Win a Serious Eats Edition KettlePizza Baking Steel Combo for Father's Day!

Mushrooms, green peppers, onions, Italian herbs, mozzarella, and a light drizzle of good olive oil.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: The Sriracha Lover's Ultimate Gift Pack

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Good coffee should be consumed like wine - unadulterated and often.

Good Bread: Parisi Bakery

Is this bakery at all associated with the Parisi Bros. Bakery in Astoria?

Cook the Book: 'The Occasional Vegetarian'

Sauteed kale over rice pilaf. Hits the spot every time!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Korin Knife

I have a 10" wide Wusthof chef's knife and I couldn't imagine cooking without. I actually bought if after taking the knife skills course at ICE after the instructor merely teased us with that knife and made us use the lame 6". Who's cooking now!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Counter Culture Coffee Subscription

Black - coffee at it's purest.
There's no point in drinking great coffee if you can't actually taste the coffee.

Video: Serious Eats Bikes Brooklyn and Queens for Tacos (and Some Non-Taco Detours)

Thank you!!! Very helpful :)

Video: Serious Eats Bikes Brooklyn and Queens for Tacos (and Some Non-Taco Detours)

Awesome! Can you give a list with locations of the tacos you enjoyed?

Win Tickets to Raclette Dinner at Elsewhere, October 25

Havarti with Dill, hands down

Giveaway: Enter to Win This Panasonic Breadmaker

Gluten free bread! Without a breadmaker this can be a very time consuming task.

Win Tickets to a Crab Boil at The Little Owl, Monday August 29

Corn, veggies, and shark filets grilled over aged oak. All paired with one of my mom's famous cocktails.

Date Night: Cafe Moto

Great brunch spot! I have dreams about their date cake with toffee sauce.

1 Week in New York-Where to eat cheap?!

For lunch and dinner I like Veselka, even spotted Jon Stewart there once:

For lunch in St. Marks there are some awesome dishes ($5/$6) at Xi'an Famous Foods. Love the Lamb Burger, Lamp noodles, cold skin noodles, and the cold buckwheat noodles. So good! So cheap! If it's nice out take a walk to the park.

Pizza, sandwiches, dumplings, pork buns, etc. If you just navigate this site a bit you'll find tons of suggestions.

If You Were Going to be on a Bus for 4 hours....

@ Simon - it's not complicated, it's just interesting to get new ideas to make a trip less boring. I wouldn't have thought of the apricot and havarti sandwich mentioned above, but now I have it on my mind and may try it.

The search for Crepes

Though it's in Astoria, Cafe Triskell's crepes are really delicious. It's a cute little french restaurant, just a few blocks from the N/Q train.

If You Were Going to be on a Bus for 4 hours....

Alright, the beef jerky might win out... since I never buy it. I'm thinking I'll forgo the coffee until I get there but I'd like something tasty to get me through the trip.

Anyone have a favorite juice/drink?

If You Were Going to be on a Bus for 4 hours....

@joyyy - that sounds delish!

If You Were Going to be on a Bus for 4 hours....

I was wondering whether I should bring coffee or not... I think a nap might be in order once on the bus (which will hopefully be quiet and empty). And I would like to avoid using the bus restroom, since they are always less than appealing. I'm thinking... a super fresh bagel with cream cheese, water, and some yogurt covered raisins. And then insist I'm greeted in Boston with a giant cup of coffee.

Thanks all!!! You're awesome!

Unique food-related birthday experience?

These are great ideas! I think I'm leaning towards to food-tour idea. I might start out at Kyotofu for a cute brunch (I haven't been here yet), then make our way to Steve's in Brooklyn for Key Lime Pie (my favorite) but other then those 2 stops I'm not too sure yet... Maybe a stop at Urban Glass if they have a workshop... any ideas?

Unique food-related birthday experience?

These are great ideas! My one obstacle is my non-meat eating partner. He'll do fish, but none of the land animals. Too bad too, I'd love to eat a whole pig... I mean share a whole pig. Yes, share....

Bar Eats: Sweet Afton

@thesteveroller- I completely agree about the pickles. I went there thinking I'd get southern-style fried pickles and these little fried dough balls come out. The sweetness of the dough and the salty of the pickle just don't work, I was actually really turned off by these.

Unique food-related birthday experience?

Thanks for the great ideas!
I like the idea of the tasting tour... hmm...

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Truffle Lovers Pasta

I have only had white truffle oil on french fries, and that was quite the luxury.

Cook the Book: 'The Essential New York Times Cookbook'

My family cookbook with recipes from the women in my family. From spaghetti sauce to our family apple pie, it's always open on my counter!

Lavish Bread, oh how I need you

There's this great mediterranean-style restaurant back home where the main attraction is this huge, inflated, lavish bread that is brought to your table, piping hot from the brick oven with a side of dill-yogurt. I haven't been able to find it yet in the city, has anyone else had a lavish bread sighting?

If You Were Going to be on a Bus for 4 hours....

This Friday I'll be heading to Boston, at 6am, from Penn Station. Since it's way too early for me to function and my brain probably won't register that I'm hungry until after the bus takes off on it's 4-hour journey I'm thinking a pre-planned breakfast is in order.

What would you pick up/bring with you to make the trip more bearable?

Preferably something that isn't too smelly or messy :)

Unique food-related birthday experience?

My birthday is coming up and I need to think of a fun/unique way to celebrate. Last year my partner took me to Zenkichi and we had an amazing, intimate meal that we've been talking about for a year now. And, since I didn't need/want anything as a gift, he sent me to the knife skills class at ICE. Perfect birthday!

But now, I'm finding it difficult to think of something new, but in the same vein as last year. Any ideas of a great restaurant/experience that is special and romantic, and any food-related classes, day trips, experiences, etc. that might be fun and unique for someone who loves food and food culture, and also knows how to really cook (no need for intro cooking courses here).

Thanks! And sorry for being too vague!

Xian Famous Foods- Buckwheat Noodles

You know the rare occurrences when you'll have something for the first time and then you'll have dreams about it for weeks afterwards? Or someone will ask you what you want for dinner and that item is always on the tip of your tongue? Well Xian's cold buckwheat noodles is mine. I've been attempting to recreate their awesome sauce but always come up short. Any ideas?

Favorite Torta in Queens?

I know there have been numerous reviews and articles about Tortas but I'm in Astoria and always crave a great torta, but I honestly don't want to go very far for it. I used to frequent New York Bagels on 36th ave, but lately I've been disappointed. Any favorites or go-to places in the area? Thanks!!

Pickled Beets?

Hi all! My parents came for a visit recently and brought a beautiful bounty of beets from their garden. I love love love pickled beets but I've never been the one who has done the pickling. Does anyone have any recipes/hints/tips?


French Restaurant Recs

So a very important person in my life is having a birthday this month and is requesting dinner at a quality french restaurant. I would love to go to Le Bernardin or La Grenouille, but they are a little out of my price range. Any recommendations for a great french meal for 2, that will keep the bill under $150? thanks all!

School Lunches

An Illinois teacher who is fed up with school lunches and had dedicated her school year to eating cafeteria food for the entirety of it: I find it amusing, as the photos bring me back to our dark cafeteria when everyone looked forward to "macaroni and glue" day. Honestly, the burnt bits were the best. How did you school lunches compare? Or your children's? Also, did yours have as much packaging at fedupwithschoollunch's does? Mine never did, we had a tray and then had food scooped on to it.

Sake help!

I trust most of you have strong opinions about sake (aka, you love it) but to me it tastes like vinegar. This isn't a case of an immature palette, as I have always tried it when opportunity arose, and I continue to try in the hopes that this time it will be different... but it never is. So I'm asking your help so I can make an educated attempt to infiltrate the sake world. Do you have any tips? Any certain sakes that might appeal to non-sake tastebuds? Or perhaps there is a Sake for Dummies edition that I have not seen.

How do you eat popcorn?

Popcorn is a strange food... popped seeds essentially. Yet, we love it. When I was little my family would gather in the living room to watch TGIF while my father loaded our automatic popper up with corn kernels and butter while we waited patiently for the green bowl (designated popcorn bowl) to arrive. Then I would pick out all of the pieces shriveled with butter and eat them one at a time... ah to be young and unaware of cholesterol. But now, as I sit in my office eating popcorn as an afternoon snack (because I can convince myself that since it's as light as air it's as if I'm eating air, and that means it's healthy), I just realized that instead of being delicate and conservative by eating 2-3 pieces at a time, I just shove as many pieces in my mouth as possible, as if I've been starved and only allowed popped corn kernels as my daily meal. My main concern here is: how do you eat your popcorn?

Chopstick Care

I bought this really nice set of chopsticks a while back, and I love the shape of them... but after using them for about 4 months they have begun to warp a bit. I certainly don't think I let them sit in water for any amount of time, so I'm concerned that it's just the dampness of my apartment. Has anyone else ever had this problem? Is there a better method for storing them that will help preserve them longer?

Romantic dinner (on the less obvious side...)

I have a birthday coming up, though it seems like a lot of people on Serious Eats do as well, and I only ever ask to go out for dinner. I always take this opportunity to try something new, but I also don't expect my companion to shell out a ridiculous amount for dinner. I want somewhere romantic, but not one of the obvious NY spots. If you've ever been to Moto's in Brooklyn, I'm looking for something like that. Awesome atmosphere, great good, very reasonable prices. Any ideas? There aren't any restrictions to the type of food, or location, but I would like the dinner to be delicious and to last a while.

Secret Dinner Clubs

I've been fascinated by the idea of secret dinner clubs meeting in abandoned warehouses, eating amazing meals, and having an experience most new yorkers haven't. I've done research, but to research something "secret" has it's limitations. Anyways, I have a milestone birthday coming up and instead of chosing a fancy restaurant I thought that gaining access to one of these clubs would be a fantastic way to remember my birthday and New York. Does anyone have any ideas/tips/hints as to how these really work? Or, of any out-of-the box birthday ideas?

Canned Crab Meat? Cheaper seafood options for cooking at home.

Lately I've been on a huge seafood kick (when I was sick last week I opted for sushi instead of chicken soup...) and I've been trying to find more economical ways of fitting it into meals. I'm a fan of canned tuna, but I want some variety, and instead of just buying some items and being disappointed, I thought I'd ask the experts. Canned crab meat, canned lobster, etc. Any thoughts?

Daily Slice: Carmine's II, Williamsburg, Brooklyn

I made like Brutus and took a stab at the Caesar (Chicken Caesar, to be exact.) And, friends, Romans, and Countrymen, I am here to praise it. The pizza is loaded with warm—yet unwilted—romaine lettuce on a sturdy flatbread crust. Resting upon the lettuce are tender strips of marinated chicken breast and a shimmering drizzle of Caesar dressing. More