learnt cook for 1 yr even I feel like I'm not good at cook, I really love food and it's knowledge not by it's appearance.

  • Location: Indonesia
  • Favorite foods: pork rice, beef burger, gado-gado (indonesian salad), rendang (indonesian ancient braised beef)
  • Last bite on earth: a bowl full of young plmyra fruits would be perfect for me

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Any Ultimate Chicken Popcorn Recipe?

@jedd63, thanks man

@lapsangsouchong, scaramoche
Nice idea for general tso's, but i don't expect to have any alcohol content in my batter. Actually I had tried Chef John recipe from Allrecipes, he substitute water with soda but I thought that we don't need to use soda anymore since we use baking powder instead.

Kenji had posts something about double frying chicken right? and I think that idea is great for freezing and finish with the second deep frying.

How do your trick works? Enlight me your majesty!

Anyway thanks guys for your input, it helps my brainstorming a lot


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