• Location: Boulder, Colorado
  • Favorite foods: mangoes, peanut butter

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Where to buy groceries in Boulder, CO?

Whole Foods
Sunflower Market
Farmer's Market (Saturdays and Wednesday nights)

Cook the Book: 'Bobby Flay's Burgers, Fries & Shakes'

Medium/rare backyard cookout fresh beef on a lightly toasted whole wheat bun with lettuce, tomato, swiss, and 1/2 an avocado.
On the side: sweet potato fries and a chocolate malt shake

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: A Piece of Cake

Ice Cream Cake
my mom's super moist chocolate cake
coffee cake
spice cake with a cream cheese frosting
fun fetti

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Baron VonFunburger's Haunted Castle Cavalcade

Good Times wild fries dipped and eaten in their vanilla custard


Wendy's spicy chicken sandwich and chocolate frosty

Threadless T-Shirt Giveaway: Pancake Mountain

1. My mom's swedish pancakes, sprinkled with powdered sugar, rolled up, wait a few minutes while the powdered sugar melts, and eat. I call that love.

2. Chocolate chip pancakes with pure maple syrup.


Cook the Book: 'Rustic Fruit Desserts'

in honor of today...a fresh raspberry-filled jelly donut lightly dusted with powdered sugar :)

Cook the Book: 'Rustic Fruit Desserts'

• My mom’s fresh-from-the-oven peach pie (made with fresh Colorado peaches) with French vanilla ice cream
• Banana bread
• Banana Split!! ( = love)
• Banana Pancakes with real maple syrup
• Belgium waffles with strawberries and whipped cream!
• Coconut ice cream
• Strawberry muffins

Crusts: Way or No Way?

pie crust = NO WAY

sandwich crust = Depends
I like the crusts only if the bread is toasted. If it is un-toasted NO WAY, not really sure why. And the crusts on bread @ restaurants...NO WAY. It's too hard.

Pizza crust = WAY!
I love to dip it in honey.

How much do you tip the food delivery person?

always at least 20%

but if he is cute....I'll add an extra 5% :)

My Shocking Food Confession: What's Yours?

i'm 25% Italian and I hate Italian food. I also used to work in an Italian restaurant...

I really have no "___ second rule". If I drop it, I will 100% most likely eat it. (unless it was in a bathroom)

When I was in elementary school I had the biggest sweet tooth and love powdered sugar. I would put it in a little cup and eat it with a spoon. It would kind of solidify with my spit on the spoon and form to it so it would be a powdered sugar spoon and then i'd bit it off in chunks. I also would eat "fun-fetti" frosting with a spoon that I hid in my room. (I no longer have the desire to eat sugar at all anymore...I can't stomach it).

My junior year of high school I want through a Ben&Jerry's Phish Food ice cream phase and ate a pint of it every night. I kid you not. And I never gained an ounce. :-)

It is no secret that I love mangoes, sweet potatoes, and butternut and acorn squash. They happen to be my favorite foods. I eat a mango everyday at breakfast and sweet potatoes and squash quite often as well. All of them happen to be very high in vitamin A. The secret is I have been told by many doctors to stop eating them! The palms of my hands have an orange tint ad the corners of my eyes have a very faint yellow tint (only I have noticed this), but I can't stop!!! AH

I have not gone a day without peanut butter or almond butter in 2 years. It's another serious addiction.

'No White' Diet: What Can We Eat?

I don't believe in cutting out all white foods in general, like cauliflower or potatoes. However, I have cut out all white sugar, flour, processed foods, ect. Basically I don't eat anything processed and I check all food labels and their ingredients. SO if you're follow this kind of diet, you can eat:

-all nuts (salted or unsalted)
-all beans (other than the baked beans covered in sugar)
-fruit (fresh)
-vegetables (fresh is best, frozen tends to be high in sodium)
-starches (yes even potatoes)
-chicken, fish, beef (lean)
-100% fruit juices (however you'll be more satisfied with the fruit, and get less calories)
-grains (choose whole wheat pasta over white, brown rice over white, try quinoa, barley, whole what couscous, whole wheat pizza dough, ect., but always check the food labels because half the bread products on the market that claim to be whole wheat aren't).
-as for salad dressings, some are good (try Annie's) but you can always make wonderful ones from scratch using anything in your kitchen (olive oil, lemon, grapefruit juice, etc.)
-at restaurants you can pretty much eat anywhere and just request certain ways for things to be cooked, substitute items, and ask how things are prepared, they are usually very accommodating.
-for sweets and baked goods, live a little and enjoy each bite, if you make it at home switch up the flours (using whole wheat, quinoa, etc) and reducing/replacing fats, and trying different sweeteners or reducing them

I'm not sure if I hit every thing but just be conscious of your food choices. it's a really easy way of living and really delicious, you are eating real, all natural food. Just choose the food closest to its natural state. However, the most important thing is to not be so strict. Live a little and if you love white pasta and go out to dinner with your husband at your favorite italian place get what you want. The simple changes I made in my diet changed my life and i feel great! *Also don't consider it a "diet" as what most Americans would consider a diet, consider it a life style change in the way you eat. Good Luck!

PB and J?

mmmmm I LOVE peanut butter sandwiches, my favorites:

1. 100% whole wheat dense bread (un-toasted) with crunchy all natural peanut butter and all natural strawberry or raspberry preserves with whole lot in the middle (chunks and seeds please). :)

2. 100% whole wheat dense bread (un-toasted) with creamy all natural peanut butter with honey and 1 sliced banana.

3. (for breakfast) 1 slice sprouted grain raisin bread, toasted, with all natural creamy peanut butter with 1 sliced banana.

AND these all must be eaten with a nice tall glass of milk (either skim or whole, nothing in between please) and a bendy straw. The masterpiece must be cut into 2 triangles (crusts either not eaten at all when made with the jam or eaten first to save the best for last, and when made with honey, the crusts are eaten last and used to scoop up the honey droppings.) mmmmm

Yes I am picky, but I know what I like.

Foods that make you go hurl

i have a few i could name off...

lemon head candies- i went on a mountain biking trip to Utah and brought those along for the ride thinking that they'd be good....not so good

pork (any and all)- the first incident was when i was a younger and I went to Red Robin with my friend and her family and had a corn dog. They next day we were going to go snowboarding, so excited! but immediately when I got home from Red Robin I was throwing up that corn dog all night. The second incident happened 2 Christmas' ago. My family always has honey baked ham on Christmas Eve, and usually only Christmas Eve. However, we had it on Christmas Eve, and the next two nights at the parties we went to, what do you know...Honey baked ham. Not only did I overdose my honey baked ham but I was also having digestive problems at the time, making me feel extremely sick. And so since then havent touched one.

Mayo- I hate the way it looks. feels. the sound it makes. ew.

Pizza- Everyday of my freshmen, sophmore, and alot of my junior year of high school I ate lunch at the pizza joint across the street. On top of that, my brother and his best friend (who i was head over heals for at the time) worked for Papa Johns, and hoping to see him I ordered pizza almost every weekend, and also my brother would force me to order pizza so my parents would tip him.

Almond butter- I use to love it. and I think i just OD on it and now can't stand the stuff. whenever i have it I want to throw up.

i think i'll stop there :)

Addicted to Food?


and peanut butter!!

(but not together)
at least not yet... ;)

Break Up Food/ Emotional Food

have a girls night in!
grab your closest girl friends and get together one night and all cook a big nice meal together. Start out with some appetizers and good wine, move on to a salad and then some homemade spaghetti and meatballs. And finish it all off with ice cream sundaes, more wine, and maybe some sex and the city. :) The boy obviously isn't worth your time and I know where you are coming from with the depressed-non eating issue, I am the same way and what gets me through it is surrounding myself with my best friends.

What to have with PB&J?

I'm personally a PB&Banana girl myself, but either way baby carrots and a nice cold glass of chocolate milk I think are the perfect sides of this old school sandwich. enjoy! :-)

Spelt help

thank you! I will def. have to try it in some cookies and other assorted baked treats :)

Favorite Fage mix-in?

there are so many tasty and wonderful ideas to throw into fage, but my favorite, without a doubt is...

diced mango, brazil nuts, wheat germ, and toasted shredded coconut