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A Summer Vegetable Lasagna That's Light (but Not Too Light)

We always roast the veg too, way easier than faffing about frying veg and letting it cool and most importantly properly delicious.

A vegetarian + bacon= meltdown

i havent eaten pig in about 20 years and havent eaten meat in about 18 years. i can tell instantly if there is meat in my food because it tastes strongly of metal / iron and this comes from a rubbish vegetarian. (i eat fish)

good story, maybe i should try it next time i am a bit skint!

Please Reminisce about Birthday Cake

My best birthday cake ever was for my 6th birthday. My mum made a pink and yellow princess castle cake complete with turrets, flags and a drawbridge covered in sprinkles. no birthday cake has come close since!

New Year's Food Resolutions!

i love cook books and have LOADS but i always cook from the same ones. This year i aim to cook at least one thing out of each book.

New Years' food superstitions

In Scotland everyone has steak pie on new years day. Its also traditional to first foot with a slice of black bun which is basically a really dark, heavy fruit cake wrapped in pastry. Clearly for us new years is all about the pie!

Soda: Have You Tried Irn-Bru from Scotland?

Being scottish (and therefore admittedly slightly biased) i think Irn Bru is amazing. it is the only way to cure a hangover. fact. I dont think there is an acurate way to describe how it tastes, you just have to give it a shot. And sorry but yes some people do add it to their whiskey but this tends to be people that are drinking supermarket own brand whiskey so its really for the best.

Going Vegetarian in London and Edinburgh

There is a restaurant called wedgewood on the royal mile which is fancy and highly reccommended and holyrood 9A just off the royal mile does burgers with really good veggie options. petit paris is nice but expensive and not great if you dont eat meat or fish. David bann is again just off the royal mile and totally veggie but i havent eaten there myself. Hendersons on hanover street is edinburgh's first veggie restaurant and does good earthy old school veggie food. Other than the restaurants mentioned the royal mile isnt the best area for eating as i am afraid its a bit of a tourist trap! is always good for reccommendations. Enjoy our beautiful city! :-)

What can i do with canned tomatillos?

Thank you everyone!Even though it is FREEZING here i am going to get myself some mexican beer and make some salsa.

Frozen Pig ears. Sheesh, chum or food?

There is a Scottish Chef, Tom Kitchin, whos signature dish is crispy pigs ear salad supposedly awesome try googling it.


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