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Celebrating National Peanut Month with Fancy Peanut Cuisine

Wow, that menu sounds INSANE. I love the concept of cooking around an ingredient - the chef can really showcase their creativity and the eaters can analyze the versatility of a certain flavor. I wish I were there!

Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day: Tuesday, March 23

Oh man. I've been counting down the days. The last one I attended was in Rockefeller Center and I was on line for hours (worth it!!) - I assume that in PVD the line will be much shorter. :) If only it were sunny!

Congrats, Ed Levine!

I was super excited when I read the awards list! Way to go, guys. You deserve it!!

Comment of the Day: AHT-Loving Vegan

That's one of the greatest names I've ever seen. Hail seitan, indeed.

Midtown Manhattan: K! Pizzacones Come to NYC

Hahahaha. I've been following the breathless anticipation on ML waiting for this place, and I love the thorough review you have here. I'm still absolutely thoroughly perplexed as to exactly what societal need is being fulfilled by a pizza cone, but hey. It's cute. But one question - is it any good? The pictures and all make it look nice and not unappetizing...but what did you think?

Sam Sifton Too Good for 'The City's Best Pizza'

Honestly, I've been pretty surprised by Sifton's star distribution since he started reviewing. So many one- and two-star reviews, even when his tone in the piece exudes praise for the restaurant in question. He's hard to predict, and that's pretty much why I'm not surprised by his Motorino review. Perhaps if he had been more generous with stars in the past, I'd expect higher for Motorino - but it's clear that he considers one star to be appropriate for a very great restaurant. And it seems to me that Motorino doesn't try to be more than a pizzeria - so why should we raise expectations for its review?

I also have read in the past that reviewers are fairly up front about the fact that the star system is subjective and depends completely upon the experience and opinions of the current reviewer. Taken within the context of Sifton's other reviews, and not the standards of the past, Motorino's one-star review is praiseworthy and was, I'm sure, intended to recognize its greatness - not to deride pizzerias as undeserving of three-star ratings.

The Burger Lab: Presenting the FLOOD BURGER

Oh man! Something about this experiment is simultaneously a little revolting, and oh-so-appetizing. I suppose it's just the slightly sadistic-seeming burger-squishing process that threw me off. But for that's worth squeezing the heck out of some sacrificial patties.

Cook the Book: Chocolate Chip Cookies

I've read this cookbook cover to cover but so far have only had the time and kitchen availability to make this one wonderful recipe. It is truly great! I was wary initially, as I tend to be wary of anything that is widely declared to be "DA BEST". But these cookies are fabulous. :)

The Art of the Lunch Deal: Bouley

Love this column. I'm always on the hunt for great fancy-pants lunches. This one looks fabulous!

Colicchio & Sons Tap Room: This Time It's Personal

Dear God, that food looks amazing. I don't know what a "limequat" is (well, I can guess), but I would like to try it in marmalade form. I'm always glad that Colicchio is ready to defend his role on Top Chef while still insisting that his life contains many other wonderful projects. Can't WAIT to eat here...

Apps Only: Otto Enoteca Pizzeria

God, this restaurant is so good. Their corn salad (pictured) is also delicious. Great review!

Harper's Soul Food Cafeteria in Nashville, Tennessee

I think "starch wad" may rival "fried okra nubbin". I love okra, and can't imagine it ever being better than when nubbin-shaped and fried.

Alice Waters–Edible Schoolyard Takedown in the 'Atlantic Monthly': Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

I'm so glad you posted thoughts on this article; when I read it, I was absolutely stunned. First of all, the Atlantic has such a great and reliable food section that generally departs from the somewhat slanted/occasionally provocative tone of the rest of the magazine, and casts its net wide to deliver impartial, humorous, and informative food news. I was so disappointed to see endorsement of Flanagan's radical and, indeed, sometimes quite racist arguments.

The idea of employing gardening and healthy food philosophy to educate children is valuable and can be successful, if implemented correctly. It is true that such activities should never supplant real curricular material, and if that is what is happening in California schools, action should be taken. But it is impossible to tell from Flanagan's article what the goals of the Edible Schoolyard program are, and what measures are used to indicate their success! As you say, if there is (appropriately) no expectation that the program help math and english grades, then who cares if it doesn't help math and english grades as long as the children continue to perform well?

And I won't even discuss her abhorrent and frequent references to how teaching gardening was a disgrace to immigrant field workers, or how having children in a garden is somehow comparable to discrimination in the Jim Crow south. Just awful. And I'm not even a huge Alice Waters fan!

'World's Fare' at Edible Queens

How exciting! Thanks for the heads up. Queens pride. :)

Ed Levine's Serious Diet, Week 100: Happy New Year, Serious Eaters

I completely agree with your resolution to exercise more - especially if you can find a way to exercise through fun activities like squash. But I have to disagree with ignoring the "I'll never get back here again" voice in your head. Sometimes you just have to embrace special eating experiences for what they are - an indulgence. For instance, when I treat myself to a special lunch in Manhattan or throw a dinner party for friends, I acknowledge that there are foods being prepared that I may never encounter again. In those situations, there is value to living life in the moment and not relying on the hope that sometime in the future you'll have another chance to eat in moderation.

I'm also surprised to see such a level-headed serious eater as yourself drawing such firm lines in the sand as we look toward a new year. Remember not to be too hard on yourself! We all know you'll get your weight headed down again. Emphasize exercise and take your diet one day at a time. Make the best of every day, even if that means a few "empty" calories at a special restaurant. =) Happy new year Ed!

Good Hangover Breakfasts

Not quite hungover but certainly exhausted...a New Year's Day brunch of a delicious egg strata, fruit salad, and peach cobbler hit the spot. mmmm...

Foodie gifts gone right/wrong. What did you get for the holidays?

I received a total surprise gift from my uncle - he works for an environmental organization that recently held a food-centric conference with big name foodies. (He casually dropped into conversation that he sat between Mark Bittman and "what's her name? Marion...something?") I'd already hounded him with questions about the conference and engaged in heated debate about food policy, etc...and I thought the book was closed. But come time to open presents at our Chanukah party, and I tore the paper from a framed copy of the conference program signed by Mark Bittman himself!! I flipped out, just a little. Such a surprising and thoughtful gift!

My parents also generously gave me the Ad Hoc cookbook (already made the chocolate chip cookies - truly the best). A wonderful foodie holiday season.

EVERY Day Foods

For me, it's apples. Apples are the only real "snack" food I have on any given school, when we hoard them from the dining halls, I'll sometimes have four or five throughout the day. I never ever get sick of them!

Serious Eats Holiday Giveaway: Two Little Red Hens Cake

Oh, what a great giveaway!
I'm headed to a big family Chanukah party this weekend. And of course the traditional Chinese food on Christmas eve. :)

Jamie Oliver Wins 2010 TED Prize

TED is the coolest thing ever. I love when they support food experts!

Serious Eats Holiday Giveaway: Two Little Red Hens Cheesecake

we missed out on the big family thanksgiving, so I'm looking forward to the big Chanukah party in the coming weeks!

Cook the Book: 'Nigella Christmas'

gingerbread men, complete with icing faces :)

Wanted: Two hearty eaters to complete reservation for four at Per Se

I'll post another "pointless" response just to say that I saved my pennies over the summer to go to a meal at Per Se and it was the best food experience of my life! I don't think I can justify two such extravagant meals in a year, but I hope you ladies have a fantastic time.