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Reality Check: We Try Wendy's New Spicy Chipotle Sandwiches

Hey! The buns on the poster are something worth talking about with regard to the "all burgers are beautiful"-spoof ad. Does anyone think they look normal at all? Photoshop gradients ftw!

Gimme Your Burger Lab Requests!

Here's another vote for a Martin's Potato Rolls recipe! I've tried and tried hand have gotten close but never seem to get there. I think I'm lacking some chemical additives .. question is .. are there are any household substitutes??

Peter Luger or Dumont Burger?

Thanks for pointing me in the direction of diner, I just had a great burger experience there! Maybe even the best during the whole trip!

Peter Luger or Dumont Burger?

danieldelaney: Oh, Diner is just across the street? Might go half n' half then :)

Peter Luger or Dumont Burger?

@Kenji: Ok, I'll go for Luger.

So far I've been to; Burger Joint @ Le Parker Meridien, Bareburger, Bills Bar & Burger and Burger Garage. I've also visited Shake Shack twice as well as JG Melon, but that was just to get my tastebuds used to great burgers again (being from sweden and all) as I've eaten there before. All in a 4 night stay. Actually, I haven't eaten anything other than burgers since setting foot on US soil now that I think about it. Huh.

@Robyn: Thanks! I'll go for luger with a hot fudge sundae then!

@hamburgerNY: Gotta. Stick. With. The. Schedule. Aargh! Also, gotta come back and try Diner as well - got some moreplaces I wanna try out too. :)

Snapshots from Sweden: Max, Home of 'Sweden's Tastiest Burgers'

@Robyn: Thankfully, there is a guy that's about to remedy that. He's just been on a trip in the US, testing something like 75 of the best burger places, and now that he's home he will be opening a real american style burger joint in Stockholm. Oh, and he's blogging about it too (in Swedish unfortunately):

Snapshots from Sweden: Max, Home of 'Sweden's Tastiest Burgers'

@Robyn Lee: No problem, if you ever happen to be in Stockholm, make sure to contact me and I'll show the best burgers on offer - I'm pretty sure you won't be impressed ;)

There are a few notable ones but still, pretty much every single one is lacking in the meat department.

Meat wise it wouldn't have been any better to try more of Max' burgers. Although they do have some good topping combos on the Frisco for example. :)

Snapshots from Sweden: Max, Home of 'Sweden's Tastiest Burgers'

Lately, I've started disliking max' burgers more and more. A shame you didn't try their Grand De Luxe as it's pretty hyped here in Sweden. They've raved about the patty that's made from chuck amongst other things. But herein lies the biggest problem with max:
Their beef isn't all beef. They add potato flour and a lot of other stuff just to be able to get the beef well done and still be juicy. This removes any chance of a nice texture, or a nice beef taste for that matter.

However, I think the problem lies deeper than just cooking the patties well done. We Swedes just don't have a good burger culture. It's more about the toppings and less about the important stuff - bread, meat and cheese. Instead, pretty much every place splash on a good dollop of dressing and other stuff and use minimal patties so you don't have to taste the low quality of the beef.

You'll be very hard pressed to find a burger made from never frozen, daily ground beef - unless you're at a proper restaurant - but most of the times you won't even find one there.

Oh Shake Shack - where art thou?

Dad's Burger - Bacon n' Blue cheeseburger

Oh, sorry, I thought you would see the embedded DD&D clip in the article, it's almost at the top:

Dad's Burger - Bacon n' Blue cheeseburger

02sbxstr: If you look at the episode from Diners, Drive Ins and Dives in the article you can figure out how to make the burger, that's what I did when writing the article :)

Sausalito, CA: A Burger for Breakfast at Fred's Coffee Shop

Being swedish, I concur with the host, there is absolutely no reason to call that a Swedish breakfast. Bork bork bork!

Photo of the Day: Cheeseburger from J.G. Melon

@Robyn Lee: Yep, I'm definitely coming back to NYC, still have 10 or so burgers to cross off my "must try"-list :)

Photo of the Day: Cheeseburger from J.G. Melon

Wow, you're really picky. Complaining about it being far away on UES while living in NY. I made the mistake of trying JG Melons burger (and absolutely loving it), and then going back home - to Sweden! How should I handle my cravings? And this awesome photo along with your salivating description .. aargh!

You sir, owe me a JG Melon burger. :)

Baconnaise: Bacon-Flavored Mayo for the Masses

@J. Kenji Lopez-Alt

thanks, too bad I didn't check your answer earlier as I just threw out half a cup of bacon fat :) Ah well, just another reason to cook some more!

Baconnaise: Bacon-Flavored Mayo for the Masses

I'm thinking of making my own baconnaise but how do I get hold of melted, rendered bacon fat? Just fry up a shitload of bacon and pour the fat in a bowl? Or buy a large piece of bacon, cut the fat off and melt it?

The Burger Lab: The Fake Shack, Mach Two—The Double Shack Stack Cracked

And I still can't get hold of a martin's potato roll here in sweden. Where's that recipe? :(


Thank you!

I wanted to create a burger with sort of a swedish touch. It consists of:
7 ounces ground moose beef (pretty lean)
Spotted pig hamburger bun from AHT
Funnel chantrelle stewed in cream
Swedish cheese (basically just one with a lot of taste)
Juniper and lingonberries ketchup
Fried shoestring parsnip

Shake Shack changing its method?

I went to shake shack @ theatre district about a week and a half ago and didn't notice thick burgers or no crust. Perhaps it depends on who's smashing 'em?

Must-have burgers in NYC?

Thanks again for all the great tips! I just came home from an awesome week in NY which resulted in a few burger-visits. They were:
Five Guys - Great fast food burger!
Shake Shack - we went there twice - they're frickin' fantastic!
Minetta Tavern - Brunch. Their black label burger was good, but not worth the $26 IMHO.
JG Melon - What a suprise! The burger didn't look much when it came in but dang it was good! Probably the best burger I've had in NY so far (with shake shack a close second). Less is more!
Rub BBQ - tried their Rub burger. A great smashburger that was well worth it.

Unfortunately we didn't have the time to go to Peter Lugers or any of the other possibly great places you mentioned so I just have to save them for our next trip which will definitely happen soon! :)

Perfect Thin and Crispy French Fries

Hi Just tried this and just gotta check if this is right: About 2 litres of water, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and 2 tablespoons of salt in the water? They ended up way too salty imho.


a large burger consisting of 21 ounces ground well-marbled prime rib, home baked 17 ounces hamburger bun, white onion, beef tomato, lettuce, 4 slices of american cheddar cheese and the fake shack dressing from AHT

Culinary Ambassadors: Pizza in Sweden Is a Sloppy Outlet for Individual Choice

@J.Kenju Lopez-Alt: Too bad I didn't know you were in sweden or I would've shown you the best kebab-pizza in the world :)

Culinary Ambassadors: Pizza in Sweden Is a Sloppy Outlet for Individual Choice

This article sure made me hungry. Being from sweden I must say that I find nothing wrong with kebab pizza or a pizza with fillet of beef and bearnaise sauce (my favourite). Of course we have "italian-style" pizza as well with mozarella, basil and fresh vegetables but a real kebab-pizza will beat that any day of the year. :)

Must-have burgers in NYC?

wahbjo01 and ESNY1077: Regarding Five Guys - I'm from Sweden, I don't think they'll ever expand that far :) And as I've eaten at McD's, BK, Carls Jr, In n' out, white castle and Wendy's I feel I have to try Five Guys as well - especially since zagat rated them higher than In n' out.

Thanks for pointing out that Peter Luger is just for lunch, makes things a lot easier. Keep 'em coming, I still have lots of chances to change my mind :)

Must-have burgers in NYC?

Hi and thanks for all the pointers. It seems my list will look something like this:
Five Guys
Shake Shack
JG Melon
RUB (mostly because it's mentioned all the time at AHT)
Peter Luger (if we manage to get reservations)

My travel company isn't as obsessed with burgers as I am so I'll have to hold back on the number of places.

Kathryn: I haven't posted the question to the AHT crew but I was kinda hoping they would pick up on my post.