Self described foodie. Aspiring entrapenuer who hpes to own her own bakery one day.

  • Location: Washington, DC
  • Favorite foods: Any form of bread except pre-sliced sandwich bread.
  • Last bite on earth: Anything my late grandmother cooked or baked even if it contained old rubber tires.

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What are NYC's Most Overrated Restaurants?

Sylvia in Harlem. SE did a story on soul food restaurants that the locals patronize in Harlem, Sylvias was mentioned and I have no idea why. Anyone who thinks the food there is anything special, did not grow up with the real deal. The crowds you see there are mostly tourists who have been steered there by tour guides or guide books. Never understood the hype.

Taste Test: The Best Frozen Veggie Burgers

Really appreciate this. I am trying to change my eating habits and have been on a veggie burger "kick" lately. I also plan to make @JKenji' s black bean burgers so I can have them on hand this summer.

Pumpkin Butter Tea Cakes With Orange Glaze

I don't have a mini loaf pan, can I use a large muffin pan, or does it make enough for a full size loaf?

Can you freeze deli sliced cold cuts??

Thank you. I got a boatload (at least 4lbs) of assorted salami, Bologne, and pepperoni after I hosted a card party and bad weather kept most away and I am stuck with expensive cold cuts I can't possibly eat right away.

Appreciate the advice.

Suppose the power goes out??!!

Thank you for your kind advice. I have very few "real" candles aside from the scented variety, but have picked up quite a few flameless candles which are much safer. Also, big thank you for the Morman food storage tip. All in all thank you SE family for your hep.

Suppose the power goes out??!!

do either of you know if a gas stove would be affected by power outtage? btw, thank you for the tip on generators, hubby already looking into it, but I am the type that wants to cover as many bases as possible (candles,batteries etc.)

Sausage City: Uncle John's BBQ Hot Links

I let my husband readabout this on my tablet. He promptly got up.picked up his keys a dheaded for the door. Iasked where he was going, all. I heard was UncleJohns and I had to stop himand let himknow it's in Chicago.Definately a weekend possibility

So You Miss Deep Fried McDonald's Apple Pies?

Kenji I love you. (don't tell Mrs. Kenji) I had forgotten how good those little fried pies were. Now I will have to buy some and fry them at home...or I could just make some from scratch and forget Micky D altogether. Thanks for the trip doen memorie lane.

Good Mail Order Steaks?

Do avoid Omaha. Received some as a gift, and they were pretty good until my thawed "filet" fell apart! Meat glue....not good. Good burgers though.


Several years ago I set out to surprise my husband and bake him a birthday carrot cake while my son took him to the movies for his birthday. I was rushing so it would be ready before he returned home. I shredded the carrots, put them aside while I put together the rest of the ingredients. I then put the cake in the oven and about 30 minutes into the baking time, I began the preperation for the frosting. I went for the cream cheese and realized the carrots were still on the counter. To this day, on his birthday my husband still asks if the cake will have carrots in it this time.

8 New Cupcake Shops (and Cupcakes) We Love in NYC

I am a Washingtonian and unless you haev visited the flagship store her in G'town you have no idea how popular they are. It is an unofficial tourist destination for God's sake! I have been online and watched cars stop to take pictures, it's nuts, but the cupcakes are wonderful.

We Tried Every Red Wine from Yellow Tail

I like the Cabernet/Merlot blend, particularly the 2009,as opposed to the 2010. I am interested to hear what you thought of it.

Suvir Saran's Black-Eyed Pea Curry

This sound wonderful, can you do this with dried black eyed peas, and if so how much would it change the cooking time?

What is the plural of 'Fish Fry'?

I am not altogether certain, but if theywere speaking about more than one "fish fry" then I would simply refer to them as fish fry events. Okay, now you have me thinking about this........

Grace/prayer at a dinner party

"As for me and my house, we serve the Lord". Whenever we host a dinner party, grace is said and that's it. Anyone who is invited to our home is well aware of our devotion. When we are invited out to someone else's home if grace is not said, we say it quietly over our food, no reason to disrupt others.

Yes, I feel the need to give thanks at a time when unemployment is rampant and we are all living pretty much paycheck to paycheck(whether we wish to admit it or not) and food banks are running on empty. I am thankful for the food laid before me, the shelter over my head. I most certainly believe in the grace of God. As for others being uncomfortable, I am truly sorry but I am more interested in thanking God, than offending someone. If you are in my home, you are aware of my feelings. If it poses a problem for you, there is a McDonalds 2 blocks away.

Video: Dumpster Diving at Trader Joe's

Several years ago, my husband, myself and a couple of friends stopped into a Krispy Kreme shop for a quick coffee and doughnut. We did not realize it, but they were about to close. After we found out, we got up to lweave and the young woman from behind the counter asked if we wanted more doughnuts, to which we replied no, but she cajoled us into saying yes. My girlfriend and I each picked out a couple of doughnuts. To our surprise she gave us eash two boxes and we watched as she boxed up the rest, put them in a large clear plastic bag and set it out on the curb. She said homeless people would come by to take them, and sure enough, we watched three or four people com and take away dozens of doughnuts. It made me feel good to see that food was not wasted, and the homeless people were able to take what they wanted.

We waste an awful lot of food in this country, perhaps Trader Joes, packages their food trash separaely from the other refuse, so that someone can use it.

Your favorite frugal foods and dishes

One of the things that I amke often Fall through Winter is Okra, Tomato, and Corn. It is flavored with a bit of bacon (I use 4 slices, but it is according to taste) a pinch of cushed red pepper and garlic to taste. it is great as a side dish, but you can definately eat as a main course over rice. This dish tastes great the next day as well, and can be frozen if you find you've made more than you can eat in two days.

I also recomment chicken legs and thighs. They are less expensive than the favored wings and breasts and cook up more moist than white meat. I use them for curries, soups and stews. You can also pair them with the above mentioned dish.

Pasta with pesto and broccoli is great, and makes enough for dinner and a next day lunch if you like.

Hope you find this helpful.

Scooter Pies or Moon Pies?

OMG, Scooter pies were my favorites when I was a kid. That, and orange Hi-C. Wish they were still available.

Goodbye, Dumpling


Sincerely sorry for your loss. Dumpling is a cutie pie, and I take comfort in knowing that he passed from this life into the next while cradled in your arms. My condolences to you and your wife.

Preserved: Raspberry Rhubarb Jell-O Jam

Wow, this sounds so good. Can this recipe be used to swap out other fruit(i.e. strawberry, or peach)?

If you've ever worked at a chain restaurant/ fast food place...

Many, many moons ago whenI was in HS, I worked at a White Castle. We used to take a double order of fried clams and pile it on two fish sandwiches covered in hot and tarter sauces.( this was before there were only sauce pakets available. OMG, the best things evah!!!!!, add a side of fries and it practically food porn. Back then my metabolism could handle anything, it was the disco era after all......... Oh yeah, forgot to mention the black and white shakes.

Does anyone really like brunch?

I absolutely love brunch, though we don't go out that often. When I was a kid, Brunch was chicken and waffles, coffee for the adults (and I suspect) some form of booze , and juice for the kids.

Now, I still do the chick 'n waffle thing, but when I do brunch at home it is my excuse to bake up scones and muffins make elaborate omlettes or maybe a baked french toast casserole. All of which are accompanied with good coffee, and some form of hooch. ; P

Japanese Snacks: Milk Candies

Several years ago, the company that makes Werthers made a candy called Milkfuls. They were the bomb. I guess the company discontinued them,mbecause from my perspective, they were seriously addictive, I know I was addicted.