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The Food Lab: Turkey Stuffed Turkey

This is inspired...."J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Genius."

I think you should get a card with that on it just like Wile E. Coyote.

The recipe looks superb and requires no ungainly Acme Rocket Roller Skates, giant magnets, or discomforting slow-motion falls off cliffs (ending in a little poof of dust).

"J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, Suuuuuper Genius. Yes, I like the way that sounds."

Does This Food-By-State Map Look Accurate?

Oregon= WTF?!? I mean, a joint would be a hell of a lot more applicable than hazlenuts...actually a shoe or waterfall would make just about as much sense... Fiddlehead ferns, marrionberry cobbler, salmon, a block of tofu, even a goddamn VooDoo donut. This map is a giant sprawling catagory mistake. Grapes in California to evoke wine (I don't think Californians actually eat a lot of grapes) make as much sense as a pile of grass that a cow eats to make milk which is eventually made into cheese in Wisconson. And yes, pizza for New York is like representing Florida with a Mickey Mouse cookie.

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Southside Market Sausage

When Pigs Fly Southern BBQ Sharon, CT...yes...Connecticut

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Truffle Lovers Pasta

White truffles shaved into some buttery scrambled eggs...mmmm. More please!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Truffle Lovers Pasta

Never before I have I "et" a truffle,
But I'd love to have me some
and get my mouth in a kerfuffle


"Luckily, my friends at Smithfield are here to help. They created a wonderful Holiday Planner with tons of decorating tips, recipes, menu suggestions and even some personal advice from yours truly."


The lab results are in - "MaltyMom" is a direct reference to her latest dip/snif test. Tragic. But, on the plus side - SOURDOUGH!

Seriously Delicious Holiday Giveaway: Russ & Daughters Brunch Package

In the words of Homer J. "solids." Those and lox. And bagels.

Best Sustainable Tuna

I only eat old growth free range tuna that has been harvested from organic Tuna Trees. I think there is also a big potential market for reclaimed tuna, which is tuna that has reclaimed from irresponsibly discarded tuna salads. It's also amazing what you can find streetside! Just last week I found a perfectly good tuna on the side of the road w/ note "free tu ona r." When I have to, I adopt tuna from no kill shelters. And then take it home. And kill it. And eat it.

Is eating Organic Food worth spending double the money?

The science on the benefits (or lack there of) of organic produce depends heavily on the way the framing question is asked. Indeed, the question "is the higher price justified" depends heavily on where you place your own sense of value. The question "is organic produce healthier?"is a complicated questions because a simple measure of nutrients is insufficient to settle the matter and what determines "health" is an open question being answered differently by a variety of disciplines. On NPR a few weeks back scientists reported on a study that determined that strawberries grown in organic conditions had higher levels of antioxidants but lower levels of other nutrients (and I may be mis-paraphrasing the study). Yet, the soil was decidedly healthier on the organic farms. What to do? I will buy wild salmon (which is not "organic." As well, thick skinned fruits, like bananas, avocados, and mangoes, seem ok to me even though they are not organic. Beef? I try to eat very little of it and when I do try to support local farmers (but don't do this all the time). So, I am ok paying extra for grass fed and buy in bulk to offset costs. Will I live longer? Evade the curse of cancer? Go to heaven? Attain untold spiritual and cognitive benefits? Uncertain, but I like to think that my money is voting for practices that have benefits for not just me but the planet I'm hoping will sustain me.

Video: Feeding a Hungry Kitten With a Syringe

Groovetrain - I completely agree with you and your attempt to incite hatred.... The post is ridiculously off topic. I like SE for its selectiveness, which is why this sticks out as a sore off-topic thumb. The issue isn't whether it's cute or not, or whether or not I understand that I don't have to click on a link (I think most people, frankly, grasp that). Instead, it's about how this site is about people food and cooking. And I like it for that, which why I dislike this kind of content. There are plenty of cutesy kitty cat sites on the internet; there are not that many quality food and cooking sites. See (and I'm not connected, just a fan).

Does anyone love their toaster oven? Looking for the best one.

I really like my Cuisinart convection oven (model # TOB-195). I've given an additional two units as presents after buying mine and both people were equally enthusiastic. This things does the simple well (making toast, which is really a hit or miss task with toaster ovens); however, when it comes to roasting vegetables, or cooking a whole chicken, this thing became something of a revelation to me. Other toaster ovens I've had were serviceable in that they did what you minimally expected of them. This toaster oven, however, changed the way I thought about what a toaster oven can do and so really influenced how and what I cook. While listed at $139 if you have access to a Costco you can get one for $99 and you'll no regret a penny of it.

So I'm considering hunting again...

I was a vegetarian for 19 years. When the carnivorous impulse revisited me, I followed a similar path and sequence of thoughts. My family had many hunters (and numerous thoughts of 'seriously, a vegetarian?!?) At the hunters' safety certification course I knew more about firearms than my classmates; yet, when, in response to "why are you here?" their reaction to my "recovering vegetarian" response made me wonder if I'd wandered into scary territory. Months later I had a nice buck in the scope of my .243. I'd thought quite a bit about this moment. I'll say this - I did not waste an ounce of that deer, and I continue to love hunting.

Good Food in Eugene, Oregon?

Not to be missed on campus is Café Siena's chilaquilas with eggs. Load them up with the salsa verde and you'll solve problems you didn't even know you had. Good luck trying to finish them. I second the above recommendations of Toshi's, Rabbit (expensive but worth it esp. if you bring your own good wine and pay the corkage fee), and Beppe's. Make sure you get a chocolate latte at Full City - it's the first thing I go for when I come back into town. Burrito Boy is also great for a quick lunch (great green sauce here too) and for dessert go to Café Zenon; their dinners are good but not worth the price. Best veggie breakfast used to be Morning Glory, but I haven't been in a while. Finally, and I can't say this enough, Sweet Life Patisserie.

Need pizza help

If you want the very best pizza crust cook it on the grill. Not for the timid yet not as daunting as it might seem. Next best for this kind of dough is fairly thin and on a stone in the oven. Just personal prefs, but un-stuffed zucchini flowers just on the pizza to bake seems like a less than stellar idea. They'll wilt, maybe dry, and not really add much flavor this way. With these strong flavor I'd either stuff, fry, or leave them off. Roasted red peppers maybe or caramelized red onions?

Serious Exercise for Serious Eaters

Exercise as just exercise (or punishment for indulgence) is, to me, a losing proposition; for this reason, pick something you enjoy doing, that way you'll do it longer, more consistently, and without dread. When I lived in Hawaii I surfed all the time and never "worked out." Now pure joy is cycling; luckily it happens to be a great workout. I ride 5-6 times a week, both road and mountain bikes.

And now for the contradictory advice: if you want to lose weight, strength training in almost every way trumps cardio. What's more, it doesn't bulk you up as some fear. The contradiction is that being inside the gym during summer just ain't fun.

My favorite anecdote about intake and output is from a college coach (I think it was UCLA, football maybe?) - he said "my players run 5 miles a day...problem is they eat 10 miles a day."

Things to do with pizza dough that don't involve an oven

Pizza dough does freeze well; just put it in a zip bag (sprayed first with oil) and get as much air out of it before closing. Put bagged dough into the freezer right away so it doesn't expand inside the bag. To thaw later - put the whole frozen bag in cool water (use another zip bag filled with water atop it to keep it submerged and speed things up), bring to room temp, and pizza pizza.

Need new toaster oven

I have, use daily, and (obviously) really like my Cuisinart convection oven (model TOB-195). Two years on it continues to be a reliable workhorse. Since buying it for myself I have given two as gifts for family and both people have loved their TOs as well. It's great for roasting a chicken (four pounder fits fine), making beautifully caramelized roasted vegetables, baking bread, and small pizzas. Cuisinart lists it for $179 while has it for $139, but the winner is Costco for $99. After a number of cheap (and crappy) toaster ovens I decided to spend a little more for something that lasts. It does take up some real estate on the counter, but on balance for what it does the space is well used. Consumer Reports has the Breville as tops, Cuisinart 2nd, and Black and Decker as a best buy.

What Are the Absolute Must-Visits in Portland, Oregon?

Por Que No Taqueria - great ceviche and tacos (try the porque tinga).

Mail Order Truffles?...

So, to clarify, I'm seeking people who have experience buying any or all of these truffle choices and their specific recommendations and/or warnings.

A 1.1 ounce truffle costs 20-40 bucks - hence one needs only to be a thousand-aire to buy some (and you don't have to be a restaurant at all).

So, here's what I am trying to decide on - there are a variety of different truffle species, seasons, and forms. Right now a number of sites are offering fresh "summer black truffles," which seem to be deemed somewhat inferior to fall black truffles and winter white truffles. Further complicating (or, let's say, enriching) your choice is how truffles are designated by country of origin. Next are choices between fresh (but flash frozen), brushed, whole, sliced, and then the derived products of infused oils, salts and butters.

I've tried organic white truffle infused olive oil (from Fairway) and loved it. I want to graduate and lop some fresh shaved truffles onto some things but not get ripped off (since I am only a thousand-aire).


Why choose calgary web design?

Let's hope to hell this guy is not writing your site's copy. "Discouragement and failure are two of the surest stepping stones to success" is award winningly obtuse. "Remember, negative successful-ness and mind frustration are two of the surest gate-ladders-lighthouses on the hill to a path of goodnessness." Well said. Bravo.

Ingredient of the Year: Brussels Sprouts

As a kid I did not like Brussels sprouts but now that I have grown up I absolutely hate them with a napalm-hot passion. I think this one food item alone proves that bacon's power is in fact finite.

Science seems to indicate that my dislike is hardwired (so to all BS lovers, please stop trying to convince me and others).

Please don't make your children eat Brussels Sprouts

Phenylthiocarbamide: A 75-Year Adventure in Genetics and Natural Selection

So, in closing, yeeeeeck.


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