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Di Fara: Rant and Response

God I thought I was the only one :)

Is flying under the radar still possible ?

A) This was supposed to go in the NYC section my apologies.

B) Since I did not post it there fine so be it let's get to it than. Did I once ever say not make money ? Did I say I wanted to waltz right in to an empty restaurant and be the only one in there with my own table ? Treated like royalty ? That was a good one . I wont even bother with a reply to that one.

Let me touch on a few other things. Has technology only helped ? Has it not hindered it as well ? Sharing with others is great but is sharing with a ton of other's great as well ? More so if the food suffers while the kitchen cannot handle the sudden surge of its fame .

I have waited in more lines and bar's stools waiting for less than mediocre food than I care to admit so no that's not it either.

I guess maybe I should have used "discovered" as Burger used in his first post. Like it or not yes living in NYC does create its own problems good and bad . Without ever experiencing it you cannot explain it.

Laporte and seriousb thats more of the debate I was trying to illicit and I will definitely be checking out that sushi place as I go to Philly often .

Next time I will try to clarify much more my meaning and also pay attention to where I post . I was just looking for a few under the radar places that may not get the full recognition they deserve but they like it that way as do their loyal customers who are in the know without the aid of technology. A place that when you find it you feel like you discovered something for the first time.

What have you had/want to try at Shopsins?

Ohhh and don't be scared just go with the flow . Smile , laugh and you will be ok.

What have you had/want to try at Shopsins?

Love the slutty cakes !


How's boston treating you ???

Italian restaurant near West Village

Second del anima and they have a midnight pasta and wine menu for 25 bucks. I have been there the last two weeks and the pasta was great both times.

Waffle Fries

Anywhere else ? It seems the waffle fry options are limited . I will pass along the rec's .


excursion pt 2 ummm not so much

I am just now getting a chance to reply to my original thread as it's been a hectic month.

Apologies for the grammatical errors as the post was done via my cell phone while walking and getting yelled at . Obviously that was not a good combination.

It was meant as a follow-up to one of my prior posts . Anyway reading the replies made me chuckle.

No, I was not drunk but I wish I was as that night was a disaster! Please don't make me relive it . I will say I went through an entire roll of Tum's so let's just leave it at that .

I won't get into details but I think my future late night munchie sessions will no longer include Monday nights.

Simon- I will try harder next time not to butcher the english language but I appreciate the enthusiasm.

13- That night will not deter me in the least and hopefully those that are late night zombies such as myself who love food will be able to get some good grub based on my trial and error excursions. Thanks !

Kitchenista- Exactly !!! lol

Sorry for the long reply but this gave me another idea .The best drunk late night munchie spots. Oh wait White Castle has this title already .....

Where To Buy Last-Minute Thanksgiving Pie in New York

Got to four and twenty blackbirds around 12 and they were already sold out.
I was told the line started at 7 and they went through a 100 pies . I am debating if I should try and get myself to go there at 7 tomorrow. I need to learn how to bake .....

3 Unemployed Recent Graduates, 3 Days, Vendors/Cheap Eats

Calexico cart and Mark. A dog from one of the numerous carts. A banh mi
sandwhich .

Locanda Verde is the heat normal ??


Quick note.

I ate here again the other night and it was really ,really good the kind of good were I finally said to myself ok now I can see what the hype was all about.
Hopefully on future visits it will be more of the same .

Good Steak in NYC

I'm a Striphouse fan myself along with Keens . If you're a scotch fan Keens has a great selection that wont disappoint.

Where to eat Thanksgiving dinner in NYC?

Not sure what your budget is but a couple of times the last few years due to various reasons my brother and I have gone to Dylan Prime. They do a turkey with all the trimmings and best of all for that day they waive the cork fee so we always bring at least two bottles.

My little 2 a.m. food excursion... were did I eat ??

Under 40 and yes had work but it wasn't until 3pm so it was not that bad ;)

I was debating on Blue Ribbon as I was making my way in but decided to skip it , maybe next time. I would definitely do another borough but it's easier for me to get into Manhattan than say Queens and I will be honest I wouldn't know where to go that late outside of Manhattan. I know there was a place in Brooklyn that was like a late night pizzeria/restaurant that was getting a ton of talk about a year ago that was open real late but I forgot the name and never made it over there.

Thanks for the other suggestions to I'll keep them in mind.

As far as next Tue no idea but i'll let you know Wed afternoon !!

Oh and don't knock Dennys I have had my share of late night run's there while on vacation as it was the only game in town . Ok it was for dessert but it was good .

And you thought you had a stomach ache from reading I wasn't kidding about the tums!

Gross or not ????

Some interesting responces . At least I have come back to win the bet as of now. I won't lie I got more "who care's" than I thought I would . Interesting to see all the different opinions.

From my vantage point there wasn't much I couldn't see and maybe that's why it bothered me so much. I mean right after he is mixing salad in a bowl with his hands right in front of me . I was just glad it wasn't my salad.

Locanda Verde is the heat normal ??

See that's what I was getting at . Dishes that I wouldn't have expected to be were and really there was no need for them to be .It didn't compliment the dish at all but I felt it rather took away from them . Hey at least it wasn't just me .


Gross or not ????

Just to clarify a little. I get it at home or even with some close friends , relatives etc. I agree ignorance is bliss sometimes to but and a big but
at a restaurant with a full view of what's going on and than go back with the finger for seconds ? That would still be ok with those of you that stated so ? I think I am about to lose this bet lol


Since you are a chef would you expect someone to tell you what had happened had it been your restaurant or would you rather not hear it ?

Gross or not ????


You must be friends with my said friend he said same thing ;) So let me ask you this had you witnessed said action would you have just continued to eat no problems and just paid the high tab when you where done eating ? Would you have downed the salad had it come to your plate after you just witnessed his actions ? Hey more power to you if your answer is yes .

Gross or not ????

It was not the chef and I plan on letting him know but wanted to get a little consensus. Listen I am no fool and know things can go on behind the kitchen door but I guess the fact it happened so clearly right in front of me and it wasn't a late night after drinking food binge in some crusty dirty cellar it just made it worse lol

Moral of story if your going to have an open kitchen for everyone to see you better act accordingly unless of course your like my friend and don't mind a finger licking now and than.

Where to eat out for Thanksgiving Day in NY?

Dylan Prime has a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner and a no cork fee to boot(Thanksgiving) . Me and my brother have done it twice due to the fact we couldnt get to Florida and both times it was good.

Ladies your favorite date spots

SO it's a food sight so I wont get into "date" details but I'll use the food term
"bland" as a description for the date lol.

Thanks for all the idea's . At least I have a bunch of new places to try ;)



ummmm yea breakfast spot wasn't needed and for a change I was glad lol

Ladies your favorite date spots

See this is why I asked the ladies . There is only a small handfull of places listed that I had on my radar already . I knew I was doing something right finally .

Ladies thank you for the recommendations and since this has been fun lets see if we cant get a few more good ideas .

To be honest I wasn't even thinking breakfast but I like how some of you think(way to go Jacqueline) lol .... So if breakfast does happen first rounds on me to all that gave ideas ;)


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