Lost password - Had to recreate account. I'm just that dedicated to remaining a Serious Eater. I can sum up my food style simply. If I could, this would be my diet for breakfast, lunch and dinner: Desserts, desserts, desserts!

  • Favorite foods: Desserts.
  • Last bite on earth: Something sweet (of course) containing either the most delectable caramel or chocolate.

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I Eat This Food with Gratefulness - 9/11

That sounds horrific @melanzane. I'm thankful that you ended up okay. I'm glad that you're now enjoying a picnic with your friends. It's best to make this day out to be way better for our hopes than it was all these years ago.

Is your kid good in a restaurant?

I remember when "I" was a kid, I for some reason took many trips to the bathroom. And I never needed to go. I always wanted to just check out the joint, even if it was the fifth time being there, juuust to be sure if anything changed. My favorite was the handicap stall; cuz it came with its own personal sink, mirror, drier. Just add a sofa and I was good.

Other than that, I sat quietly, only really begging for my mom's attention when wanting to speak, always ordered grilled cheese and fries (a childhood favorite of mine), tried my best to use my knives and forks when needed appropriately, and here I am now, looking at how the others kids go about doing it. I was ADD though so I did have a tendency to dance in my seat.

I Eat This Food with Gratefulness - 9/11

Thank you so much everyone for sharing. I really do care to hear this, and I find it both horribly fascinating, listening to the stories of others of how they experienced this and if food was even in their knowledge of mind today, or making that day a full out platter of comfort on a plate to subside a sliver of the pain. Do continue to share, I'm sure everyone is listening.

I will also mention, I was told by my mom when talking on the phone with a distant aunt, her daughter openly asked first to make cupcakes for everyone in the household that day. She said, "Cupcakes will make you happier, they always make me happy," something like that. I think the aunt was down because of a friend who was lost in the streets when the debris came down.

I Eat This Food with Gratefulness - 9/11

@Kitchenista - My mom was in the air when it happened. Since there was a lot of planes up there and the information was a jumble to give around, most of the pilots - from what my mom told - were only told to make landing somewhere away from the occurrence or turn back immediately. My mom was the head flight attendant of her flight from France and the pilot called her up to cockpit and said that he didn't know what was happening, but something horrible has happened and they had to turn back. Mom and other flight attendants ended up staying a week in France before being able to return. My mom never forgot when she had to explain over the announcement on the plane that they were turning around because of a terrible event, and she didn't even know what that event was. It hurt as much when speaking later with the flight attendants privately of what the matter was.

I Eat This Food with Gratefulness - 9/11

@denise - That's sounds like something any family could use for a day like tomorrow - comfort.

I was younger and on the floor in my bedroom when I looked up at the TV and saw it happen in from of my eyes as well. At first it was such a slow acceptance of what was really going on, I thought I was seeing something - like one of those history specials - from back in the past. I stared, and then returned back to what I was doing, ignoring that gigantic feeling that those towers are supposed to be something important to my knowledge. It was such a commotion and no one wanted to be straight with me, and I was a very distractive and ADD child so nothing exactly stuck with me at the time, and the only thing I got was a plane (I at first thought it was one) crashed into a building somewhere in the US. And that I was worried for my mom since my sister was crying about how my mother - a flight attendant - was on a plane near the event. It wasn't until years later I was told straight 9/11 was "this" and "this".

I never forgot though that my mom didn't get to come home that night from her trip for the special dinner my sister and I were making. She had to turn her flight back around to France.

Chain Gang -- Do you secretly love a chain restaurant??

@hotnpopin - I'd name a blog that! It has a ring to it.

Had to update, I never ever forgot about Chili's chocolate milkshake in a tall glass with chocolate sprinkles. My mom took me there for the first time (it was a special event for me dining at a restaurant with just my mom for lunch) and treated me to the dessert. It was so good, and I was so into it, that when they gave me the rest of it to go, I accidentally took their spoon with me without noticing. I'm pretty sure we still have that spoon (and I think it's the one with a little rough edge around the "head" after so many years of reuse; I've had it since I was four or five I'm sure).

Culinary Ambassadors: Street Food in England, Fish and Chips

What I think would be cute is if a place could actually wrap their fish in chips in newspapers, and have the current news (like every morning they'll choose interesting, nothing outrageously sad or upsetting against someone's beliefs, articles and make prints). Of course, you can't really do that since the ink can get into the food... but I'm pretty sure there is such thing as edible ink (incase if the ink were to transfer over; I'm sure it's tasteless too). But there is the cost of the edible ink, the paper, doing this for everyday, though it's just a thought and I think it could be pulled off if the restaurant had high profits.


Cakespy: Birthday Cake French Toast

YES people, sugar bomb. I understand those who aren't sugar types whatsoever. And if you ate this, yeah, you may not like it. To some, it may be garbage on a plate covered in icing (and sprinkles), but remember, to another, it's heaven. [I'mlatter] But come on, chill.

5 Serious smiles cuz I can't help but smile and giggle when I look at the picture.

Cakespy: Birthday Cake French Toast

Cakespy, I really think you're becoming the next Paula Dean trying to kill us all...

But I like you even more. :)

Chain Gang -- Do you secretly love a chain restaurant??

There's Panera's sandwiches, Chipotle's and Moe's burritos, Chili's awesome blossom (it's SO GOOD :( ), McDonalds fries, (used to be KFC's fried chicken, not so much anymore, my Publix makes better), and I'm sure there is a few guilty others.

...And I know this isn't exactly the place, but @BitchinFixins I've always just LOVED your username. Okay, now that's out of the system, let the guilting commence!

[blank] commercial has me LOLing *every* time!

Unfortunately, not any that I can think of right now. But I have experienced the favorite food commercial where I'm, subtly put ahem, LOLing on the floor. If I cross one in the next 24 hours I'll be sure to report back!

The Salmonella Scare: Are You Eating Fewer Eggs?

I've been sick off and on for nearly two weeks now, and I've been trying to figure out why. I'm home today feeling my worst out of these past several nauseating days, missing my classes. I knew I should have thrown out that egg carton earlier.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Oh my gosh, I LOVED the 100% recyclable Sun Chips bag! I went to town on making the crunching noises, and it drove whoever was around to hear it insane.

I saved it.

This Week at Serious Eats World Headquarters

Yes, I had the experience yesterday! I pulled out a handful of baby carrots from the bag and there was a large one just like pictured above. It was the perfect moment for me to break out in song, "One of these things is not like the other!"

Serious Entertaining: How to Throw a Lunch Lady Potluck

HA love it. I'm imagining lunch lady's in the back of the cafeteria having a party... And now I'm giggling like crazy.

Least the food will be good for sure!

Straw Poll: Straight or Bendy?

@NWcajun - Sorry, I laughed!

Okay, immature humor over NOW.

Straw Poll: Straight or Bendy?

Innuendo :)

Okay, immature humor over. I prefer colorful straws (cuz I'm a kid like that), narrow for drink wide for milkshakes, plastic, depends on the person who I'm sharing with (never my brother though), and CRAZY STRAWS definitely!

My Serious Diet

@Chris Gregory - Thank you. You're absolutely right. I've learned that unfortunately the hard way. I don't want to put myself into anymore starvation, or ever again. That's why I do hope to do this in the healthiest way possible. I'm also in fact seeing a nutritionist since and because of my unhealthy weight loss. I'm going to discuss with her about me hopefully starting over the right way and how to get through it.

"Your body weight is largely pre-determined, like your height or your eye colour." - This I do understand too. My dad is unfortunately an overweight man and has been since his childhood, whereas my mom was a slim girl growing up, but is aging with some added on weight. My brother is medium frame too, and my sister is just barely but that's because she's a vegetarian (I'm guessing it's because). I probably am meant to be medium frame like them as well. Which I'm accepting.

My Serious Diet

Thanks all; each one of you!

@Shecooks - I'll have to look into that!

@kingfish - I have to agree with NWcajun, way to go! It was so tough the first time around when I had a lot more to lose to get to my goal (when it started it out slow and healthy before trouble entered), and it's still going to have its difficulties this time I'm sure. And I actually do have the South Beach Diet book that my mom bought years back! I've already started reading it just now since you've mentioned it to me. It's really encouraging and I can understand everything it goes by as for what it's saying. I don't think I can follow the meal plans exactly with me being short of ingredients and time at the moment, but I do like the snacks that they offer and I do have some of them on hand!

@NWcajun - Awesome job yourself, 35 lbs is just as much as a great accomplishment! I agree, the whole buying meals from someone else isn't something you can stick to forever; you're better off making your own with healthy ingredients and oils (it also feels good to know you put it together yourself too!)

This means a lot to me to hear some feedback, and I definitely feel like I can do this and stick to it as a lifestyle.

Happy National Soft Serve Day

It's been around for awhile, The New York Ice Cream Cafe (New Yorker owners), and I love the many different hard ice cream flavors, the extensive menu, and all the toppings to choose from. Went to get an "Earthquake" (vanilla, chocolate, twist, or the special, soft serve with your choice toppings, all whirled together) my choice being vanilla soft serve, oreos, and M&Ms. I walked out with "'quake" in my hand and it dawned on me. It's National Soft Serve Day.

Oh yeah I felt so cool.

Poll: How Long Have You Gone Without Eating Burgers?

A month. Before that? A year. Burgers I'm more into than pizza.

My Serious Diet

This is extremely helpful and encouraging, thank you!

@Shecooks - I didn't have the money to sign up since I was and still am only a student without a job. I figured out the points formula and how many points I should use, and went with that. It helped a lot, and it wasn't until after that I gave up on the points that I second guessed all my hunger signals and when I should stop eating, that I was only eating two bites of my meals (leading to great and dangerous weight loss). I still can't do WW because I don't have the money to pay, though. They've helped me learn healthy eating and finding my hunger signals before, I just want to be able to learn to support myself on my own now.

My Serious Diet

The reason I'm really hungry all the time-- as I should have mentioned --is that there are some foods I can't keep in the house, like Weight Watchers would suggest to aid in snacks or for parts of meals, that I'll grab even I just see them. It didn't work out so much for me because I was tired of counting the points (I know, I'm counting calories, but it took me longer to do the Weight Watchers formula [didn't have WW calculator] than to just count the calories).

Another thing, I also am still in school and I'm taking time-consuming courses, so I don't have time to really go out of my way and cook up recipes. I'm more like looking for foods and tips I know I can eat or follow that can help me satisfy my hunger for longer periods and make things easier.

Sweet Dreams

When I dream of food, in the dream, I'm usually wishing for a lot of food (and it appears magically before me! Like a "You wish it, you get it," dream) or am being offered a lot of food. I wake up to realize it's because I'm hungry.

Poll: What's Your Stance on Sidewalk Seating?

When I'm cold, I appreciate then my location's climate heat and like to take a seat outside (be it the back patio or outside directly in front of the restaurant/cafe but not exactly on the sidewalk). Usually when I opt for seating close to the sidewalk, it's never been in areas (like NY) where the sidewalk can be chaotic with additional noise from busy streets. Usually most of the noise ends up being inside anyways.

If it's sweltering though and there's gnats, inside please!


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