if you can choose a dish to represent your country

thank you all for your comments/suggestions,
i can start planning for my next year's menu now. hope i can post some of the dishes here soon. thank you again.
keep the suggestion coming though for the benefit of all...

if you can choose a dish to represent your country

tq SEers for the quick replies.
timotheos, this thread is really useful to me, i am still hoping to get reply from, the caribbean, south america, african and the middle east. thx 4 the wiki link.

What should I make with my bird's eye chiles?

pickle chili
great condiment for chinese/middle eastern dishes

Ancient techniques from your fore-fathers/mothers.

this is what i learned from some observations
stewing or slow simmering on top of the stove=bake it in the oven for the same amount of time at 120-150C(250-300f)
the bottom of the pot dont get burnt and save stirring constantly

Work or play?

i'm a chef...when i'm at work i feel like i'm playing
but when i'm at home cooking seems to be a 'work' for me but i do enjoy it...

Is This Food?

i respect there are people trying to explore new ways of 'cooking' and produce new 'food'. they certainly bring the culinary art to a higher level.
but for me, i will die with no regret if i have tried just a quarter of world's (traditionally cooked) cuisine.
algerian's, maori's, eskimo's, caribbean's, etc etc....

Liquid Smoke

wow i didn't even know we have liquid smoke in the market...thanks for sharing...

Is eating Organic Food worth spending double the money?

it is indeed very subjective.
it is all up to individual preference.
do the comparison yourself, how do you feel after eating organic? tastier? healthier?
for me a balance diet=healthier doesn't matter organic or not
taste? you decide
let us know

indian-chinese food: mystery dish!

beef, stir-fry and chinese-style in india???
maybe overcooked beef stir fry
most indian do not eat beef as cow is considered sacred being
i personally dont think stir fry is a method of cooking in india
so it must be a chinese dish

No future for self-trained chef?

I wonder if there is still any posibility for self trained chef to be offered a job in a decent restaurant/hotel?
Restauranteurs/Hoteliers, do you care to look at resume of candidates with no culinary qualifications?

if you can choose a dish to represent your country

hi, i am from malaysia i would like to know what dish you will choose to represent your country.
i am doing a new menu and special for my restaurant featuring food from around the world.
thank you
for me nasi lemak is my national dish
rice cook in coconut milk and herbs with sambal, hard boiled egg, fried ikan bilis and cucumber slices.
we eat nasi lemak for breakfast, lunch, dinner and even supper.

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