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The Best Delivery Snack Packages in the U.S.

i've been aware of naturebox for a long time now, and am looking forward to subscribing once i have a more permanent address and a better-paying job :) glad to see there are a lot of other options out there, as well! i love the idea of having snacks brought to my door, and much more interesting things than can be found at the grocery store.

what are your favorite DIY kitchen hacks?

@elangomatt - i think i'm going to get some of that, myself. trying to use rolled parchment is super frustrating, even putting it curled side down.

One Bowl Baking: Easy Coconut Cupcakes

what are your favorite DIY kitchen hacks?

@canihavesome - i love that idea of spices in a drawer! at the last restaurant where i worked, we kept a drawer full of half pint jars, each full of tea bags, with the variety written on the top of the jar for easy finding.

@FlyingKumquat - putting foil/plastic/parchment in a 6 pack box is such a good idea i just might use it myself :)

Bethany Costello's Untraditional Methods at M. Wells Steakhouse

you're missing the second E, in that it's 'mille-feuille'.

CakeSpy: Cadbury Creme Egg in Hole Toast

my teeth hurt just looking at this.

Bake the Book: Ample Hills Creamery: Secrets and Stories from Brooklyn's Favorite Ice Cream Shop

what are your favorite DIY kitchen hacks?

@Traveller - i'd say it counts! if you hand wash your dishes, an empty dishwasher is like having an extra cabinet! :)

@all else - great! keep 'em coming!

The Food Lab: Bringing Home General Tso's Chicken

kenji - OF COURSE!! ahh! hell yeah.

When Breakfast Gets "Weird"

i don't typically eat breakfast, but i tend to treat breakfast as if it were lunch. maybe a sandwich and chips, or lately, leftover macaroni salad and/or some chips and guacamole. i don't care for sweet breakfasts, unless accompanied by something savory and a cup of black coffee with sugar.

The Food Lab: Bringing Home General Tso's Chicken

dammit kenji, i think the majority of your recipes over anyone else's on this site make some part of me want to stop being vegan. that chicken looks wonderful.

How do you like your hummus?

my ideal hummus is very smooth, light on the tahini but heavy on the lemon and cumin. some garlic is good but not a whole lot, as it's raw and sharp. for packaged hummus, i like the plain trader joe's hummus, and the athenos and tribe brands. no variations like roasted pepper or anything, although roasted garlic or lemon varieties can be good. NOT sabra, as it's way too rich in tahini and i don't care for the super thick texture. also not a fan of pine nuts, and their plain hummus seems to have them on top as i recall.

Behind the Scenes in Nick's Home Kitchen

your countertops and my sister's share the same affliction: a color and pattern that makes it damn near impossible to tell if they're clean or dirty without touching first.

Did you Plan how your kitchen is organized, or did it evolve?.

@korenni - in the last two apartments i've lived in, i've been lucky enough to have one single big kitchen sink in each of them. i wash dishes by hand, in a rectangular plastic dishpan, which leaves enough room beside it to rinse the dishes and put them in the drying rack on the counter! it worked great :)

i don't currently have my own kitchen, as i'm living with my sister for a little while, but before, everything was very organized and i never had too many things and nowhere for them to go. i can't stand having to shuffle through several cabinets of unmatched things to find what i'm looking for!

Behind the Scenes in Robyn's Home Kitchen

oh wow. your kitchen and my sister's kitchen are clearly disorganized twins separated at birth. although to be fair, moving a couple thousand miles away will make a person pare down their kitchen stuff to just the essentials, so it's much easier to organize and store.

could that be a thing? paying a person to organize other people's kitchens for them? i'd be good at it...

We Went and Ate All the Pastries at Sqirl in Los Angeles

i don't think any of these pastries look particularly good, except for the scone up top.

Taste Test: Dennis Eats All of Cricket's Cat Food

oh my god. 10/10 would read again.

i forgot it was april fool's day until i read the comments! i too wonder if you actually ate any of the stuff.

How to Descale Your Automatic Coffeemaker, and Why You Should

@Ina Garten DaVida - great idea, great username!

Know Your Sweets: Angel Food Cake

angel food cake is easily one of my most-missed desserts since becoming vegan over a decade ago. i used to make them all the time!! maybe if i found some good cage-free eggs i could try to look the other way and enjoy some angel food cake again...

Share Your Sweets: Vegan Desserts

@missmochi - being the sister of the contributor of that recipe, i can personally vouch for how damn good it was. i helped her make it, even!

and, cashew date cookies? sign me up.

Manner Matters: Bread and Butter Basics

i eat my bread like this when i eat at restaurants, which is nearly the only time i eat bread with a meal. tearing pieces off of a larger piece works well with my fidgety nature.

The 'Influential' Burger (That Influences You to Order Chili Dogs Instead) at The Varsity in Atlanta

those look like the burgers we had in my middle school cafeteria.

Open Thread: What's the Best Frozen Pizza?

i grew up on the original thin-ish crust red baron, so i'd have to give the prize to that. also i think, when the rising crust pizzas were new, i remember the sauce on freschetta seeming a little spicy in a way, but in a good way. i liked it. if i were still an omnivore, and happened to be drunk, i'd totally mow down on some frozen pizza.

4 Close-Up, High-Def, Insanely Awesome Shooter's-Style Sandwiches

must... make... giant... sandwich...

Taste Test: We Try Every Flavor of Cheez-It Crackers

am i the only person who, for my whole life, has never liked "cheese" flavored chips, crackers, and popcorn? cool ranch doritos > nacho cheese doritos, plain or caramel popcorn > cheese popcorn, and so on. i'm glad though for the rest of the world that so many of these flavors turned out to be good. more for them!

dishwasher vs. hand-washing dishes?

have been thinking tonight, and i far prefer hand-washing dishes. the apartment i currently live in has a dishwasher, but i hadn't had one since the place i moved out of in summer 2011, and fell out of the habit of using one. haven't used the one in this apartment yet, and i don't intend to.

it's kind of relaxing to put on some music or a podcast and wash all the dishes and wipe the stove and counters (and then realize that i'm hungry, but don't want to cook and ruin the nice clean kitchen!)

how about everyone else? dishwasher or hand-washing, and why?

advice: a vegan at an omnivore thanksgiving

so, here's the deal. i'm newly moved in with my boyfriend, across the country from my family. since going to my mom's is sadly not an option, i hear thanksgiving will be at boyfriend's grandma's house. before i moved, every thanksgiving dinner at my mom's was a non-issue, as i'd just bring my own vegan stuff over and cook things i wanted to eat. no problem, no awkwardness.

i am not about to do the same this year. so, i don't quite know what to do. boyfriend says i should just bring my own (i'm assuming ready-made?) things to eat, that his grandma is pretty easygoing. i'm concerned about making a bad impression or insulting her and whomever else may be cooking the meal. but i'm also concerned that there won't be anything there i'll be able to eat. if i eat little or nothing, that would also be awkward, and insulting to the hostess.

anyone been in a similar situation before? what shall i do?

vegan picnic menu ideas

hey everyone... on thursday i'm going on a picnic with my boyfriend. i'm vegan, and while he isn't, he's completely open to eating vegan food. i'm looking for recipes, aside from the typical veggies and hummus/hummus sandwiches/etc. i saw a recipe for a bbq tofu and corn salad that sounds pretty good to me, but, i'm trying to think of good and interesting things to make, as it's our first picnic. let me know your ideas! :)

gin & tonic with lemon

this is my standard drink when i go out. i know g&t is usually garnished with lime, but i'm not a fan in that instance and instead always request lemon to squeeze into the drink -- i think it's much better. (ideally i'd have a splash of fresh grapefruit juice, but most places seem only to have it from a can.)

does anyone else have a favorite drink that's a bit of a twist on the usual?

Have'a Corn Chips

has anyone else tried and/or loved these chips? they're made in laguna beach ca, and the company that makes them doesn't even seem to have a website. the co-op near my work sells them, and i've only started buying them as of recently, but i think they may be my favorite tortilla chip. they're interesting because instead of having salt as an ingredient, they have soy sauce, which gives them a really good savory flavor. super good!

biting off more than you can chew. regards to kitchen tasks.

my first try making hummus with dried chickpeas instead of canned. did the quick soak method, and when i drained the water to replace it and cook them, i decided to rub the skins off of the beans so my hummus will be extra smooth and awesome.

most tedious endeavor i could ever imagine. especially since it was probably close to 2lbs of chickpeas. it took a long time and a lot of rinsing, but i got probably 90% of the skins off. argh!

on what occasions have you all set out to do something in the kitchen that ended up being more than you bargained for?

golden beets!

what would you do with them?

i bought a few recently, on a whim, but i'm not sure how to use them, as i rarely cook fresh beets. other than cooking them as a side vegetable, in what recipes could they work? what are your favorites?

favorite cold soup recipes?

i made kenji's Andalusian Gazpacho recipe today, and, wow.

so, i'm looking for other great recipes for cold soups, as it's already getting really hot here in arizona. it's going to be a loooong summer and i need some good ideas -- vegan recipes would be ideal, but for the sake of the other readers, any recipes are encouraged!

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