Stay at home Mom of 3 kids who aren't cooperating by staying home. I love to cook but usually use recipes as a starting point. Not so much of a baker. I have a very broad palate but my family really doesn't.

  • Location: Hartford, CT
  • Favorite foods: I love seafood of all types. I also really enjoy soups and winter hearty fare. In the summer I eat locally from the farm stands. I always want ethnic food when we go out.
  • Last bite on earth: Lobster, with just a bit of butter. Shrimp with spicy cocktail sauce. A glass of vermentino wine.

Grill-Roasted Carrots With Sweet Soy Glaze

Seems like an awful lot of glaze for just 3 carrots.

Empanada with Marinated Pork and Roasted Red Peppers (Empanada de Lomo) From 'Spain'

I am in the middle of this recipe and I don't think the dough works. Tried a 2nd time and doubled the mild. Certainly not a tacky dough but at least it held together. I'd be interested in Kenji's comment on flour to liquid ratio. Filling looks good.

How to Make Quick and Easy Drop Biscuits

@Lollydm The recipe calls for baking powder, not baking soda. That's probably why your biscuits were salty.

Snapshots from Vietnam: The Best Things I Ate

Can you imagine the average American shopping for chicken like that. They would run screaming from the store! What a lucky person you are to go on a trip like this.

Korean Recipes

I made some kimchi this week. It is fermenting in the fridge as we speak. I used the maangchi website. Seems to be a staple.

Restaurant complaints

This is really hard for me. I am by no means a push over in general. I tend to speak up and believe the kitchen has the need to know what is not working well. I will also make a special effort to let them know when I am very happy as well. Mostly the hard part is service. I don't expect someone on my elbow all night but I do want appropriate attention. My problem is the tip. I have children who count on tips to pay bills so I tend to go easy. Some times I will right a little note with some pointers for the future. I'm sure I have been the butt of some kitchen jokes but I have said my piece in a non-aggressive way.

Weekend Cook and Tell: Canning Confidential

I have been canning for 3 years. Not with the intention to feed my family through my efforts but to explore a new outlet. I'm a pickle lover and so much of my effort has been in that regard. However, last year I started with jam. The fruits of my labor (pardon the pun) have been most enjoyable. I have 6 pts of rhubarb orange cooling on the counter as we speak. I use a technique that concentrates the juice and uses way less sugar and no pectin usually found in jam. I'm learning and having fun.

Memorial Day Grilling Giveaway: Win This Delicious Cap of Ribeye

I am a rib-eye kind of gal. Corn on the cob to go along is at the top of the list.

Tribe hummus pepper topping

Thank you. @khark the pt is you don't mix it in but take a small bit with each bite. Yes, if you mixed it in you would have red hummus. @ fatbaztard I was trying to use roasted peppers, not dried, so maybe the moisture factor can't really be dealt with in the home kitchen. Thank you for all the feed back. Now I'm going to google muhummara.

How many is too many Strawberries?

As far as the asking goes I'm on the fence. I sew a lot and it drives me nuts every time I go into the fabric store and the person cutting my yardage asks "So what 'ya makin?" I don't know why but I always tell a fib!

Baby's First meals

When my kids were young I worked a very consuming job and went the baby food route. Boy would I like a do over on that one. I applaud your approach. I've heard of people who make their own rice cereal. Not processed but easy to get thin to help make the transition from all liquid. Initially, most has to be shoveled in a few times!

Spending a Franklin, Would You Rather Spend It-In-House or Out?

I would go out. Even though I love to cook my 6 sq feet of counter space really would crimp my style on a party which is what I would want to do. Although where I really want to go, Laconda Verdi, I don't suppose $100 would go very far for 2. Then with a $500 hotel room on top, I guess my 6 sq ft will have to do.

$500 million- hire a chef?

I wouldn't hire a chef but I would need to learn new cooking techniques since I will now live in a pristine tropical location with ingredients I have never even heard of before. I would never renovate the house I currently live in but I would probably give it to my son. That is if he doesn't want to come with us. I would also but a huge ass ballet company so my dancer daughter could afford to pay her bills and dance at the same time. We didn't win but I still do enjoy the dreaming.

I need a grown-up condiment to replace ketchup

I started doing a little canning and came across a recipe for tomato jam. It is definitely grown up ketchup. Just great!

Family Food Traditions

For us Chinese hot pot on Christmas eve. Christmas day leftovers and the movies. St. Patrick's day corned beef and cabbage. Usually ham for Easter but always scalloped potatoes with ham. 4th of July is Chinese at the fire works. Labor day is in MD so more steamed crabs than anyone can eat. Thanksgiving is always turkey. Birthdays are the choice of the honoree but always a Carvel ice cream cake for dessert. For me its ALWAYS beef strogonough.

leftover cabbage

Yum, cabbage filled pierogi. I have a friend who makes hundreds of these for Christmas. They are fabulous.

Paleo diet spring break dinner....what are you having???

I'm not familiar with the diet you mention. Are carbs out? I would have thought those items would be high on the caveman's list.

Need a present idea!

What about some mini quiches that can be served at room temp? Eggs are relatively inexpensive so you could make some vegetarian and some with some kind of meat. Pretty easy to make and easy to snack on in the office.

Favorite gourmet/specialty/artisinal items

I realize most people are suggesting food but what about some local kitchen/food related art type items. Mugs, aprons, kitchie stuff. Things that people who come for the food might love for their novelty and good quality. Hard to inspect for those properties when shopping on line. I wish my town had something like this.

Corned beef "stock"?

Thank you for all of your ideas. I buy a small batch corned beef from a local butcher shop so I'm no all that worried about the nitrates. Also, I only have this about 2x a year. I tasted it and it is quite salty so I'm sure I would need to dilute it some. I like the idea of potatoes. I like them salty. I also like the pea soup suggestion. I better hurry with the soup. They are calling for 80 degrees tomorrow. Hello spring in New England.

Help me restock my mustard stash!

For a basic good stone ground I find Plochman's premium, found at my local grocery store, to be a really good addition to my mustard cache.

Alternative to a Salad Spinner?

Put it in a towel and do just what I do to get the last bit out of the salad dressing bottle or the ketchup bottle. High school physics at its best!

Have you ever lost your cooking mojo?

I have simply lost my desire to cook this winter. Last winter I was a Tasmanian in the kitchen. This winter not so much. My family has crabbed a little but I'm hoping with the new weather (hopefully) around the corner the inspiration with strike again.

Cook the Book: 'Poulet'

Whole roasted chicken with honey, lemon and butter sauce. White rice to soak up ;the sauce!

Where are you posting from in 2012?

Hey CTMike, Manchester CT also. Better food choices here than a few years ago. Surely liked seeing Mulberry's on the Slice list. Any talk of a Hartford area International Serious Eats day?

Tribe hummus pepper topping

I like hummus with roasted red peppers but I don't want red hummus. What is the name of the red pepper "stuff" on top of the Tribe spicy pepper hummus. I looked up coulis but that seems too thin. The stuff I want is quite thick and very red. There is just a dollop for the tub. Thank you so much.

Sweaty chefs.

Ewww. I hate to watch a cooking show and see the chefs sweating. I'm not a prude about hygiene but just seeing the sweat and knowing where it will ultimately end up grosses me out. I know the lights are bright and the air conditioning probably not that great but I just can't watch. What grosses you out?

Advice sought. I swear it is not to name a blog!

I am thinking of making and marketing aprons. I saw the response to the apron question recently and I know there are lots of people out there who use aprons regularly. So here are my questions...What do you look for in an apron? I am more inclined to go with functional as opposed to the dainty fashion statement pieces of the 50's dinner party era. Do you care what your apron looks like? And most importantly what are you willing to pay for an apron? Do you prefer the cheap/throw away approach or do you want something to look nice too? (Not that cheap can't look ok but you know what I mean.) Thanks for your thoughts.

POM are you out there?

I am coming to your town with some company and would like a restaurant recommendation. Mid price range, varied options and nice atmosphere. The company is from out of town and we want to be able to visit over the meal. Thanks.

Seedy question

I want to make dbcurrie's crispy seedy breadsticks. I have everything I need except the seed selection she used. I do have black sesame seeds, fennel seeds, cumin seed and caraway seed. Can I use any or all of these? Great project for a snowy day.

As usual, I'm asking for help.

All of a sudden my Serious Eats page is tiny. I really can't read it. At first I thought it was the site but the persistence of the problem led me to believe otherwise. Now that my daughter is home with her lap top I have been able to log in. On her computer the screen is regular size. I have no idea what I did but I miss all my friends so much. Please help me get back on my computer. My daughter will be leaving and I will be lost.

Sweet vs Dry Vermouth

I have a recipe that calls for dry vermouth. I, of course, have sweet vermouth. Can I substitute? If I do, do I need to change anything else in the recipe? Oh yeah, its French onion soup.

Holy heck, I think I bought a rock!

I bought a blue hubbard squash at the farm stand quite a while ago. I started to cut it for prep for tomorrow and it is VERY hard. I don't have a cleaver and I was banging it on the cutting board to get through it. Is this normal? Is my squash extremely under-ripe? I got through it but man it was tough!

Need help with squash soup

I am making roasted squash soup for dinner tonight. I am using chicken stock, onions, leeks and roasted turbin squash. OK here's my question, my daughter wants cumin as a seasoning. Is there anything else that would go or should I just leave it simple. Any herbs come to mind. Thanks for your advise.

Help with deep frying

I am not a big fryer but tonight I tried fried fish tacos. By the way they were delicious. Any way the recipe called for 350 degree oil. I used a thermometer and stirred the oil occasionally to mix it up. When it got to 350 I put in my fish and much to my disbelief the temperature climbed. It went up over 400 and I was scared. I thought when you added food the temp was supposed to drop. Please advise me on my foolishness as I need your advise.

janatgw's BBQ

I was reading the "What's for dinner tonight?" thread and there were multiple references to janatgw's BBQ. I have looked and looked and I can't find anything. Can someone please tell me more about this reference? Is it a recipe? Very curious.

acceptable substitute for sambal

I have a recipe that calls for sambal. I am not very familiar with this ingredient, nor do I have any. Is schiracha an acceptable substitute? Does sambal add anything in addition to heat? Would the amount of schiracha, if used, be the same?

vegetarian cookbook recommendation

I am intrigued by all the vegetarians out there. I would like to start serving one or two vegetarian dishes a week. Would you please recommend a beginner vegetarian cookbook with recipes and educational info for a newbie. The recipes need to be really good to "convince" my family of this new adventure. Thanks.

help, my potatoes turned black

I made scalloped potatoes today for Easter dinner and they turned black while they were cooking. I peeled and sliced them right before I put them in the casserole. My recipe said to put 1/2 the potatoes in, then 1/2 the sauce and repeat. My sauce had butter, onions, flour, light cream and gruyere cheese. I covered with foil and baked at 350 for about 1 hour then took the foil off and finished about another 20 minutes. Not only were the potatoes not cooked completely they were dark. Very disappointing in presentation but the taste was good. Any ideas as to where I went wrong? Thanks.

Leftover Applesauce? Make Ten-Minute Sorbet

This past week, Ethan and I were dutifully frying up latkes for friends and family. Now that Chanukah's over, we've got a load of starch-spackled laundry to do and some leftovers to get rid of. I often wind up with an extra jar or two of applesauce after a latke session. Sure, a late-night bowlful makes a nice (if not blandly healthy) palate cleanser after all that fried potato, but if you're looking for something a little less virtuous, you can turn that applesauce into a lusciously creamy, spiced-up sorbet in all of ten minutes. More