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American Chop Suey: The Cheesy, Beefy, Misnamed Stovetop Casserole That Deserves a Comeback

It's a lot closer to Hungarian Goulash than it is to Chop Suey. I love this stuff, the elbow macaroni is my favorite pasta shape!

Win a Copy of 'Salad Samurai'

My boyfriend's mother's Tabbouleh. She used to run a diner and combines the insanely proficient skill of a short-order cook with her Lebanese roots, like a boss.

Chinese Velveting 101: Stir-Fried Sweet and Sour Pork

My mother just marinates in cornstarch and wine etc and then into the wok for a stir fry. For a home application, I think skipping the oil/water bath is fine...

Step Behind the Kitchen Doors at Betony

Where is the mousse? It looks like a lime!

Chili Lime Peanuts

these were good; however the oven should be at 350 degrees for raw shelled peanuts.

Enter Our NYC Ramen Map Giveaway and Never Go Without Noodles Again

Were the winners picked?

Enter Our NYC Ramen Map Giveaway and Never Go Without Noodles Again

Ramen Yebisu :-)

The Food Lab: Turkey Paitan Ramen With Crispy Shredded Turkey and Slow-Cooked Egg

So excited to completely read this, I am craving turkey ramen so bad.

Sauced: Ajvar (Serbian Roasted Red Pepper Sauce)

@kewarken thank you!

Sauced: Ajvar (Serbian Roasted Red Pepper Sauce)

The ajvar I buy in the store is quite spicy, but the heat could not come from bell peppers...?

"Spice CSA" on Kickstarter

I am piloting a spice delivery service on Kickstarter to make it easier to try new spices and get the spices you need for seasonal cooking. I'm trying to address the problem of a cabinet filled with jars of leftover spices that are old and dead.

Seasonal Spices project on Kickstarter
Story on Greenpointers blog

My project features classic spices and the opportunity to try new spices like Aleppo Pepper, which I first read about in Max Falkowitz' Spice Hunting column.

Would love to hear your thoughts on cooking with spices and if you like the project please share or back it!

Many thanks,

Super Bowl Partytime: How to Build an Edible Stadium

Our mission was to construct an all-edible stadium (well, minus the cardboard box and foil) with foods we'd actually want to eat. We used the classic partytime snacks, particularly stuff that only involved opening a jar or bag—the construction was labor-intensive enough. It also became a race against the clock to finish before the guacamole turned brown! Check out our step-by-step building of the stadium. More