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Sunday Brunch: Bacon-Wrapped Toads in a Leek-Filled Hole

Looks great. Always up for a new toad in the hole recipe. One challenges I find is that you can never get that real "British Banger" flavor from many of the sausages here in the states. Do you have a go-to sausage that you prefer for this recipe?

World Leaders Eating While Rome (And Everywhere Else) Burns?

I agree with @stratusgd - other than some swanky bottles of wine, this isn't overly extravagant.

The menu is wonderfully representative of US products and appropriate to the season.

These people are not here to make a political statement by eating Ramen - and as @smallblondemom says - these are our guests.

That corn syrup commercial

@buffy - I totally agree. My wife, who is British, is especially incensed by the lack of regulation over what can be marketed to consumers and how. Over in the UK they hold advertisers to much higher standards, and big pharma commercials espousing the virtues of a pill to fix all your woes are non-existent. (I'm not a huge fan of over-regulation, but come on...)

It's really quite irresponsible for these companies, in this case proponents of King Corn, to pitch this schlock.

In Videos: Iron Chef Japan 'Cooking Japanese' Music Video Spoof

I've been watching this show for many years now, and I'm glad FLN started rebroadcasting them (sadly, sans "Backdraft" theme-music).

It's hilarious to see "Iron Chef America" on Food Network fail so spectacularly at trying to recreate this one-of-a-kind show. Alton, I like you and respect you but please stick to your day job. Chairman Kaga's nephew, I can hardly watch you.

The hacking off of eel heads - asparagus braised in $2,000 worth of lobster - a piece of foie gras as big as my fist frying in a wok - the kitchy yet somehow familiar voice overdubs. That's what makes this show so freaking cool.

Do You Put Ranch Dressing on Pizza?

I'm strictly a BBQ-sauce-pizza-dipper. Actually, almost anything can be dipped into a good BBQ sauce.

Cook the Book: Monte Cristo Sandwiches

Maybe it's just me but I have a thing about grease dripping down my chin when eating a sandwich (don't get me wrong, a great big drippy Monte Cristo or patty melt is a tasty thing) but I gotta try this thing baked.

Hamburger Pumpkin

The texture of that meat looks creepy - and not in a spooky halloween-ey sort of way.


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