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Charred Salsa Verde

I had no idea tomatillos were this hard to find. I live in Chicago and they're at the local Jwewl-Osco.

From the Archives: The Best Chili Ever

I have some dried ghost peppers that I have no idea what to do with. *Maybe* I'll give then a whirl here.

meatball sandwich

One of my favorite pastimes is freshly steamed white rice with unseasoned grilled salmon. As for sandwiches, I've only recently has my first BLT, and I'm quite taken away.

What You Need to Know About the Communion Wafer-Topped Ghost Burger at Kuma's Corner

"Restaurant representatives say they’ve had death threats since they added the burger to the menu..." Islamophobia? ha!

How to Throw a Dumpling Party

I love that this earns its own tag. #dumplingparty

Deep Fried Chicago: The Boarding House Lunch at Big Jones

This will be greatly missed! But also this is a great capstone.

Chicago Lollapalooza Preview: 10 Places We Can't Wait to Try in Chow Town

Maybe a dumb question, but do I need to be admitted / have a ticket to get to the food!?

Serious Eats Neighborhood Guides: Matt Eversman's Lakeview

I just had a bloody at Crosby's last weekend! Must check out Rocks soon.

Deep Fried Chicago: Crisp

This place is so good. I usually get fried chicken, and then some kind of rice bowl rather than fries. Only thing that would make this place even better is seafood, and perhaps more room.

The Search for America's Best Tacos: Midwest Contenders

I must recommend La Estrellita Supermercado. Thin corn tortillas come doubled and steamed. The filling is available in anything but ground beef, with meats ranging from barbacoa to carnitas to lengua. For a couple bucks a taco, you get about a third-pound of meat in a single taco, topped with cilantro and onion. The meat is flavorful, but bland, so salt comes on the side.