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Dipping Into Queso, a Texas Potluck Classic

@bkhuna Yes that is why people get into the restaurant business. To make all that money!!

Dipping Into Queso, a Texas Potluck Classic

And dudes. Magnolias over Kerbey Lane any day of the week. Duh.

Dipping Into Queso, a Texas Potluck Classic

@thesteveroller "...(probably according to any Mexican)"

What about the Mexicans that own these Mexican Restaurants that serve queso?

You seem like the kind of guy who thinks flour tortillas aren't "authentic." Your existence must be exhausting.

What trips me out is people who criticize Tex-Mex as an ungoldly amalgamation, while lauding "Authentic Mexican." Show me one of these "authentic" Mexican dishes that uses 100% pre-columbian ingredients and techniques. Please. I love Tex-Mex and Mex-Mex. Haters gonna hate.

It's all a mash up people!!

Excuse my writing I didn't make it to college.

Crisp, Flaky, Pepperoni Pizza Puff Pastry Waffles (Are Awesome)

Is this blog dead or what? No new post in over 2 weeks. What's the deal?

Jeff Varasano on Baking, Branding, and the Business of Pizza (Part 1)

Love Varasano's pizza research and writing. Gotta say that it's called the hospitality business for a reason, making great food is just a small part of it. You can never discount service.

Video: Inside Roberta's Pizza

@Pizza Luca we've done more out of our mobile ovens. One day we did 1600 pizzas with two mobile ovens side by side. Over 10 hours. 'Intense' is a good description of the effort needed to make that happen.

Video: Inside Roberta's Pizza

@jims no worries, I'm sure that's a fair comment about some of our customers. But I guess what you didn't know, was at 1:10 we had our hard working floor staff "acting" as customers. No harm no foul.

Video: Inside Roberta's Pizza

@mglazer LAZER! your flickr set is sick. Can't wait to go to Tokyo and check out all that pizza.

Video: Inside Roberta's Pizza

@jim s you are way off. The children of privilege are slangin' derivatives not pizzas.

Speckenwolf Pizza With Mozzarella, Oregano, Onion, Mushroom, and Speck From 'Roberta's'

Also available at Paulie Gees ass a tribute pizza. Known as the Spectacle 261 albeit without oregano.

Where to Get the Best Nachos in NYC


Thanks for the history lesson. Real Tex-Mex nachos por vida. Screw Ballpark nachos.

Where to Get the Best Nachos in NYC

P.S. if I wasn't so wrapped up in pizza I would start a Tex-Mex restaurant in Brooklyn and drop a nuclear bomb of comida deluxe on peoples faces.

One day. I will.

Where to Get the Best Nachos in NYC

@jkenji I am willing to admit my opinion is not the only opinion. I said as much in the first paragraph of my diatribe.

I just wish you had found or acknowledged or made some Nachos in the Real Tex-Mex Nacho style. That's all.

Those real good, exactly how I grew up eating them at home.

These look sublime;

Where to Get the Best Nachos in NYC

@jkenji Yes I'm aware of the history of nachos. Created by Ignacio "Nacho" Anaya. And yes I'm aware they were originally just chips and cheese and jalapeños. But if you read the history you'll read that restaurant kitchen was closed, so he just used what was on hand.

I'm pretty sure as soon as the restaurant was open, they put frijoles on the nachos when they actually went on the menu. Because every time i've ordered Nachos in Mexico (hundreds of times) that's how they come.

My problem is you don't even give single layer nachos a chance in your review of nachos. You have volume as one of your criteria for judging which would leave my preferred type of nacho out in the cold. You say they need to be messy, when Tex Mex nachos are actually a quite civilized affair.

As far as quality I said my theory for the the prevalence of pile nachos is that people tolerate volume over quality often. I never said your list was full of low quality ingredient nachos. Some of them look like they have great quality, they all just have terrible construction.

Authenticity is rarely as important as deliciousness. VPN pizza in mostly bullshit in my opinion.

All I know is I'm from Texas, and I love nachos. And people outside of Texas make silly piled up nachos. And I wish they didn't.

I'm just out here expressing my opinion. That's all.

Where to Get the Best Nachos in NYC

@jkenji Let me expound a little. You create a nacho list that consist of 100% the same style of nacho. Let's call them the bar/pile nacho style. A giant pile of chips with a bunch of toppings on top of the pile. These are a bastardization of what I would consider to be proper nachos, and I'm not saying they are wrong and they don't deserve to exist. I just think they are terrible.

Real nachos, which were invented on the Texas Mexico border in a town called Piedras Negras are individual fried chips each topped with beans and cheese and jalapeños. Everything else is superfluous. Like a great margherita pizza, there is a lot of room for excellence even in such a small ingredient sandbox.

Your list does not include one single example of real nachos. This is not exactly your fault. Outside of Texas and Mexico these type of nachos are hard to find. There are many cultural reasons for this, here are my theories;

In Texas and Mexico you often start your meal with chips and salsa. So when you order nachos, you don't really need a bunch of extra untopped chips.

People outside of the Texas and Mexico aren't used to the single layer individually topped style of nachos, so if they were presented with them instead of the bar/pile style they might feel ripped off to received only 8 or 9 actual nachos, instead of a giant pile of chips.

Bar/pile nachos offer more room for creative freedom and less reliant on focusing on ingredient quality. Because making really good chips, and really good beans is actually quite a bit harder than most people might think. Once again like a chain pizza supreme vs a pizza margherita.

I'd love to get together with you and make some nachos. So that you too can see the Tex-Mex light. Hit me up.

Top This: The 'Millennium Falco' à la Roberta's

@Adam Kuban

Thanks for the great post and the kind words.


I'll always remember that first day you opened Paulie Gees when you called us to come help. Look at you at you now. Opening restaurants all by yourself in Baltimore. Congrats!

Marvelous Mobile Pies from S & J's Woodfired Pizza in Atlanta, GA

"He helped a company in Colorado design the trailer,"

I think he means to say he purchased an oven from The Fire Within mobile oven builders in colorado.

That'd be like saying I helped a car company in Japan build my car, after I bought my car from a Toyota dealership.

HBO's "Girls" at Roberta's

That was the Atrium we don't have any roof seating.

Austin: Picture Perfect But Underwhelming Burgers at Hopdoddy Burger Bar

Frozen pre-salted patties. Hence the purple cold center and perfectly round shape. Such a shame.