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Cornmeal on stone burning

Try semolina flour on the peel instead of cornmeal. It will not burn/smoke as easy and it doesn't leave the cornmeal crunch on the crust.

st louis bbq

Pappy's Smokehouse should be your first choice. However, the same people that run Pappy's also run two other great bbq places: Bogart's and Adam's.
They all have amazing bbq, but they close each day when they run out of meat so don't plan on a late dinner.

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Roasted chicken

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cold, leftover pizza

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coffee brownie, coffee brownie

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medium strip, salt and pepper

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Canadian Bacon

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Grilled over live fire, salt and pepper.

Pizza peel slide...what is wrong?

I second the semolina flour. I used corn meal for a long time, but I grew tired of having corn meal baked into the final product. Semolina is much finer and is undetectable in the finished crust.
I also shake the pizza on the peel every once in a while when building the pizza. That way you can detect spots that may be sticking and throw some extra flour underneath if needed.
Pepperhead is right about the metal peels, I could never get a pre-baked pizza off. Wood is your friend here.

Watch Jon Stewart's Epic Chicago Deep Dish Pizza Rant

This is great. I watched this episode at lunch today and thought "why didn't I see this on Serious Eats yet?"

Top Round Recipes

Wood Fired Barrel Oven (with convection)

This is interesting, please elaborate. Where did you place the fan? What kind of fan was it? Did you have the oven closed off with a door or open?

"Naked" End Crust vs. Oil & Cheese

I agree with imwalkin, temperature is important. No sense spreading with olive oil if baking at higher temps. The char and browning you'll get will be delicious as is.
This thread reminds me of my college days, though. There was a cheap pizza place down the street that would brush copious amounts of butter garlic/herb sauce on the end crusts after it came out of the oven. Greasy and decadent it was!

Why Have I Never Tried: Fast Break?

I love the Fast Break but they are not as easy to come by as they used to be. This candy bar excels from the simple formula: nougat + anything = delicious. I find it to be a great improvement on the standard Reese's cups.

Gadgets: Microplane Adjustable Slicer

How is the quality of the blade? I trust it's up to Microplane standards and will stay sharp after a lot of use? This looks like a great substitute for those of us that don't want to invest the money or space for a real mandolin.

My biggest concern with something like this is that it would be awkward to hold steady with one hand while feeding with the other if the blade is not ultra sharp.

10 Bourbon Terms You Should Know

Is the only difference between Wild Turkey 81 and 101 just that it has been diluted more? It tastes significantly different right out of the bottle, but I've never tried to dilute the 101 down to see if it tastes the same as 81.

The Food Lab: The Best Caesar Salad

@lumbergh I buy the anchovy paste instead. You can just squeeze out what you need and store the rest for next time. It is more expensive than regular anchovies, but not if you're throwing most of them away.

What's Up in Pizza: Disco Ball Ovens, Pizza Pot Pie, Slice Happy Dogs, and More!

Overwhelmed with jealousy for that oven! We need a video of it in action.

Need a great pizza tone

In my experience, most stones perform about the same. All will crack if treated improperly and all will get hot enough to crisp the crust. Just make sure you preheat it for about an hour at 500. I would avoid the celebrity chef branded stones just because you are paying more for the same product, no real difference in quality.
I agree with Tipsy on the rectangle over round, although they seem to be harder to find.

Cliff Huxtable Sandwhich?

Anytime I've seen Cliff eat a hoagie, it always looked like what sandwich shops usually call "Italian" sandwiches. Ham, salami, mortadella (or bologna), maybe capicola, provolone and some kind of oil/vinegar dressing.
The important thing to remember when re-creating it Huxtable-style is to insert potato chips just before serving.

New Johnnie Walker Platinum Hits the US

If you are worried about being able to afford the bottle, I've seen plenty of comments on other posts about how you can make a lot of money on the internet. It seems a lot of people's relatives are doing it now :)

The Food Lab: How to Make Jerk Chicken at Home

This looks amazing?
Is there a secret source for buying bay leaves in bulk? I've only seen them in regular spice jars and I'm hoping this doesn't require $40 of bay leaves to make.

How do you store Sriracha?

We keep our sriracha in the pantry at room temperature with the cap closed. The bottle leaks some kind of oil from around the cap and oozes down the side of the bottle. Every bottle we've ever had has done this. Has anyone else had the same experience? Any idea why this happens or how to avoid it?

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