Meat Lite: Warm Whole Grain Salad With Fennel, Arugula, Prosciutto, and Pecorino

Looks awesome! I'll make it tonight. Anyone have any suggestions for a good vegetarian substitute that would compensate for the essential flavor contribution of the Prosciutto? I've got to make this half vegetarian for my loving audience. I'm thinking a sweet salty marinade for tofu or mushrooms?

Wheat Thins

Great cracker recipe! I switched out 1/4 cup of chickpea flour (because I had it), and threw in some flax seeds. Great flavor! A pleasure to have with my cheese.
I admit, I never actually have liked wheat thins, and this definitely taste like a good quality wheat thin! I suspect that if I switched out the paprika/vanilla for other spice combinations, I would have a DEFINITE winner for my picky palate.

Popeye Tso's Chicken (General Tso's Chicken Made with Popeye's Chicken Nuggets)

Thanks for the sauce! Just poured some over some tempeh- yum.
Brilliant suggestion about for the popeyes cheat, even if I never try it.

Lemon Rosemary Scones

Made these for work, everybody loved them.
Nice light lemon and rosemary flavor.

Serious Entertaining: Four Easy Summer Tartines

I just made 3/4 of these for a dinner party with group of friends. They were great!

The Honey Ryder (Upgraded Appletini)

This was simple to make, and really good. I had fun proclaiming to my suspicious friends that I was serving them an "apple-tini".
I plan to make it again! What a perfect match for BisonGrass.

5 Essential Campari Cocktails

I had an amazing cocktail at Marvel Bar's new years eve party in Minneapolis:
A mix of campari, sweet vermouth, and grapefruit juice. I loved how the sweetness and bitterness of vermouth and grapefruit played off the campari.

Also I was just inspired to make the Jasmine- an alternative to my usual negroni. Its sitting with me now, delicious- thanks for the post!

Vegan: Lentil and Coconut Soup with Cilantro-Habanero Gremolata

Made this for a group of friends, and we all agreed it was superb. I agree with previous commentors, the Gremolata is great on it too.

I like me soups more stew-like, so I only used 2 quarts of stock instead of three, and the thicker texture was perfect.

Scenes From the 2013 Serious Eats Cookie Swap


Light and Fluffy Pancakes

I make this recipe 1/2, 1/4 all the time, and it turns out great!

Light and Fluffy Pancakes

This is THE pancake recipe.

In my past, my homemade pancakes were always inferior to those found at diners, and mix pancakes were the closest I could ever get to that elusive ideal. I found my inability to make quality pancakes from scratch very confusing, and contradicting everything I had come to assume about home cooking/baking.

But this recipe yields my dream pancakes, and it has become my staple. This pancake recipe means a lot to me, or at least as much as a pancake recipe can mean to anyone.

Black Sheep Coal-Fired Pizza, Minneapolis

I'm happy to see the shout-out to BlackSheep Pizza!
Its one of my favorite pizza places in the cities. Additionally, the downtown north loop where the original location has fast-growing nightlight, making it a decent neighborhood to visit as well!

Hearty Escarole, Barley, and Parmesan Soup

Super delicious.
I have been reading Cooked, by Michael Pollan, and in it he talks about the classic base of celery-onion-carrot, so I was especially excited when I saw the recipe I had picked for dinner began that way.

Dinner Tonight: Curried Lentil Soup with Chickpea Purée

Serious winner. Rich, flavorful. I'm so pleased.

Sticky Pumpkin Cake with Hard Cider Caramel

Edit: Now that I think further about other people's experiences, I'm worried that I may have added 2 tablespoons instead of teaspoons. Perhaps I'll try it again and see.

Sticky Pumpkin Cake with Hard Cider Caramel

I found the cake had a wonderful soft, moist texture. And the caramel accent was wonderful, especially with whipped cream.

However, I am not accustomed to such baking-soda heavy sweets, and I found I could not get over the supers-strong baking soda taste. I did serve and eat this straight out of the oven, as suggested. I felt like the baking-soda overwhelmed the pumpkinness. I won't be making this again.

On the Beer Trail: Boulevard Chocolate Ale in Missouri

I gave a bottle of the beer to some friends as a gift last year- now I lament I didn't pick up a bottle for myself at the time as well- I wasn't aware then of the beer's fame!
They reported back that their bottle was one of the recalls. But, they apparently dug the funky sour-esque off flavors of the recalled bottled.

Twin Cities Celebration Dinner

Really, any Parasole restaurant. Particularly Burger Jones if you want great beer, and good hamburgers!

Twin Cities Celebration Dinner

Places with great beer/wine lists, that are great for an evening out with parents:
Red Stag, French Meadow, Blacksheep pizza, Blackbird Cafe, the Lowry, Pizza Lucce. These places are about $10-$20 an entre depending on what you get, have great atmosphere, and great food.

Restaurants in Minneapolis/ St Paul

If you want places only within the downtown area:
Try Blacksheep pizza, Butcher and the Boar (both located downtown). They are slightly upscale casual.

If you are looking for neighborhoods, try uptown, by lake street. There are three gorgeous lakes to the east of the city that become a center of activity.
North of downtown, on the other side of the rive is a serious of shops and restaurants that are wonderful and offer great views of the river and downtown.

One day in Minneapolis...

Finally, if you like coffee these are the local roasters that are the best:
Bull Run.
Dogwood. (My personal favorite)
Peace Coffee.
Moonshine (can be found at Quixotic Coffee in St Paul).(My other favorite)

As an aside, Angry Cat Fish brews delicious Intelligentsia in a shared space bike shop.

One day in Minneapolis...

Vietnamese: Quangs or Pho 79
Ethiopian: Great tap selection at the Blue Nile. More traditional as Fasik's in St Paul.
Casual Cafe: French Meadow, Lucia's. Foxy Falafel. Northbound Smokehouse Brewpub
More formal: Alma. Tillia. Victory 44. Butcher and the Boar.
Japanese: For soups, Obento-ya is my favorite. Many like the atmosphere of Masu. I think Obento-ya is slightly better, but they are both solid choices. For suhsi, everyone likes Fuji-ya.

If you want to sample the local cocktails, these are the MUSTs.
1. Marvel. Located in the basement downtown, they only serve cocktails, and non will dissapoint.
2. La Belle vie, located in an hotel by the modern art museum, The walker.
3. Eat Street Social.
4. Ice House.

Why Coffee and Air Travel Don't Mix

I was excited while at the Chicago Airport to find a stand which reportedly brewed Intelligensia, and disappointed to find that it was brewed with a poor-quality percolator.

I too have taken my aeropress and pre-ground coffee to the airport!

Eileen Yin-Fei Lo's General Tso's Chicken

Meant to include a helpful rating!

Eileen Yin-Fei Lo's General Tso's Chicken

I've made this a couple of times with fried tofu instead of chicken. Absolutely delicious, and everyone I have made it for has been very pleased and impressed!

Fall Flavored Tacos

After all the taco posts recently, I feel this question is topical, even as fall is (I pretend) fairly far away.

I plan to have a marriage reception in the fall, and will serve tacos, as I find these a simple to pre-prepare, yet elegant food.

Does anyone have any ideas for fall-style tacos? Salsas/vegetable slaws with more of a fall theme?

Has anyone ever tried a parsnip salsa?

Thanks for any suggestions!

Wanted: Peurtro Rican food blog and/or Cactus Salsa recipe!

A friend of mine recently made this amazing salsa/dip from a recipe of his grandmother's.

I have been looking for a recipe like it online, and can find none! Anyone familiar with peurto rican cooking?

The dip is green, and has a consistenecy of very liquid pesto. Has a very strong vinegar taste, and lots of oil. An essential ingredient is a cactus (looks like a green spiny flower) that you do NOT eat.

I am also becomming interested in Peurto Rican food, a cuisine I have not really explored. Anyone know any great blogs for this food cuisine?

Ideas for homemade nut butters?

I am privileged to borrow my out-of-town friend's Cuisinart. I am fantasizing about whipping up a multitude of nut butters this weekend.

Does anyone have any ideas for unique nut butters? Either spices or interesting combination?
In addition, how long can I expect them to last in the fridge?

Thank you!

The Vegan Experience: Crispy Kung Pao Tofu

Things I love: Tofu, spicy food, peanuts, stir-frying, celery, my wife, crispy things, chilies, and a strongly-flavored but subtly balanced sauce that combine funky fermented elements, heat, rich umami-packedingredients, bright vinegar, and a hint of sweetness. I've recently discovered a way to get eight out of nine of these things together in one place: crispy kung pao tofu. More

5 Essential Campari Cocktails

If you've never had Campari, the bright red liquid masks a surprise. This bittersweet stuff is definitely an acquired taste. I suspect nearly everyone grimaces the first time they try it, but that's no reason to give up. Campari cocktails are richly rewarding once you come around. Because they're long on flavor, you can generally savor them, letting them linger in your glass and on your mind. Here are five essential ways to enjoy this red elixir. More

Lemon-Avocado Spaghetti With Shrimp From 'Pasta Modern'

Francine Segan calls the avocado sauce in this dish from her new cookbook, Pasta Modern, a healthy alternative to dairy-based cream sauces, but it hardly tastes like bland diet food. The buttery fruit gets a quick buzz in a blender with plenty of lemon juice, turning velvety thick. It melts into the hot, white wine-scented pasta, adding a flavorful coating to the red onion, and shrimp. A dusting of lemon zest enlivens the dish, making the spaghetti impossible to put down. More

Andy Ricker's Phat Thai (Stir-Fried Rice Noodles With Shrimp, Tofu, and Peanuts)

Phat thai wasn't on Andy Ricker's original menu at his Portland restaurant, Pok Pok. It wasn't until he opened a noodle shop in New York that he fully embraced the public's demand for a serious plate of Thai fried noodles. Ricker's recipe in his new Pok Pok cookbook is a version of the dish he serves in New York. Even though it has a long, somewhat chaotic ingredient list, the final dish is subtle and almost delicate. More

Make-Ahead Turkey Waldorf Salad With Fennel, Roasted Grapes, and Spicy Walnuts

If you think Waldorf salad connotes American culinary relic, a dish best forgotten alongside jellied salads, then this fresh take will forever change your mind. In lieu of sliced raw celery, I added fennel and chopped fronds for crunch and flavor, and toasted the walnuts with a quick homemade spice mix of cumin, paprika and cayenne for some kick. My favorite part of this dish is the roasted red grapes—alongside fresh green ones. More

The Food Lab Turbo: Creamy Brussels Sprouts Lasagna

If ultimate indulgence, supreme creaminess, and a ridiculous amount of tasty goo are what you're after, this recipe—a layered lasagna with mushrooms, seared Brussels sprouts, and plenty of cheese—is a good way to get you there. The mushrooms and Brussels sprouts? Yeah, they're in there too, but they are there entirely for the sake of pleasure. I add Brussels sprouts to my rib-stickers not because they're green and healthy, but because they're damn delicious. The green and healthy part is just an added bonus. More

Seafood, Fennel, and Lime Salad from 'Ottolenghi'

Like stuffed mushrooms, seafood salad isn't a terribly common dish in the US these days. Sure, you'll see ceviche on every other "Latin-inspired" menu, but other than this raw preparation, chilled seafood lovers are often left salad-less. This version from Ottolenghi combines raw fennel and red onion with barely-seared squid and tail-on prawns for an even balance of crunch and chew. To brighten it up, they add a generous squeeze of time, a flurry of its zest, and a spoonful of citrusy sumac. Dill, cilantro, and parsley give the salad an herbaceous finish. More