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Hey Boston! Win Tickets to Barrio, a New Pop-Up Restaurant

Isla Mujeres' marquesitas with nutella and edam!!! soooooo gooood!

The Serious Eats Book: On Sale November 1!

I WANT IT!!!! and it's on my birthday also! I am so asking this for my birthday :)

Molecular Gastronomy

I attend Delaware Valley College in Doylestown, PA. The website looks a bit imtimidating, let me scavage around.

Molecular Gastronomy

I was looking for a molecular gastronomy course but I couldn't really find any but I stumbled across Le Manoir and I think it'll be interesting to study abroad for Pastry because I have an interest in that also. So either Molecular Gastronomy or Pastry Arts sounds good.

Favorite juicing combinations

strawberry is good!
apples and carrots!

Sweet tea

sometimes is more about the sentimental feeling that makes that perfect tea. Some things still don't taste like it did when I was younger. I hope you'll find that perfect recipe :) good luck!

Caramels without corn syrup. Possible?

I use same amounts of honey and heavy cream and some salt to make my caramel candies. It is wonderful!


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