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Uses for Vodka in the Freezer

Of course you can store it at room temp. All forms of alcohol including vodka are normally stored at room temp. People only keep vodka in the freezer so they can drink it really, really cold. Take it out and store it in a cupboard some where.

Whole Turkey on the grill?

Before you brine the turkey read the label. If it has already been injected with a commercial solution you are just wasting your time trying to brine it.

Help name this cookbook!

I like the Angel Food idea of @Suzzanne how about
"Angels' Food "
(Nurses' Best Recipes)

How do you organize your recipe collection?

Word files; backed up on discs. When a friend wants a recipe I print out a copy. The ones I use most often are in my head already. I've made binders as gifts for special people.

Spatula v. Turner

You flip pancakes with a metal spatula. "Turner" is not a technical term. It's just what a lot of people call a metal spatula. A rubber spatula is what you use to scrape a bowl with. I ice my cakes with an off-set spatula which is made of metal.

I'm a short order cook tonight! Dinner 1/11/2010???

Pan seared pork chop finished in the oven along with the mac & cheese. Chocolate cream pie for dessert!

Pot Racks........

I have a Calphalon pot rack Hubby bought me for Christmas one year. I love the quick grab convenience. I have 17 pots and pans on it right now - cheap, expensive, old and new. More pots I use less often are in cabinets. It does free up space but more important it's easy to see and grab the pot you want. @PoorOldMama - it drives me crazy when someone hangs a pot on the "wrong" hook :) It's absolutely worth it to get one - I guarantee you'll use it everyday.

Nostalgic recipes: What's for Dinner 1/10

I have a pot roast going. The rolls just came out of the oven and chocolate cream pie is dessert.

Preview not working

I'm on Windows XP using Chrome and it works fine on posts for me.for me.

Whatever, Martha!

I LOVE that show. Alexis has obviously been screwed up and knows it. Her friend Jennifer seems genuinely inept and I know people like her ~ they do exist. I sit and laugh out loud, as much at Martha as at the give and take between Alexis and Jennifer.


I don't like the term foodie. First, I don't like being rounded up into a group and having a label plastered on me. We are not some homogeneous herd that needs a label to define it. Second the term doesn't strike me as pretentious but rather demeaning. It always reminds me of groupie. The fact that some of us like the term, some find it demeaning and others think it pretentious just proves my point.

I need dairy allergy help.

When my sister was born she was allergic to cow's milk and the doctor recommended goat's milk which my mother got from a local farmer. Of course that was 50 years ago and there weren't the options you have available today. Good luck.

Question About Bugles

The fact that there's a nutrition label on a bag of Bugles is mind boggling enough without worrying how accurate it is. I say open up a can of black truffles and dump them on the Bugles ;^ ) I think I'll go make some dough for tonight's pizza.

A waaaay past date can of black winter truffle breakings. Help!

I agree with simon ~ open the can and see. And then report back.

Cleaning shrimp...found white matter around intestines...

I've seen that often on shrimp. You will see different color matter often on shrimp; sometimes greenish, yellowish or pinkish colors. Just clean it off when you are deveining and go ahead and eat the shrimp. It doesn't mean they are infected or bad in any way.

Prime Rib Trauma

I understand how you feel about this travesty but I think you need to grit your teeth and let this one go. In the grand scheme of things it's really not that critical. Eat something before you go and tell her that your New Year resolution is to go without red meat. You already know you're a better cook and so probably does anyone else who matters. It keeps the peace in the family and you will sleep well that night knowing you did the right thing.

Do you have a food project for 2010?

dbcurrie is right. The self promotion rule is a management rule. Most of us find it annoying to say the least to read through a question or comment only to get to a blog promotion at the end. It makes us feel scammed, and of course much less likely to ever read your blog.

Heavy Metal in our Food

I didn't know that knife sharpeners contained heavy metals.

Blueberry Salsa Sparkles With Flavor

Wow, this sounds kinda like a sales pitch from someone who's never posted before.?!?

Taking Nominations: Most Helpful SEer of the Year

I can't pick just one. Betteirene, dhorst, dmcavanagh, jerzeetomato, gingercookiewithlime, CJMcD and sailordave get my votes. I'm just glad I don't have to decide!

Taking Nominations: Best Overall Thread of 2009

I loved betteirene's post asking how we all chose our names.

Top Chef cookbooks

I agree with LauraJ. i am a huge Top Chef fan but the recipes from the quick fire are really not worth paying for. I personally would not buy the book. Go to the web site and get them for free at

Back from the Front: Holiday meal report

I did Paula Deen's Perfect Prime Rib ~ on a 12 # rib roast ~ and it was wonderful! Hubby was very worried and kept looking at the message I had duct-taped to the oven door ~ Do Not Open The Oven Door ~ "this is a leap of faith" he kept muttering. But at the end of the day he was amazed at how great the roast was. My DIL who doesn't cook wanted to know if the rolls were homemade. Duh! All in all a lovely Christmas.