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A Request ... (For A Veg Liaison)

I think it would be wonderful. I too get tired of people asking me what I eat or just being totally judgemental of my lifestyle. It would be nice to find out about new products, although I mostly just eat lots of fruits & vegetables.

Recipe Request: Awesome Cake Recipe

Thank you all for your suggestions! I decided on the devil's cake from Tartine and the cakes are smelling delicious cooling on the counter now. I can't wait to get it all together and surprise him with it.

I have to try some of the white cake recipes though - maybe for Valentine's Day with some raspberry filling.

Recipe Request: Awesome Cake Recipe

@ Jerzee - The coconut raspberry sounds delicious to me but he's not really a coconut fan. Do you think it would be the same without it?

The chocolate sounds wonderful too, but I'm not sure if I can find valrhona cocoa today. Does whole foods or trader joes carry it or would I need to order it? Can I substitute another cocoa?

Recipe Request: Awesome Cake Recipe

@heart: I am going to decorate it like a normal cake - although it might be fun to see his face if I made him a wedding cake...

@emmab: Sounds similar to a chocolate torte I have made a couple of times. Delicious but I was thinking of something more light and airy.

@honeybee: I would like to try that recipe. Did you just use plain buttercream icing? I wonder if I could sneak a layer of chocolate in between the layers.

Recipe Request: Awesome Cake Recipe

Wedding cake type I guess - vanilla and very moist. Please no fake butter!

Your favorite place to dine in San Francisco

The Slanted Door and Ana Mandara's are delicious if you like vietnamese food. I can't wait to go back. Yum!

Weekend Book Giveaway: 'The Fortune Cookie Chronicles'

It said "you will soon take a trip by air," and it was correct because shortly after that I went for a weekend to nyc and had a blast!

Cook the Book: 'Panini Express'

I like roasted peppers and onions with provolone and fresh basil :)

I add _____ to my oatmeal cookies

raisins and walnuts or mini chocolate chips