called Leonies that made the best onion rings ever yummmm

Sneaking food into movies

I used to sneak in alot of king size twix and muchies that i would have bought in the grocery before the movie...saves alot of money...concessions are pricey. I have also snuck in cocktails with my friends as well. Big purses rule!


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