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My Pizza Oven: Tailbiter's FrankenEgg

@GardenStater: On the Cob I've heard from a number of resources that Build Your Own Earth Oven is a great book for "how to's" on cob ovens.

My Pizza Oven: Tailbiter's FrankenEgg

Page 3 comments: My apologies on the "Japanese Pizza" statement. I don't recall the name of the place but I can tell you that it was in Nara. I was working with a Contractor in Tokyo and he invited my wife and I to visit his family in Nara, Japan. All I can tell you is that he told us it was like a "japanese pizza". Is okonomiyaki in Nara?

BGEPizza is correct, it's a Rutland gasket and I wouldn't trade it for the world. It's God's gift to the ceramic grill.

My Pizza Oven: Tailbiter's FrankenEgg

Commenting on page 2: The dome is made from a lower grade refractory. I used a Resco conventional mix that I was able to find locally. They had a higher grade refractory but it ran about $90 per bag. Since this was my first attempt I thought I'd go with a cheaper grade. I was bummed about the crack, but since it hasn't spread I'm hoping it will not continue to spread. This was my first cement project and now I know to keep the mix very very dry.

..There are so many places I want to try in Atlanta it's crazy. I also had a good friend and colleague take me to Community Q BBQ.. Wow what a place. The rib's and brisket were unbelievable. I was also a big fan of the beans there. Thanks for the tips on the Burger joints. Those will come in handy.

My Pizza Oven: Tailbiter's FrankenEgg

To answer a couple of questions.. It takes about 30 min to heat up to 500. It depends heavily on the ambient temperature as to how much fuel it uses. I can fit a 10lb bag in the firebox and cook at 600+ for between 1 and 2 hours.

I'm a big Star Wars fan so thanks for the R2D2 prop. Never thought about that but I think your right!

Regarding the crust.. I've been using the Lahey no-knead method at around 70% hydration for pizza. I'll go up to the low 80's for bread.

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@derricktung - This was done at about 650 using a homemade pizza dome fit to the BGE rim. I'll try to produce a pic of the setup.

breakthrough pizza crust for home ovens

This turned out awesome!! I love it. The dough is extremely wet, but poses a great challenge. I used more flour when forming, but next time I'll try using water, or maybe a little EVOO on my hands. I used the same dough to make a pizza as well as a couple of baguettes.

The Pizza..

The Bread..

Thanks a bunch. This is fun stuff!

My Pie Monday: Chile Verde, Bresaola, Blueberry Pizza and More!

I think my favorite was the Imwalkin's Pizza Of Steel. Those almost looks like meatballs.. I in search for the perfect meatball right now.


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