Loves making new recipes from my own imagination, especially ones with either chocolate or veggies.

  • Favorite foods: Anything with dark chocolate!!
    Others include:
    1. Cupcakes
    2. Chinese
    3. Italian
    4. Mexican
    5. Anything after this has to either be incredibly wonderful or include dark chocolate!
  • Last bite on earth: Piropos:
    Beef medallions with red wine sauce
    Crab cakes
    Chocolate mousse
    (In case you didn't get that, all those are from Piropos in Braircliff!)

Latest Comments

Turrón de Chocolate (Chocolate Biscuit Cake)

MMMMMM......... Wouldn't my old french teacher love this....... I need to email her the recipe!!!

The Secret Ingredient (Coffee): Espresso Bean Dark Chocolate Bark

Oh now doesn't that look WONDERFUL!!!! I love both expresso and dark chocolate. One bite of those and i was awake for the night! It was so worth it!