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I Love Stewy/Saucy Things With Rice. Do You?

Yes, yes, yes, and with just a spoon and bowl, one can feed oneself in front of the telly. Brilliant. I love stewy/saucy things on rice.

Bacon, Cheese, and Scallion Waffles

Time to dust off my waffle iron....

Goodbye, Dumpling

I am so sorry for your loss..... Dumpling will be sorely missed! I always looked forward to seeing a Dumpling post in my RSS reader. :(

Is $5 Too Much To Pay For a Coke?

That's pretty steep for a can! Even an imported one.

Spot of Tea: Republic of Tea Milk Oolong

How fascinating - I'll be on the lookout for this tea.

Japanese Snacks: Pocky

As other's have already commented, where's the Men's Pocky? That's got to be my favourite, despite my being of the other gender.

Poll: Anchovies on Pizza - Way or No Way?

Definitely! But I can understand why some people don't like them - when they're bad, they're really bad. Really good quality ones are gorgeous!

Chicken stock in the UK?

I have seen tetrapaks of chicken stock at the Whole Foods on Kensington High Street. No idea if they're any good though.

Serious Eats Is Four Years Old: Happy Birthday to Us!

Happy birthday! May there be many more to come!

Video: Martha Stewart and Stephen Colbert Make Mayo and Kool Aid-Topped Wonderbread

:( "Sorry, Videos are not currently available in your country."

Well, I wonder if it's available on YouTube...

Have You Heard of JoJos?

I too never knew that JoJos were a regional thing! As a visitor from north of the border, I just assumed everyone south of the border called them JoJos!

Have You Ever Had Airline Food You Actually Liked?

A recent Singapore Airlines meal came to mind - it was a prawn curry. I think it's the first airline main course that I finished... ever. I was so impressed with their food that I even blogged about it here.

My Pizza Oven: Matt Stuttle, Cambridge, UK

I love the idea of cooking over a number of days - so efficient. I'd love to build one if I ever have a garden!

jkdrummer: Yes, a fortnight is two weeks.

Glasgow's Scooby Snack Is Binge Food Par Excellence

I'm quite taken by the addition of the tattie scone - sounds fabulous!

Are You a Triangle or Rectangle Sandwich Cutter?

Depends on the fillings. Normally diagonal but if a rectangular cut will keep the fillings in, then yup, I'd cut it like that.

SE'er Food Blogs

Why not - my blog is Tamarind and Thyme: and I'm based in London.

I Want This: Ensaimadas

The best ones in Mallorca are dusted with powdered sugar and filled with cabell d'angel (angel's hair), a sweet jammy like confection made from pumpkin. Delicious!

Impromptu Taste Test: The Cult of Yakult

I grew up with Yakult and I still love it! When I had it in Singapore, it would occasionally come with a free gift...I'm sure I have that ruler somewhere still...

My Favorite Breakfast Meat: Chinese Sausage

Love it! In fried rice, or sliced and mixed with chicken and dried shitake mushrooms and oyster sauce all on rice. Or just fried till the outside goes all golden and then sliced up. Or sliced up and fried then mixed with some vegetable.

Dcarl1: I keep my opened package in a ziploc bag...and also in the fridge and it seems to last forever!

'What We Eat When We Eat Alone'

The last time I was alone, I had Spam and egg on rice! Sometimes a simple pasta. Once I made risotto for just myself - I felt like taking care of myself that day. Revuelto. Rillettes on bread. Spicy noodles. Instant noodles. It all depends on my mood really! There's usually a clearing out the fridge element to it.

French in a Flash: Spaghetti with Pistachio Pistou, Fava Beans, and Mint

Your writing really is beautiful, Kerry! I could almost picture you as a little girl with a face of fury! I'm going to go through the rest of your French in a Flash posts now - great recipes too.

The Making of the Momofuku Milk Bar Volcano


I need to go there when I'm next in New York.


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